I had an awesome weekend! We didn’t have any major plans, we only had some neighbours coming by on Sunday afternoon but other than that it was all me and H and Sam! And Formula 1! And movies. It was great, and we had planned to BBQ on Sunday evening to close it on a high note!

Unfortunately on Sunday at around 6 I started feeling a bit queasy. So no BBQing and I went to bed at 8 pm hoping to get some sleep. But at around 10 my body decided that we weren’t gonna have any of that and I ended up crawling on the bathroom floor after having everything I’d ever eaten that weekend shoot out of my body like a bat out of hell. The first time was pretty bad but the second and third one just got worse and worse and before the night was over I’d visited the toilet atleast 6 times and it really wasn’t pretty. It got so bad I lied in bed shaking like if I had Parkinsons! And man was I delirious! Through all of this though was my Helena comforting me and holding me, making sure I had something to drink all the time and painkillers.

Today I’ve only had to pay two visits to the bathroom but right now I’m starting to feel ok again. And that’s probably because the nicest neighbour in the world brought over some coca cola! That’ll settle any bad stomach!

I’m just happy it was me and not Sam or Helena!


Nothing really exciting to report.

Sam is doing very well at kindergarten. Surprisingly well I think! I drop him off at 7 am and H picks him up at 5 pm so that’s a full 10 hours he’s there. But by the time I get home and dinner is over with he’s pretty much ready for bed. And then he sleeps 12 hours until it’s time to do it all over again. But tomorrow will be different ’cause he’ll sleep until he wakes up himself whenever that is nowadays. He definitely sleeps longer in the mornings now than he usually does.

And this weekend we don’t have much planned actually. Neighbors coming over for a quick visit bit that’s pretty much all we have planned. And the F1 race from Monaco of course! And put up the doors for the greenhouse so I can finally say “Done!”.


It never seizes to amaze me how a simple little thing in the tech world can be so damn hard. Especially when dealing with Sharepoint!! A few years ago we had to upgrade our Sharepoint 2007 from a 32 bit architecture to 64 bit. There was no change in sharepoint version, a small upgrade of SQL version from 2005-2008. Yet that one little project dragged on for months and cost thousands, if not tens of thousands, dollars. And now when we have to upgrade from Sharepoint 2007 to 2010 we’re kind of in the same spot having to spend all that money. And really, all we’re doing is going from 2007 of a product to 2010, how tha hell can that be so complicated? But it, and part of me is thankful for it since I have a job because of it. But part of me says “how hard can it be!?”.


This weekend was a pretty good weekend for me. Not very unique in any way which can only mean one thing… that my life is pretty good right now!

We had guests over on saturday, a couple who are friends with Helena and by default me too. I like ’em, they’re pretty funny and share alot of our opinions about what it’s like to “moving along, living your life having a blast and BAM! you’re pregnant and your life changes drastically to become about this one little thing all day every day”. We had dinner, talked alot, tried to get the kids to bed (their
daughter is almost a year old so sam has 4 months on her) and then we woke them up by watching “Battle: Los Angeles”. I don’t know what to make about that movie… it was the least original film I’ve ever seen I think. It was kinda like the people who wrote it and produced it had played too much Modern Warfare and Crysis 2 (although Crysis 2 wasn’t even released when the movie was made, but still). Or if you’d prefer movie-analogy – mix Independance Day, Blackhawk Down and season 2 of
Stargate Universe and you have the entire movie right there.

Then on sunday we had a looooong breakfast on our lawn, just soaking in the sun and the good feeling of life at that moment! Then in the car for an hour to drive out to my parents to celebrate my dad’s birthday and we combined that with mothers day. I also helped dad along on the greenhouse they’re building which is identical to the one we’ve built for us and we helped our neighbours with. So I had a bit of advantage there 🙂 Also got to enjoy my mothers cooking one more time!

Then an hour home, get Sam to sleep and then it was time to watch the F1 race. Although Vettel won again it sure was good to see a Ferrari in the front for a while!!

Yeap, got nothing to complain about here!


I don’t think anything hurts more than when your child is in pain and there’s nothing you can!

