I’m getting that retro feeling now! Maybe it’s the onset of the christmas spirit or something, I dunno. Anyway, a while back we had the “thanx for a job well done!” party at the state department to wrap up this project of travelling all around the world. And one funny thing they had done was to get pictures from everyone and assembled them into one long slideshow that just kept on going and going. It was really fun to see since I “only” did 1/6 of the trips. And then there were some pics of me that I hadn’t seen before. But going through the entire thing I just get this “damn that was some good times!”. Problem is I can’t say that without hearing Ricki and everyone else going “and you thought it was a bad idea!?” in the back of my head…

So anyway, here are some new additions to my digital gallery:
The Swedish Embassy in Sofia.
Me and Annika in downtown Buenos Aires.
Me, (little bit of Ellinor) and Annika planning the weekend activities.
House warming party for one of the guys in Buenos Aires.
Dinner at the ambassadors residense in Congo.
This is how happy I was when it was time to go home from Congo.
A common sight indeed. In Copenhagen this time.

Live/Band Aid

Guess what VH1 did last night? They had Live/Band Aid specials! What are the odds 🙂 But here’s a thought about that song and the lyrics – “let them know it’s christmas time”. The song was about poor Africa and the starving children down there right? So I’ve been to africa – thrice – but as far as I know this is true for most african countries as well… THEY’RE MUSLIMS! Isn’t that like a slap in the face? I’m pretty sure they didn’t care that much but somehow it just doesn’t fit…


You know I’m a little bit undecided about remakes and covers of movies and songs. Some are good, few even better than the original but most aren’t even good. And here are two examples we could very well do without : an american version of “Taxi” and a new version of Band Aid’s christmas song from the 80’s! The american version of Taxi I can understand and it’s more of a comedy than the original. But I bet 99% of americans haven’t even seen the original I guess they won’t even know what they missed. And about a new version of Band Aid’s christmas song… that’s just bad all around. If Robbie really cared he would donate a few millions. And if Coldplay cared about the survival of anyone the wouldn’t do music that makes you wanna slit your wrist. Still, as sir Bob Geldoff (founder of the original, in case you don’t remember!) said – “it’s a great Christmas present! It’s cheap and noone who gets it can express their disappointment”…

Reason 9 : Going with the old saying “the degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons” (Feodor Dostoyevsky), the american propaganda machine said over and over again how terribly the iraqi government treated their prisoners. Regular executions, torture and so on. Maybe so, but now we also know how the americans treat the prisoners in Iraq. And I loved that memo that, if you read between the lines, said it was ok to bend the “quaint” rules set in the Geneva convention!

I might as well finish the top 10 today…

Reason 10 : “After all, this is the guy that once tried to kill my dad”. Yeah, Bush Jr. actually used that line as a reason why going in there and taking him down was a good idea, because Saddam had once tried to kill Bush Sr. As far as I know, that never happened. Maybe Saddam once wrote or said “I wish he was dead”, but as far as I know he never actually tried to kill him. Not after all the favors Bush Sr. did to Saddam in the 80’s as Reagan’s vice president! What did happen however is that Bush sent in a bunch of special forces to kill Saddam’s two sons, which they did! And not only that, they took credit for it aswell! “tried to kill my dad” versus “killing two sons”…


Did you see the MTV European Music Awards yesterday? I almost missed it since we have Battlefield matches on thursdays but my sis called me and screamed “switch to mtv!” and when I did I saw the huge crowd of people on Fori Imperiali that they had closed off (again!) and the stage that looked really, REALLY tiny in front of a very well lit Colosseum! It felt funny cause … well… I was literally right there! 🙂

Reason 8 : Iraq played it’s part in 9/11 by supporting Al Quada and the hi jackers. Well that’s been proven over and over again that that was never the case, but it sure worked on those patrotical americans didn’t it? Actually Saudi Arabia and USA itself had a lot more to do with that than Iraq – Saudi Arabia because alot of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, the flew to the US from Saudi Arabia and Usama Bin Laddens money comes from his filthly rich family in Saudi Arabia. And the hijackers got their pilot training in… USA, the same country that taught Bin Ladden how to fight great evil powers in the first place. Excellent job!


First day of snow for this winter, but as opposed to last year (and the one before that) most people were prepared. I changed my tires last night so I was prepared too 🙂 Wanna see the most useless web thing ever? Click here and relive your childhood!

Reason 7 : Iraq has close ties to Al Quada and is a training ground for terrorist. No they weren’t but they are NOW! And Bush himself said a while back that there are no evidence to support that statement about Al Quada so let’s just give up on that. Speaking of training grounds for terrorist, the american militia… hmmmm….


Now I’ve fallen into that boring routine of getting up, going to work, doing some work (and sometimes NOT doing any work), getting home, watching some TV, playing some games and going to bed. It could be alot worse I guess but still, I don’t like getting too much into routines like this. Got any suggestions how to change it?…

Reason 6 : The Iraqi government was corrupt us as hell and Saddam appointed relatives in his government. Well that’s certainly true. But then again, in USA we’ve got the Bush clan with father former president Bush and brother Jeb the governor of Florida, so the family ties are all there. As far as corruption goes, we’ve all seen Fahrenheit 9/11 with all the Haliburton stuff as well as the Carlyle group making millions on the War on Terror and dad Bush just happens to be a member of the bord. And then ofcourse Cheney’s wife, Lynne, who’s a member of the board of directors at Lockheed-Martin who’s also making millions since they are in the war business. It seems all top players there have some connection to either oil companies or companies that profit from the war. GREATLY.