“So who is the egomaniac Kristoffer!?” … that is a really good question and if someone wanna try to define me, go ahead! This is my attempt…

My name is Kristoffer Strom. I’m currently 38 years old and working as a tech geek at one of the biggest travel agencies in Sweden. But that’s not important right now since I’m one of those people who think that a persons job in most cases doesn’t tell you much about the person. But in my case I am a computer geek, always have been and hope to always will be. But the job is just a job, my wife & son, my family and friends are the most important things to me and I do my best to spend as much time with them as I can. As far as sport interests go the only sport I’m a huge fan of is “Formula 1”. Hockey is pretty high up there too but other than that I only bother watching sports if there’s a swede involved.

Mini bio : I grew up in a little place called Sorunda which is about 50 km south of Stockholm. I went to school like everyone else and studied technology for 3 years and chose to study computer technology for another year. After that I moved down to Växjö to try university but that never worked out so I gave up after 3 months and just enjoyed life, partied while looking for a job. Didn’t take me long until I got a job at a computer firm called “Min Dator” in Bromma and although it meants alot of commuting back and forth I really loved working there. After a few years of building and customizing computers and then programming our e-commerce site that company merged with a bigger company called “Pulsen” and I was re-trained (including having my drivers license paid!) to be a computer consultant. In 2003 I got the opportunity of a lifetime – I was hired by the swedish government to travel to our embassies around the world and do a complete overhaul of their IT platforms. That went on for over a year and I got to travel to alot of places I’d never have gone to or seen otherwise. And if you apologize for the cheesy comment – it made me grow as a person. After that project ended I had trouble finding new assignments and in the beginning of 2005 I was laid off and I got a new opportunity to work for this huge lawfirm but in summer 2011 I decided to move on. I took a step up in my career and started working for Carema (huge healthcare company in Sweden) in IT operations but when they decided to outsource I was quickly laid off. That turned out to be a blessing in desguise because I got a job at Thomas Cook Northern Europe in IT operations and so far it’s the best job I’ve ever had!

I like travelling and was really fortunate to get that opportunity to travel the world on the taxpayers expense. I got to go to Africa which was really educational and made me appreciate just how lucky I am and the trip to Congo was especially hard since I was suffering from some illness that noone could diagnose at the time and even had to go to the local hospital for. It later turned out to be salmonella!

I’ve been single most of my life and enjoyed it quite alot, had very few long relationships and some short ones, I think I was averaging 4 weeks. Reasons for that are plenty, everything from me not being the most handsome guy and not really trying to be either to not being good at reading women. But I’m not complaining, I was having fun and doing the best of the situation.

But during 2007 I really got to thinking that to fully enjoy life you really do need someone to share it with. In march 2008 after doing the internet thing and getting tired of it out of the blue comes a post from some woman that really peaked my interest. After alot of mailing we decided to go out and even though our first date was ok we fell in love and I had the most awesome summer ever. After that I moved in with her and in 2009 we built a house, in 2010 we had a son (Sam) and in 2011 we got married – and we hope to live happily ever after!

I’d like to think I’m a pretty generous person – I’m donating alot to charities (WWF, Greenpeace, Unicef and Amnesty are topping the chars) and also a blood donor. Although alot of people may describe me as a stuck-up, overbearing, high and mighty person that thinks the world of himself, but those people just don’t understand my humor cause I’m really not. In most cases I’m the most humble person you’ll find and I live my life doing my best not to hurt anyone and doing no harm. So far I’ve done a pretty good job, as far as I know there are very, very few people that really have a low opinion of me – and I actually do lose sleep over stuff like that!

Think that pretty much covers it.
/ Kristoffer