Sam had a bit of double-trouble this week. On Tuesday his molars started pushing through which apparently hurts a bit. And for Sam it was more than a bit! He couldn’t quite fall asleep at all in the night, only slept for like 15-20 minutes at a time then woke up crying. And on Wednesday Helena stayed home with him and he cried so much he lost his voice. Or maybe it was the cold he’s had for a few weeks now but he couldn’t even cry or scream or anything and that made him even more upset. But it really hurts, holding your son, trying to comfort him when he’s in pain like that. On Thursday I stayed home with him and it got better and by the afternoon I could hear his voice coming back and he didn’t seem to be in pain anymore. And on Thursday night he actually went to sleep and slept for 11 hours!

Today we handed him in to the daycare, no problem at all!


Saw the last episodes of “Stargate Universe”. I kinda liked the first 2 “Stargate”-series but they were never ever even really close to striking a human cord or draw out any intense emotions. Because to be honest they were always making fun of themselves and it was hard to take it seriously.

But “Universe” was different. Even from the beginning it felt so much better and more human than the other ones. Less humor, more human. And episode 18 of season two, “Epilogue” was… well science fiction at it’s absolute best! I don’t know if it’s because of how my life has changed so much in the past years or what but I actually dropped a tear in the incredibly well written and directed sequence of TJ’s sickness progressing, that was intense.

I’m pretty pissed it got cancelled ofcourse. But hey, life goes on…


As expected Finland whooped our asses in the hockey world championship final. Although I still say it was a lot thanks to the refs! Their first goal was a direct result of a questionable penalty against Sweden. And right before their second goal the refs could easily have taken a penalty against Finland for the mowing down of a Swedish player behind the goal, but oh no. And right before their third goal Finland should definitely have gotten a penalty against them for putting his stick up in the swedes face. And the rest was just because the swedes stopped playing.

But I can’t say that Sweden played better than Finland so it was a fair cop I guess. And at least Canada didn’t win it!!

But it looks pretty promising for the future generation of hockey players in Sweden because most of the players were pretty young and we didn’t have many NHL pros with us, yet we still managed to end up second. But it’s only a sport 🙂


We used to have two cars in our household which is really practical but not really financially sound and since the oldest one wasn’t gonna go through the yearly car inspection we decided to try to sell it. On Saturday we put in an ad in Blocket asking a modest 1.000 SEK, which is really nothing for a car that can still do 130 kph without breaking a sweat. Sure there was some things to do but we thought for a mechanic that either had parts or knew where to get them they’d buy it, fix it up and sell it for ten times that.

As it turns out it really wasn’t that simple! We had around 8 people calling about the car, 5 of which said “I’ll come by to have a look at it” and 1 “if you can drive it to me I’ll buy it without having seen it”. Only two people actually came to look at it. It’s so frustrating people saying they wanna buy it and they’re coming around ’cause we’re nice honest people and tried to hold it for the first callers that said they’d show up and never did. So after that it was first come first serve.

Eventually we got it sold however but not even that without a huge problem! Since it was Helena’s car I kinda made it her business to handle it which I now regret. Because when she finally did sell it (while I was at work) she did it without getting the proper paperwork done! She’s the nice honest and somewhat naive person that trusted the buyers that they would sign and send in the proper paperwork. Now I’m different in these kind of things. I assume the counterpart is hellbent on screwing me, and not in the nice way. I assume they have ulterior motives. So what I’m seeing here is that because the paperwork isn’t in order, all parking tickets and stuff like that will be on Helena since she is still legally the owner of that car. And she can’t counter by reporting it stolen since they have paperwork that she signed it over to them!! And the fact that their cellphone number was a cash-card, i.e no registered owner, doesn’t make me feel better.

Of course I’m hoping for the best and I don’t think it will be that bad. But .. why’s it gotta be so complicated??
And not to be too racist here but guess how many of the people that called where swedes (and you know what I mean without having to define it!)? Only 1. And unfortunately it wasn’t the one that bought the car.

All we wanted was to get rid of the car and get something for it.


I think pretty much everyone is surprised at how well the Swedish team is doing in the hockey world championship right now. They’re all set for a showdown with Finland on sunday. And I’m pretty damn surprised too ’cause when looking at games like Russia vs. Canada it’s a whole different energy than the Swedish team but somehow they’ve managed to get this far. I still have no doubt Finland will win on sunday but they are defenitely doing better than I thought.

This weekends plan including getting rid of one of our cars (cause we don’t really need two), starting to put in the glass on our greenhouse, a trip to Plantagen and maybe some BBQ.


