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Hey everyone. As I mentioned in the update a few days ago I was working to get a new imagegallery up and running. It’s based on “ImageVue” which has some really cool things going for it but it lacked any form of password protection which made it impossible for me to use. Publishing pictures of me or my family has never been a problem but now when more than half of the pictures I take feature Helena or a member of her family I’ve had to have a password so noone can google their way there. For some reason Helena have been very good at keeping herself off the grid!

Anyway, here it is!

As before the username is “friend” and the password is the name of the company I work for, with a capital first letter. I know it’s easy to figure out but it’s good enough to keep it off Google anyway!!

I haven’t had the time to tag and put captions on all of the photos yet but the albums themselves should be tagged. I had to put the years 1975 to 2005 into a sub-album because otherwise the menu would’ve gone on forever!

I hope you like it. I do!

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