Image album finally fixed

I’ve finally fixed the image album! So now you can all check the latest pictures of my son Sam 🙂 The password is still the name of my employer, all in lower case letters.

Here is the link to the image gallery.
Here is the direct link to the “best of Sam” album.

New Imagegallery

Hey everyone. As I mentioned in the update a few days ago I was working to get a new imagegallery up and running. It’s based on “ImageVue” which has some really cool things going for it but it lacked any form of password protection which made it impossible for me to use. Publishing pictures of me or my family has never been a problem but now when more than half of the pictures I take feature Helena or a member of her family I’ve had to have a password so noone can google their way there. For some reason Helena have been very good at keeping herself off the grid!

Anyway, here it is!

As before the username is “friend” and the password is the name of the company I work for, with a capital first letter. I know it’s easy to figure out but it’s good enough to keep it off Google anyway!!

I haven’t had the time to tag and put captions on all of the photos yet but the albums themselves should be tagged. I had to put the years 1975 to 2005 into a sub-album because otherwise the menu would’ve gone on forever!

I hope you like it. I do!

Big Deal For Me, Not Much For Anyone Else

You may have noticed this site is a bit faster now?.. that’s because I’ve setup a webserver at home that is hosting this site, so you no longer have to go through the states and it doesn’t share the server with So it’s all good for everyone. Except my electric bill 🙂

Report and pics from Czech Republic

Here you can find my report regarding what went down in the Czech Republic during the weekend and here you can find some pictures as well.

To put it mildly it was an awesome weekend! I was afraid it might turn out to be boring and “same old, same old” but it was just great fund and actually motivating!!

New Design!

Ok, here’s the new design. It’s FAR from complete. Still need to do a cool logo and fill the content and write alot of stuff but I thought the old one was too old now…

Did I Say That?

Over the past few days I’ve been corresponding with a person in the USA about some of the stuff I wrote in my essay-things a while back. “A while back” in this case is 2001. But since then I’ve done alot and seen alot and I realise that I was pretty naive and inexperienced when I wrote some of those a few years back. So to use the same cliché again – “if I knew then what I know now”. So I really should go through and update them. But I didn’t know people still read them!


Have you heard about this new internet phenomenon called “blogging”? It’s when opinionated people start a diary somewhere to express their opinions about everything from movies to politics on a semi-daily basis and… oh wait, I’ve been doing that for 5 years so yeah, I can see how that’s a new phenomenon! … Went to the insurance company to file a claim about my mishaps behind the wheel. Let’s see if that guy that changed lane without looking will live up to his mistake or if he and his wife will cook up some bogus story of what “really” happened.


I’m getting that retro feeling now! Maybe it’s the onset of the christmas spirit or something, I dunno. Anyway, a while back we had the “thanx for a job well done!” party at the state department to wrap up this project of travelling all around the world. And one funny thing they had done was to get pictures from everyone and assembled them into one long slideshow that just kept on going and going. It was really fun to see since I “only” did 1/6 of the trips. And then there were some pics of me that I hadn’t seen before. But going through the entire thing I just get this “damn that was some good times!”. Problem is I can’t say that without hearing Ricki and everyone else going “and you thought it was a bad idea!?” in the back of my head…

So anyway, here are some new additions to my digital gallery:
The Swedish Embassy in Sofia.
Me and Annika in downtown Buenos Aires.
Me, (little bit of Ellinor) and Annika planning the weekend activities.
House warming party for one of the guys in Buenos Aires.
Dinner at the ambassadors residense in Congo.
This is how happy I was when it was time to go home from Congo.
A common sight indeed. In Copenhagen this time.

Not updating

Now I’m just totally forgetting about updating this place. Can’t blame it on anything now, I haven’t been that busy I’ve just forgotten to update… Oh well… I actually went to the movies a week back and saw “I, Robot”. I was expecting a “no brains, muscle driven action packed but wanna be deep”-movies. And it almost delivered. It was a little bit deeper than I thought it was gonna be, but the logic didn’t quite hold up. They had incorporated another rule by Asimov into the plot that was never explained, and the laws are built on the premise that a robot can’t change or overrule them when they chose to, no matter how intelligent they are. That’s why they are suppose to be “hardwired”, as oppose to software that can be changed.

Too lazy

I wish I could say I’ve been too busy to update this place. But the fact is I’m just lazy… no, actually, quite the opposite, I’ve been possessed by some workout deamon. When the scale 114 during my latest physical I thought it was time to do something about it. So I started working our and after two weeks I actually bought a scale to see if there was any result… 117 kilos. That’s what two weeks on sickleave with a busted ankle will do to you. Or did to me anyway. But right now I’m passing down to 114 again and I’m not planning to stop. Until I’m bored

What Have I Benn Doing The Past 14 Months?

I’ve finally updated this place with information about what I’ve really been doing for the past 14 months. If you’ll go back through this years updates as well as last years you’ll see I’ve inserted comments about when I’ve been were and added some comments I haven’t been able to write earlier. And I’ve also updated My Trips with a complete listing of where I’ve been and all info you might wanna know. Enjoy! I know I did. The reason I haven’t been able to post this earlier was security concerns. And mostly for me. Who knows what certain security agencies would do to get their hands on a guy with admin access to that network. But that’s all over with now. My accound is disabled and all passwords have been changed so even if I could remember them it wouldn’t help anyone. So I’m thinking it’s safe to publish this now.