A few years ago, about the same time that we built the house, I started feeling some chest pains. But I didn’t really worry that much about it but after a while although it didn’t get worse it didn’t go away. Describing the symptoms was pretty hard but if I had felt shooting pain in my left arm I’m pretty sure I’d met all the criteria for a heart attack or something.
And having lost his best friend 9 years ago to a heart attack you’d think I’d be more worried and lookup a doctor for it. But nope, not me. I’m the kind of guy that just lives with it since my Restless Leg Syndrome and my tinnitus is more troublesome than this.

Well a few weeks ago I had the annual physical and I decided to mention this to this nurse and she didn’t think it was much to worry about but still set me up with a specialist. Thankfully we have a very good health insurance at work so I got an appointment within a week. He wasn’t the least bit worried and just said it’s my asthma acting up prescribed me inhalers (that I haven’t used regularly since my teens!) and said he’d call me back in a few weeks. I was very skeptical that asthma can present itself like this, like your chest collapsed. But I’m not the one to argue so I went along.

Yesterday he called me and asked how it was going. And when I thought about it I realised that I hadn’t felt it since… well since I started the inhalers! So I guess the dude knew what he was talking about. And he set up a prescription for more inhalers and when I asked for how long I should be using this he just said “for life”. Literally, that’s what he said. In English too! Although I can’t say I’m one of those people who’ll die if I don’t get my meds because I’ve lived with these symptoms for years.

I just hope my son doesn’t have any of this crap!


As I’m slowly rebuilding the blogposts I’ve come across alot of my old Bush-bashing posts of 2003-2004. And I guess it wouldn’t be right of me to not write something about them offing Bin Laden.

Obama says that it was justified and he had it coming and anyone who doesn’t agree should have their head examined. That’s a helluva diss of most of the western world who, for over a century, have abolished death penalty and never consider it legal to execute anyone. Let alone someone who’s not a citizen of that country. But US of A have no problems justifying killing a citizen of another country without trial or due process. Or are they playing the “self defense”-game? There’s a reason why we have that tribunal in Hague! And having the entire might of the american army and intelligence service and it still took them 10 years to track down one guy, and they are celebrating it?? It’s a matter of taste (or maybe national pride) if you think it’s ok to celebrate the death of a person but noone can call that manhunt a success by any means. Cause if you ever worked in the private sector you’d know that just wouldn’t work.

Having said that… does someone have cookies? Anyone?


Really good weekend there. Our “Star Trek” day was everything it was supposed to be – good episodes, good company and good calories! The F1 was pretty ok, could’ve been better since Ferrari didn’t win.

And we also got alot, and I do mean ALOT, of work done around the house. The greenhouse we’re building is now cemented in place and it’s time to fit the glass. That’ll take alot of weeks to sort out but I’m not in any rush. Helena unfortunately is since the stuff she’s already growing needs to move out of the house and into the greenhouse before it takes over our bedroom! It’s pretty amazing how I’ve gone from spending a sunday morning/afternoon in the World of Warcraft to spending it building a greenhouse and still being happy about it!

I have no ideas what’s gonna happen this weekend, remains to see if we’re gonna have another couples dinner with Helenas friends or just the two of us. Maybe we can make a breake for it and catch “Thor” in the movies somehow … anyone willing to step in and take care of Sam a few hours ? 🙂


I realised it while trying to watch Twilight and Smallville I kinda hoped it was a one time thing. But yesterday there was no more denying it – I’m really am too old for high school movies!

Yesterday we saw “I Am Number Four”. Pretty good story and everything but what ruined it was all the high school drama. The stereotypes set by John Hughes 25 years ago were still there. And what tha hell was that teen-party thing they threw in completely misplaced and irrelevant! No I am most certainly too old for this!

Which is kinda sad considering some of my all time favorite movies belong to this genre – Breakfast Club, 16 Candles, Ferris Beuller, Can’t Hardly Wait, Pump Up The Volume, Heathers and there are probably10 more I forgot.


Before 2008 I always considered cellphones as a “nice thing to have” and mostly used for texting. Then I bought a HTC Cruise, mostly for the GPS feature. I still have it in the car for that one purpose but that’s when I was introduced to how techie they can be cause it had a very primitive and slow browser and RSS reader so I could read news and stuff on my way to work.

