What Have I Benn Doing The Past 14 Months?

I’ve finally updated this place with information about what I’ve really been doing for the past 14 months. If you’ll go back through this years updates as well as last years you’ll see I’ve inserted comments about when I’ve been were and added some comments I haven’t been able to write earlier. And I’ve also updated My Trips with a complete listing of where I’ve been and all info you might wanna know. Enjoy! I know I did. The reason I haven’t been able to post this earlier was security concerns. And mostly for me. Who knows what certain security agencies would do to get their hands on a guy with admin access to that network. But that’s all over with now. My accound is disabled and all passwords have been changed so even if I could remember them it wouldn’t help anyone. So I’m thinking it’s safe to publish this now.

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