Kickass Weekend

Hope your Easter weekend was as good as mine!? Playing alot of computer games as always, but I also went out to my parents place to enjoy my mothers awesome cooking and a good old round of Trivial Pursuit (that I won, but granted, my father wasn’t playing) and it also happened to be a Formula 1 weekend but that race could’ve been alot better. Then off to a friend to try to fix her computer problems and just lame about. All in all an awesome weekend!

I also saw “300”. I had no idea about that movie until someone showed me a trailer a few weeks ago and the first thing I said was “that has to be seen on the big screen!” and on Friday I actually went to the cinema again to see it. Back in my teens I was a big fan of Greek mythology and stuff like that, and although this battle doesn’t really qualify as mythology I still remember reading about it. The movie was overall great, and I was right – it had to be seen in the cinema. As always with movies like this they get a few of the things wrong or left out (like the second part of the oracle’s prophecy) but overall a good movie. But one thing that really, really annoyed me all throughout the movie was all the muscles, pex and six-packs wherever you looked. Right away it annoyed me and it kept on annoying me. But I’m still gonna buy the DVD because it was still a great flick.

Kick Ass Weekend?

Got everything I need for a kick ass weekend now! It’s friday and the 25th which means pay-day in sweden!

Gonna start tonight with fixing some tacos and TLCing my fiance, see two chick-flix then off to bed (wink wink). Then tomorrow we’re off to visit some friends of Helena’s who just had a baby a few weeks ago so we’re bound to get some tips and tricks there. Then we’re going to my parents for a nice Saturday dinner with the family and the extremely predictable reactions to the ultrasound scans. Then on Sunday gonna do some house cleaning, mow the lawn and then enjoy a nice Formula 1 race from Singapore while enjoying a cold one. Don’t pump up my expectations but this weekend is gonna rock 🙂

Lack of Anything To Say Really

Don’t have much to say here really.
Our house project is moving along nicely. Should be ready to move in around july 15th if all goes well.

Me and Helena are going about our daily lives hoping that the rest of our lives are as good as the past year have been. ‘Cause it has been freaking awesome!

F1 is going down the drain for Ferrari and now it seems like they may not be with the sport for 2010, great fun that’ll be!

Other than that… moving along, nothing to see…

I Guess They Heard Us :)

Looks like that decision about changing the F1 scoring system is gonna be pushed a year, if it ever does make it. So for once I guess they heard us cause not many people thought it was a good idea… one week now 🙂

Formula 1!

Soon time for the next F1 season! Next sunday we go again in Australia. The thing that’s making it more exciting now is how poorly McLaren are doing in the test season and how the new, pretty independant, Brawn GP are kicking everyones asses across the paddock. Pretty cool stuff if that keeps up come race-time!

What’s not so cool is the new “rules” that the FIA hammered the other day! According to the new rules the driver with the most wins, regardless of points, wins the championship! So it’s quite possible Lewis Hamilton may take home the win even he just wins 6-7 races and don’t even race or get to the checkered flag in the rest! And it’s a good idea but not so good for us supporters of a team who has managed to field two championship contenders three years in a row now! If you’re a supporter of say McLaren or Renault, who have a great first driver but a second driver that fades away, then it’s great. ‘Cause then Hamilton won’t really ever be competing against Heikki in a serious fight for the win and if it were to happen, Heikki would move over for the teamssake. Just like Barrichello moved over for the teamssake back in Austria to let Schumacher take the win for the most points! That was done openly and according to the rules at that time and completely fair, and this new rule pretty much guarantees that someone will have to do that again, let their teammate pass to take the win cause it’s all about wins now!!

Only good thing about this idea that I can see is that we won’t see Schumacher/Hamilton like behavious in the last couple of races for the seasons where they are going around only scoring as many points as they really need and nothing more. Cause it wasn’t by accident Hamilton won by just one point last year. ironically though, with these rules Massa would’ve been champion…

Back To My Kick Ass Life In Sweden

And now I’m back to my kick ass life here in sweden after a few days with rain in Barcelona. After some shopping we got on the plane, bored for 3 hours, then had the worst landing ever, and for the first time in my life I had a girlfriend that was waiting for me at the arrivals-zone in Arlanda!… or I would have had she managed to sort the parking out, but it’s the thought that counts! Then a small BBQ dinner with her parents and then just hanging out, talking and just holding eachother and how wonderful it felt. I love my life right now! And today I woke up next to the most beautiful woman in the world .. and I left her there cause I had to go home and see the recording of the F1 race from sunday! It sounds terrible, I know, but come on, there is no way in hell I’d been able to go all day today without hearing the result somehow!? And now I’m here at work updating my image gallery and saying “good times” 🙂

Most Awesome Weekend Ever

Ok so that weekend was the most awesome weekend in a long, long time!

