I’m getting that retro feeling now! Maybe it’s the onset of the christmas spirit or something, I dunno. Anyway, a while back we had the “thanx for a job well done!” party at the state department to wrap up this project of travelling all around the world. And one funny thing they had done was to get pictures from everyone and assembled them into one long slideshow that just kept on going and going. It was really fun to see since I “only” did 1/6 of the trips. And then there were some pics of me that I hadn’t seen before. But going through the entire thing I just get this “damn that was some good times!”. Problem is I can’t say that without hearing Ricki and everyone else going “and you thought it was a bad idea!?” in the back of my head…

So anyway, here are some new additions to my digital gallery:
The Swedish Embassy in Sofia.
Me and Annika in downtown Buenos Aires.
Me, (little bit of Ellinor) and Annika planning the weekend activities.
House warming party for one of the guys in Buenos Aires.
Dinner at the ambassadors residense in Congo.
This is how happy I was when it was time to go home from Congo.
A common sight indeed. In Copenhagen this time.

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