Happy New Year?

I guess I’m suppose to wish everyone a happy new year. But under the circumstances I think it’ll be a damn tough start to 2005 now that the death toll estimates is up to 6 figures. I guess that makes it difficult for 2005 to be any worse.


I recently saw a BBC documentary I recommend everyone to see if you get the chance – “The Power of Nightmares”. A documentary about how governments have stopped promosing the utopian society and replaced it with the promise that the future won’t be worse than yesterday. It’s about the philisophies about using nightmares and the “good vs evil” mentality that certain people are very keen to push on us. And it tells both sides of the stories, as well as how the Al Quada organisation didn’t really excist until the american justice system created it themselves and then just went with it. It takes up alot of stuff most of us have no idea about. Just see it. If you can.

Wrath of Mother Nature

This latest “wrath of the Earth”-disaster was quite something, wasn’t it? And after seeing some videos of it the spontaneous thought is that it wasn’t a huge wave alá “Deep Impact” that did it. But if there is one positive thing about this tragedy it is that the internet is for once regarded as something positive. The media that are so quick to mention that bombmakers had downloaded stuff from the internet or whatever are equally quick to point out the positives in a tragedy like this. From blogging to using it as a small messaging system just to say “I’m ok!”.
And one day we’ll learn not to build major cities so close to the water. Even if it’s from a practical standpoint a good idea, things like this as well as the doomsday prophecy of global warming should have some kinda of impact on where we chose to build cities. But the mistakes have already been made I guess, good luck trying to move them…


Hope everyone had a great christmas, if you even celebrate it? Mine was pretty ok. Don’t know why it was only “pretty ok”, but it was. Probably my fault. But we finally ordered those F1 tickets for my 30th birthday! We’re going to Silverstone on July 10th which is one month after I turn 30, but this way Amy and her Paul will make it which makes all the difference!

Btw, pictures are up from the christmas weekend at my folks place.


The last episode of Friends was on swedish TV last week… talk about the end of an era. 10 years that show’s been going, it’s had it ups and downs but it was quite sad to see it end. Although it’s gonna be in reruns forever and I’ve seen every episode so many times I can pretty much recall any scene in my head. And one of these day’s I’m gonna fill that part of my head with something useful…

Also saw “Ocean’s 12” the other day. Man that was a disappointment. I liked the first one. Liked the sting and ensemble cast, but this one was not even close. So chalk up another one in the “reasons sequels shouldn’t eve be done” right there with Scream 3 and Naked Gun 3…

Christmas party

Last friday was the annual christmas party at work. And they are usually pretty wild. I dunno, what do you think? Before you go all judgemental on me, check what’s in front of me. 3 beerglasses and 2 shotglasses and that’s just what could fit in the frame. Yeah, pretty wild and another blackjack success story. And as usual woke up on saturday saying “I’ll never drink again” ’cause lets face it, I’m not 20 anymore…

Christmas gift of the year

According to the swedish consumption authority (or whatever) it was decided that this years Christmas present was one of those slim TV:s you hang on the wall. Cool, right? … just how much are people spending on Christmas presents these days? I’ve been told that I sometimes spend more than I should on Christmas gifts, but I would never even think about buying something for $3.000, no matter how much I loved that person! That just doesn’t make sense! Sounds like they were a bit scared over the GNP…

And speaking of terrible Christmas gifts, you’ve heard that Britney released her “Greatest hits” album recently, just in time for Christmas shopping. Did I just get the entire point wrong, or I thought “Greatest hits” was something a has-been artist put together when they needed more money? Not a 23 (or however old she is now) yeard old with a careet that’s still going strong did?


Have you heard about this new internet phenomenon called “blogging”? It’s when opinionated people start a diary somewhere to express their opinions about everything from movies to politics on a semi-daily basis and… oh wait, I’ve been doing that for 5 years so yeah, I can see how that’s a new phenomenon! … Went to the insurance company to file a claim about my mishaps behind the wheel. Let’s see if that guy that changed lane without looking will live up to his mistake or if he and his wife will cook up some bogus story of what “really” happened.

Driving again

This is just my luck! As I was driving in to work this morning I noticed the temperature of the engine was going a big high and right when I parked it the needle reached the red area. Not good. “not another trip to the mechanics!” was my firt thought. So I filled it up with some coolant and as I started driving home I watched it closely. And the good news was it was just that simple, refill the coolant. The bad news is I was watching the needle too closely and bumped into the guy in front of me – and he had one of thos hooks on so now I got a big nice dent in the front, and I mean big. Maybe big enough for me to fail the inspection I got coming out next week – that is just my luck! And no damage to the other guy’s car…