On friday me and my girlfriend (I love typing that) went out on a pretty good couple’s dinner with my best friend Mats and his chick to Texas Longhorn. Just wanted to see how well they mixed since that’s pretty important to me, and it worked out just fine. And great steaks!!
On Saturday it was all Star Trek all day long and ended with the latest Battlestar Galactica episode from the states. That’s alot of sci fi for anyone!
On sunday me and my girlfriend (still love typing that) went to O’Learys to watch the Formula 1 race with my sister and her oldest son. Wanted to see how they mixed as well. No problem what so ever. Good times! Then home to her place and just chill out for the rest of the day (after I installed a wireless router for her so I could slack in the couch!). And then I woke up in her arms today and it was just a beautiful day.

Kick ass!!!

Only bad thing all weekend was my brother who once again proved what a big slacker he really is. He’d promised to be there at O’Learys, both to my sister and to me less than 12 hours before we were suppose to meet, yet he felt it was more important to catch up on some sleep. Pretty damn disappointing.

Awesome! Just Awesome!

I’ve spend 2 whole days with my girlfriend now which I was kinda nervous about. Not only because it was up to me to cook the dinner on thursday and then chose movies and restaurant for friday (oh the preassure) but because it’s a totally different thing from “just coming over to her place and enjoy the evening, fall asleep spooning and waking up and going to work” and actually spend an entire day together! But it worked out great. I was hoping for fireworks but had to settle for “great”, which is still… well, great! This is going so well 🙂

And an F1 race today that Ferrari would’ve owned had a certain driver not been so zealous… but still a good race 🙂 Soon off to spend the afternoon with my family over a nice lunch. Things are good 🙂

Everything under control

There’s not alot happening at the moment. Life goes on, throws its curve balls but nothing major at all right now. Got a relaxing weekend which is probably gonna result in me seeing 300 twice, good thing it’s a good movie! And some sweet formula one from Belgium which is always offering some surprises. And I hit 94 kilos this morning which I guess means I might as well continue until 89 (why make it even?). And as expected when I tried to get deep and talk emotions with “her” she shut down. And we’re bound to meet up again at a party next weekend so looking forward to that… or am I… oh well, gonna enjoy this rainy Friday with a beefy burger and complete apathy towards everything!

Great expectations

I should have learned by now – never go into something with very high expectations. I went into this weekend with very high expectations and as always got disappointed. Friday night was ok but should’ve been better, it just never kicked off, it was just mediocre. Although saturday was completey up to expectations but sunday was just awful, terrible F1 race and very boring WoW raid and today I feel a bit disappointed. So let’s go into the next weekend with no expectations at all – even if it is a F1 weekend again!

"I can’t wait for the weekend to begin"

One more weekend full of plans, all of it good!
Tonight – beer & dining with some friends to celebrate a guy’s 30th birthday. Tomorrow – after the f1 qualifying going back home to my parents for a day of fun with even more beer and my mothers special cooking. And on sunday going to O’Learys to enjoy the F1 race with even more beer and their special cooking, and ending it all with an evening of WoW. I wish every weekend could be like that!

Have fun!

What A Strange Weekend That Was

I spent friday driving around stockholm again and chilling in my apartment with my brother and watching a few movies and playing some Playstation. A very relaxed and nerdy way to spend a friday but it was enjoyable nontheless. On saturday we went down to Nynäshamn to bowl with my sister and her kid and oddly enough on the very last series we all finished within 1 point of eachother, that’s how tight it was. Then it was off to a housewarming party at a friends place on the north-western side of stockholm, an area I’m pretty much never around. And it was a good party, not that wild and afaik nothing to be embarrassed over. (Update: apparently I had gotten a bit too physical at one point that got pretty embarrassing)
But something sure did happen and I don’t know what. I met _her_ again at the party but I pretty much knew nothing would happen this time around and it was probably all for the best but we did talk alot and I don’t know exactly about what but it must’ve been deep cause it got me depressed as hell the day after and I don’t know why?… that woman is no good for me basically. Anyway, trying to get home from that place was surprisingly easy even without a taxi but I ended up walking. 5 kilometers. At 3 am… that’s the state I was in that it seemed like a good idea at the time…

Then on sunday I crawled out of my bed at around 12-ish, walked all the way to the soffa and crashed there for 6 hours enjoying some crap movies and a pretty uneventful Formula 1 race and finished the weekend playing some WoW.

A very strange weekend for me indeed and I’m still very confused what really happened that got me depressed?…

Oh, ice cream!!

The Scoop

Ok, so here’s the story of our Silverstone Weekend ’05!

