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Soon time for the next F1 season! Next sunday we go again in Australia. The thing that’s making it more exciting now is how poorly McLaren are doing in the test season and how the new, pretty independant, Brawn GP are kicking everyones asses across the paddock. Pretty cool stuff if that keeps up come race-time!

What’s not so cool is the new “rules” that the FIA hammered the other day! According to the new rules the driver with the most wins, regardless of points, wins the championship! So it’s quite possible Lewis Hamilton may take home the win even he just wins 6-7 races and don’t even race or get to the checkered flag in the rest! And it’s a good idea but not so good for us supporters of a team who has managed to field two championship contenders three years in a row now! If you’re a supporter of say McLaren or Renault, who have a great first driver but a second driver that fades away, then it’s great. ‘Cause then Hamilton won’t really ever be competing against Heikki in a serious fight for the win and if it were to happen, Heikki would move over for the teamssake. Just like Barrichello moved over for the teamssake back in Austria to let Schumacher take the win for the most points! That was done openly and according to the rules at that time and completely fair, and this new rule pretty much guarantees that someone will have to do that again, let their teammate pass to take the win cause it’s all about wins now!!

Only good thing about this idea that I can see is that we won’t see Schumacher/Hamilton like behavious in the last couple of races for the seasons where they are going around only scoring as many points as they really need and nothing more. Cause it wasn’t by accident Hamilton won by just one point last year. ironically though, with these rules Massa would’ve been champion…

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