Göra Persson Got Some Bonus Points!

I’m not a big fan of Göran Persson, our prime minister. He’s been the prime minister of sweden for 10 years now which is both admirable but also too long. Anyway, the other day he was a guest in one of the more unusual talk shows in sweden and as a part of their test how hip he was they showed him a clip from “Big Brother” and asked him to identify the show. He looked at it for a while and then said the most accurate description I’ve ever heard – “Is this a real TV show? People actually watch this?”. I thought that was hilarious. Got some bonus points in my book, but election is still a few months away.

When It Rains, It Pours

So not only is our WoW guild dying, but now one of my best friends is losing his job (downsizing – AGAIN!) and this woman I finally asked out is trying to patch things up with her ex…

Regarding the first one, you coul say “it’s just a game”, but it’s become so much more. It’s hard to describe to someone who hasn’t been there, but it’s another hurtful reminder that “all good things must come to and end”. Regarding my friend losing his job, that’s shitty but he’s young and has tons of experience and certifications so he’ll get a new one fast as hell, and he also has a girlfriend to comfort him. And the last one… well, I’m one of those “good for her!”-people so… good for her, whatever makes her happy!…

But I’m still depressed… Oh well, I have plenty of cookies!

Time To Grab Life By The Horn

Our WoW guild is dying out now, think we’ve been pushing it a bit hard and people have just woke up and realised “hey, I’m almost 31, maybe I should do something else than play computer games”. And yeah, I’m people… thing is, I’m not very good at taking on huge tasks like for example cleaning my apartment that is in serious need of a good cleaning crew… nah, just one more Rend-run (WoW talk)..

I’m Not Slipping In My Old Age!

When I landed in Prague last friday and met the team (“Eventyr”) that was gonna take care of us during the weekend I noticed one of the girls and thought to myself “I so know her!”. Unfortunately you can’t just go up to a beautiful woman like that and say “don’t I know you?” unless you wanna get laughed at. At some point during saturday morning it hit me – she worked for one of our companies in the building next door back in the old “Min Dator” days, like 8 years ago!! So I finally got it and talked to her and indeed, it was her. But then she kicked me in the nuts when she had no clue who I was…

Sooner Or Late They All Come To Me

During the conference we had a teambuilding exercise and the most interesting thing that happened was when we were gonna split up into small groups of like 8-9 people. Everyone knew me because everyone that has worked there for a while have talked to me so many times they know me and all the new people had their IT intro’s with me so they knew me too. And I knew everyone for the same reasons. And I know when which lady got married since I had to change names and stuff in the network and I know when people transfer between offices. The problem was – alot of them didn’t know eachother! And that put me in a kinda unique position during all this since I had to introduce people, team up the girls to talk about wedding preparations and stuff since one had gotten married just a few months ago and I could easily strike up a conversation regarding the pub around the corner of our office in Brussels since I know this guy just came back after working for 2 years in Brussels. That was fun and unexpected.

Report and pics from Czech Republic

Here you can find my report regarding what went down in the Czech Republic during the weekend and here you can find some pictures as well.

To put it mildly it was an awesome weekend! I was afraid it might turn out to be boring and “same old, same old” but it was just great fund and actually motivating!!

Back The The Czech Republic

Oh man what a party!! We left on friday morning (and I mean morning, sipped my first beer at 7 am!) arrived in Karlovy Vary at noon, spent some time in the town and had a wild friday night. On saturday it was time for a conference and some teambuilding activity (that was actually the most rewarding teambuilding I’ve done, and I’ve done alot!) and then the most posh dinner I’ve ever been to (got away with skipping the tie though!). Another wild night and today we took a 4 hour walk through Prague and then headed home and I’m exhausted…

(pictures coming up tomorrow)

Going To Prague!

Tomorrow morning I’m off to Prague! Yay, finally going out of the country again like the good old days 🙂

But this time I’m going with the entire lawfirm and it includes a posh dinner. I’ll see how that goes. Will let you know when I get home which should be sunday night… SHOULD be…

New Design!

Ok, here’s the new design. It’s FAR from complete. Still need to do a cool logo and fill the content and write alot of stuff but I thought the old one was too old now…