This year I turned 30. And when that’s happened to my sisters we’ve always done something special so we had to do something special this year too. And the one thing we all wanted to do was attend a Formula 1 Grand Prix. And since Amy lives in Scotland with her family and all it was decided that we were gonna attend the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Amy’s husband Paul also loved F1 so he wanted to go and so did my brother Joakim. 5 people all in all. We ordered the tickets around Christmas, no problem. The problem was accomodations! Naturally all hotels and everything in a 10 mile radius was overbooked! Fortunately for us we found a family living in Blakesley that rented out a few rooms for this special occasion and they had 3 rooms available. My parents paid for that part and said “that’s all your birthday presents for this year all taken care of at once”. Sweet deal for all. And this year hasn’t really been the greatest for our family so we were all looking forward to getting away and just have fun for a whole weekend. And it was good!

It all started on thursday when Jocke and AC came over to my apartment to spend the night. It was the easiest solution since we had to go up early to get to the airport. Unfortunately we didn’t get much sleep since we watched a few movies, sat around and talked and just hung out. I got 3 hours of sleep, AC less than that and Jocke didn’t get any. But we got up early and headed to the airport. Smallest airport I’ve ever seen (not counting the one in “Wings”). After checking in we sat outside and a crew from the swedish TV showed up wanting to interview people about how the bombing on thursday has affected them. They interviewed AC but since we left the country we never got to see if they showed it or not. Two hours later we touched down at Luton and was greated by Amy and Paul. The weather was EXACTLY as I expected. Cold, grey and drizzling. We decided to skip the London part and just do the shopping up in Northampton instead so we got ready to go on a bus for over an hour up there. That is if the bus had arrived but after 30 minutes and no bus me and Paul decided it was time for taxi. £65 later and we were in Northampton. I did my shopping (which consisted of a new memory card for my camera) and then we sat down at the local pub for some beer and food. The ladies continued shopping and we continued consuming beer. After that we went over to Towcester and … had some more beer and food but by now we started feeling the sleep deprivation. So taxi out to Blakesley and me and Jocke went to bed right away while the others went to the pub.

After about 11 hours of sleep we were good as new and ready to head out to the track! The arrangement was that Christine, the wife of the family we were staying at, would give us a ride to and from the track for some compensation. Said and done, but we still had to walk for a mile or so to the actual track. We got there during the saturday practice session so we caught a few glimpses of the cars. Then we walked for another mile to the Hangar Straight grandstands and took our seats to see the qualifying. By now the Porsche race was on but that was just foreplay! The Blue Eagles had an airshow with some helicopters and then it was time for the real qualifying. And even though they’ve tried to make it more interesting and audience friendly it was still a very predictable event. After that we made our way back to Copse to just sit around with beer, burgers and watching the GP2 race. Then it was back to Blakesley and that’s when one of the few bad things happened – when she was coming to pick us up she hit a parking post that did a good job of scratching her car. Not a big thing but it’s still gonna set them back a little bit which we all felt bad about. Not that it was our fault or anything. Then we hit the local pub in Blakesley and then back to Towcester for some food and stuff. Unfortunately the pubs there were so busy they couldn’t fix the food part so we got a few take-out pizzas and sat down at the pub with the beers and just talked the night away. Then back to the pub in Blakesley for the closing-up party that lasted ’till 2 am!

Then on sunday it was time for the main event! We still had to walk all the way over there and made it just in time to see the drivers going around the track waving to the audience. Then time for Red Arrows to do their thing (which they do very well!) and now it really started to feel like a special event! Unfortunately for us the race turned out to be a pretty dull race, not many overtakings, crashes or anything and the Ferrari’s came 6th and 7th, but none of it matter because it was the thought that counted!
After the race we picked up our stuff in Blakesley and went back to Northampton where it turned out to be really difficult finding a pub open past 11. One that isn’t a gay bar that is (I’m not juding!). And the ones we did find didn’t even know what Jägermeister was. So we got bored at 11.30 and took a taxi back to Luton airport. The planes lifted off at about 7am so you can imagine how bored we were at 3am! And then without getting any sleep me and Jocke boarded the plane going back to sweden while AC followed Amy and Paul up to Aberdeen. Landed at about 10am and buss into Stockolm and train back to my apartment and that should have been it. But no, I’m still suffering from the second bad thing this weekend – the sun burns! Noone expected it to be THAT much sun and I’m right now in a not-so-pretty pink state. But that’ll pass but the memories of one of the greatest weekends of my life will remain with me forever!

Thanks everyone for making it such a great weekend! Thanks mom and dad for paying for the accomodations and taking care of Amy and Paul’s kids over the weekend! Thanks to Amy for even finding accomodations and Paul for making it down there (was touch and go there with the fog) and AC for being the crazy girl she is and Jocke for taking all the crap I give him and the family that rented us the rooms and all the bartenders (even the one in Towcester ’cause she couldn’t add)!

