Too lazy

I wish I could say I’ve been too busy to update this place. But the fact is I’m just lazy… no, actually, quite the opposite, I’ve been possessed by some workout deamon. When the scale 114 during my latest physical I thought it was time to do something about it. So I started working our and after two weeks I actually bought a scale to see if there was any result… 117 kilos. That’s what two weeks on sickleave with a busted ankle will do to you. Or did to me anyway. But right now I’m passing down to 114 again and I’m not planning to stop. Until I’m bored

What Have I Benn Doing The Past 14 Months?

I’ve finally updated this place with information about what I’ve really been doing for the past 14 months. If you’ll go back through this years updates as well as last years you’ll see I’ve inserted comments about when I’ve been were and added some comments I haven’t been able to write earlier. And I’ve also updated My Trips with a complete listing of where I’ve been and all info you might wanna know. Enjoy! I know I did. The reason I haven’t been able to post this earlier was security concerns. And mostly for me. Who knows what certain security agencies would do to get their hands on a guy with admin access to that network. But that’s all over with now. My accound is disabled and all passwords have been changed so even if I could remember them it wouldn’t help anyone. So I’m thinking it’s safe to publish this now.


Today I saw ANOTHER docu-movie, this time on the story about MPRC, led by Tipper Gore, to ban “unethical” music lyrics and make the music industry responsible for what they are putting out there. And Frank Zappa, Dee Snider and John Denver came to its defence that they are just overreacting. The music bizz won but had to start putting “Parental Advisory” labels on the most extreme albums. Like all of Eminem’s. And along with that I also saw the “Bleeping Osbourne” weekend when MTV had so nicely replaced the the “fucks” and “bitches” with “beeps” and “mooos”. And they even went to the extreme length of censuring every on-screen cigarette. I’m all for pbulishers and TV stations taking their responsibility, but really, is it the music, lyrics and words we should be censuring? Isn’t it the image? What’s more damaging, Ozzy saying “fuck” or Britney dancing around wearing 3 threads? Twisted Sister’s song weren’t violent or anything extreme, but their image sure was…


Saw an interesting docu-movie today about the rise and rise of Adolf Hitler. Covered the years from when he was sent to jail right up the the start of WWII. I like to consider myself a history buff, especially WWII, but I didn’t really know that much about this part of Hitler’s life. First of all, one has to assume there are some made up stuff in a movie to increase the dramatic part of it, but this one was pretty seriously made. And there were some frightening stuff in there and afterwards it was pretty weird to think of the old saying “history has a tendancy to repeat itself”. To be brief about it ; the guy went from being in jail to being the leader of a superpower using loopholes in their constitution and used the arson against the german government building to push through some radic laws temporarily superceding human and civil rights which made him in charge of basically everything and then went to war. In short! Let’s think a little bit bigger. Do we have someone in charge of a superpower right now, with a criminal past, that used constitutional loopholes to gain power and then used an attack against them to push through some laws superceding human and civil rights and then went to war?… hehehe, frightening stuff… Big difference is ofcourse Adolf was a smart asshole. Bush is just an asshole. Another huge difference is that Bush has to face a re-election. Adolf was smart enough to get out of that.


Isn’t music amazing? I don’t know any other medium that can give you that kind of emotional responses or bring back memories like music can. I mean, who can hear a song like “Total Eclips of the Heart” without being effected in somehow, and who can help but to sing along to “Tubthumping”. Or help getting goose bumps when Moby’s “Everloving” kicks off? And there are songs that you just immediately connect to specific events. I heard Spin Doctors’ “Two Princes” the other day which brought me back to summer of -92 and me kicking back at the finishing line at the annual school run. I never ran since I had asthma so I was just sitting there enjoying the summer which pissed off everyone of my classmates. That why I love music.

Have I seen too many movies if the only way I can rate movies is by referring to other movies?

More movies

I really should stop watching this many movies, it can’t be healthy. Today it was “Shrek 2” and “13 Going on 30″… “Shrek 2” proved the statement made in “Scream 2” – sequals suck. Ok, it didn’t suck, but it wasn’t as fun or original as … the original. Biggest laugh was in the end when pussycat does the flashdance move, hilarious!! “13 Going on 30” was a little bit silly, felt like someone saw “Big” and then “Freaky Friday” during an “Alias”-marathon and brainstormed this one up in 5 minutes. Highlight was the retro scenes with the “Thriller”-dance. But the best rip-off of that dance was “Final Fantasy”…

Have I seen too many movies if the only way I can rate movies is by referring to other movies?

Where did I go to?

Dude, have the past two week been the laziest of my life? I would think so! Especially the weekends – last weekend I was so bored I actually had to go an extra mile to find something to do. Don’t know when was the last time that happened. And this weekend has been “movie-catchup” weekend. “Troy”, “Girl Next Door”, “Timeline”, “Hellboy”, “Punisher”, “Godsend” and “Elf”. Puh… most of them were disappointing (“Timeline” was soooo bad, and I usually like time travel stories), some just what I expected (“Troy” made up and bended Homer’s work about as much as I’d expect) and some were even better than I thought (“Girl Next Door” was funnier and more serious than I though). And another Ferrari victory. A pretty successful weekend all in all. Looking forward to this working week when my future area of expertice will be decided.