Then in 2009 I went over to the light side and got an iPhone 3GS and since then I’ve used it alot – Facebooking, surfing, still reading RSS, doing some bank stuff and also audioplayer with Spotify.

Now it’s time for the next step. But which one to buy? It’s very much like updating your computer ’cause you know that next month there’s one better. I’ve got my sight set on the new Samsung Galaxy SII but they seem to be out of stock everywhere and before they get new ones in it’s time for HTC’s new Sensation. Not sure how it’ll end but either way, it’s gonna be my own present to myself!


Maybe I should explain what a “Star Trek”-day is for those that don’t know. It’s when a bunch of us trekkers in Stockholm (also known as “Stockholm Trekkers“) get together in Skarpnäck and some of us watch “Star Trek” or some other science fiction and some of us just sit around talking about what’s new and happening and alot of talk about TV and movies and tech-stuff. It’s a great chance to catch up on what’s happening with alot of my friends that I don’t get to talk to as much as one should. And to see some old classic “Star Trek” episode. And to indulge because we usually end up eating pizza and candy, Coca-cola and alot of other sugary stuff!

And nowadays it’s also a chance for me to get away from home 🙂


This weekend has all the prerequisites to be a really great weekend!

We’re starting off tonight with tacos and hockeygame (Sweden vs France). Then tomorrow we have another Star Trek day in Skarpnäck. And on sunday we’ve got the Formula 1 from Turkey. And all the while the weather is supposed to be extremely good. And we’re gonna fix the concrete slabs for our greenhouse! Throw in some good sex in there and I can’t see hos we can fail to make ot great!!


Every morning on a normal working day at 7 am I hand my son Sam over to a woman I hardly know and everytime I get the feeling that I’m treating him like luggage at an airport – “here, take care of this and I’ll pick it up on the other side”. I hope I’m not the only one that feels like that? Because as we understand things this is what you do after staying home for a year?

Ofcourse we can only blame ourselves – if we had stayed in our old 41 squaremetet apartment we would have afforded being home more. Or if we’d lived closer to my family they’d happily take care of him. Bu we chose to build a house and it made sense giving a child the same comfort of growing up in a house like I did. But considering that choice now means we have to check him in at a kindergarten for 10 hours a day I’m wondering what’s more important for him…


The Internet is great for alot of things. One of those things is when you hear a quote and wanna check it up. Unfortunately, as everyone should know by now, you can’t really trust the results when searching at Google for example.

And when they offed Bin Laden a quote was circulating and attributed to Martin Luther King Jr. It was a good quote (“I will mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy) but as it turns out it wasn’t him. Fortunately we still have some real journalists out there who actually do their fact-checks about stuff like this. And unfortunately we still have tabloids like Swedish Aftonbladet that will print anything on their website to make people click it. Like the other day when they said Chuck Lorre called Charlie Sheen a heroic addicted monkey. Had they just checked around they… well they probably would still have printed the story ’cause it’s juicy stuff, just not really good journalism. And that makes me a sad panda.


During my entire childhood my parents listened to “Chess”. ALOT! So much that I think me and my sister could probably “sing” (or whatever you may call it) most of the tracks from memory. But I had never heard the actual performance of it. I knew the recorded album like the wiring in my computer but never heard anything recorded live. And I’ve always looked for a DVD with a recording from that but never found one.

But thanks to Spotify I’ve now listened through the entire performance. After I got over the initial “this doesn’t sound right!” when the lyrics aren’t the ones I know it’s still pretty good. Although Björn Skifs made a better arbiter 🙂

Not sure when I’ll have the opportunity to pump it up on my speakers but looking forward to it.


I’m moving my blog to Blogspot. “Why?”… there are lots of reasons why!

Number one is my ability to update! With blogspot I can just send in a mail on my iPhone on the way to work, while in a meeting or slacking in the couch. I don’t have to log into a computer, find the site, login and browse my way to it.

Number two is the interaction part. You guys and girls can now comment on things here on Blogspot or their affiliates. Not gonna allow anonymoous because if you can’t put your name on what you’re saying maybe you shouldn’t say it.

Then ofcourse there are alot of other benefits too, like the tagging and stuff. I’ll have a huge job ahead of me migrating all of the updates from my database to this one but hopefully won’t be too hard. My photogallery will still be on my own servern though!

What do you think, is this a good thing or am I a sellout? 🙂