So now I’ve got to go back to work. Doesn’t matter, I could’ve taken 5 weeks vacation and it still wouldn’t have meassured up to this weekend.

Someone Had Fun!

Back after a kick ass weekend at Silverstone! More info coming later…

Being Selfish

Will you excuse me while I become a self-centered SOB for a few seconds? The day before I’m flying over to London to enjoy a weekend with my sisters, my bro Jocke and my sisters hubby Paul culminating in the F1 race on sunday afternoon, this has to happen? Something set of a series of explosions in London. It’s too early to confirm anything ofcourse, but just the thought of “great timing” hits me right away. Followed ofcourse by “oh my god, how bad was it?” and eventually “hope they don’t close the city down”. We were planning on taking a little sidetrip into central London, but I guess we’re gonna stay clear of that now!

Someone heard me!

Some higher power must’ve heard me ’cause 8 hours after I wrote yesterday’s update I got the F1 tickets, the tooth is pulled, headache gone (thanks to 600mg Brufen) and I got $500 more in my last pay check than I thought I would. Now if through some miracle my body could bounce back from the shock of the tooth removal operation in just one day that’d be awesome, otherwise I’m looking at a very lame midsummer’s eve

Pulling teeth

Today I’m having my second wisdom tooth pulled. Or cracked is more like it. I’m hoping that will help atleast a little bit with the headaches! The worst part of it is that it’s gonna set me back some $200, just when I need it the most as I’m heading to Silverstone in 2 weeks. That is if we ever get the tickets. They’re supposed to be on the way but I’m sitting here expecting the worst. It also means I have to go on painkillers for a few days. I dunno why but I’ve never liked taking medication, atleast not for a long time. I don’t wanna get hooked on anything (’cause let’s face it, you do feel good after some heavy prescription Brufen) and pain is always the indicator something’s wrong and I can’t just take a pill and let it go away and think everything is fine.


Don’t you love a good biased blame-game? I’m ofcourse talking about the F1 race yesterday. A year ago two cars on Michelin tyres had accidents at high speeds in the F1 race at Indianapolis. And then in Belgium they also had some trouble and Jenson crashed out att 300+ KPH. And this year it’s been pretty obvious that Michelin tyres have been closer to the edge than Bridgestone and where told to watch it a few weeks ago. And this weekend started with two Michelin tyre failures and Michelin put out a press release saying they couldn’t guarantee the safety of the drivers running on their tyres if certain steps weren’t taken. Something I guess you have to do when you’re in the states and people suing each other left and right. And that’s where facts stops and the blaming game begins. Everyone is blaming everyone, but the most surprising statement was from Ove Andersson, a guy with decades of motorracing experience. He laid the blame at Ferrari’s feet since they opposed the idea of building a chicane to adapt the circuit to the failing tyres, something which really wasn’t up to them to decide in the first place. And it’s not really their fault Michelin didn’t have the right rubber or spares. So that’s why it surprised me. But oh, and he works for Toyota, the team that had two crashes so that explains it. Then the FIA is blaming Michelin for not supplying appropriate tyres. And Michelin is blaming FIA for not being flexible and allowing a change of tyres or building the chicane. And the racers just wanna race and the fans just wanna see a race. So in that sense it’s surprising to see the teambosses, FIA reps and all other people involved in this mega-million sport behaving like kids blaming each other and trying to out-do eachother resulting in all Michelin cars coming into the pits expecting the race to be stopped and the FIA to bend the rules in 11th hour. But nope. So I quote David Coulthard – “reality is mature adults couldn’t find a solution that would let us go racing”. Here, here…

Lazyboy Again

Boy am I having one of the laziest weekends ever! I even sat a new record for laziest maneuver ever today – as I was refilling my coca cola glass I dropped the cap. Instead of bending down to pick it up, I took the cap from an empty bottle right beside me. Just how lazy is that? And I’m writing this sitting out on my balcony, blazing sun, cold cola and a computer in my lap. Nice!

But I guess I better get a move on since I’m suppose to be at O’Learys in a few hours to watch the Indy F1 race. If there is gonna be a race that is.

So Not 20 Anymore!

I’m SO not 20 anymore! When my 30th birthday approached I was thinking about what kinda party I should throw, if any. The problem was that my main partying is gonna be at Silverstone in a month and that’s setting me back financially. So I didn’t wanna spring for a huge party like my house warming party, and we have already done that finnish cruise thing for my 25th. So this time I just told people “I’ll be at Dubliners (a pub one block away from work) from 6, swing by if you can”. And they sure did! I think we counted 16 overall, gaming-buddies, old school friends, former and current collegues and family. Overall a really good night out and nice way to spend my 30th birthday! But the main event is in a month 🙂 But when I woke up this morning I had the worst headache ever and considering the past 6 months have been full of headaches, that’s saying quite alot!