Dentist are sadists!

That does it! Now I’m convinced. I’m a believer. Dentists ARE sadists! I’ve had many dentists in my years. More than most people go through in a lifetime. And they’ve all been horrible to me and my teeth. Unconsiderate to how it feels lying there helpless as they are drilling away! About a month ago I had everything in my mouth fixed up and I had my wisdom tooth pulled. The nurse that time was very considerate and helped a little bit, but the doc wasn’t. He pulled it straight out. After that I got a terrible toothache in a tooth right next to it. I thought it’d go away, but nope. So last week I called in to get an appointment. “My” dentists wasn’t there but I got to see another dentist instead but he was booked for a week. And today I got there. I told him “I’m experienceing pain in the tooth in front of the wisdom tooth the other guy pulled and it feels like a cavity”. So what does this guy do? First he knocks (yeah, he did actually knock!) around to see if all the teeth are in place, then he pulls up a water sprayer thingamajig and sprays the entire area with ice cold water! Didn’t the f*cker here me or what? I was so close to punching him! I mean if I go into a doctors office and say I’ve had a headache for 6 months they say “it’ll pass” (I wish that was a hypothetical!), they won’t knock you in the head will they? But go to a dentist and say you think you have a cavity and he’ll spray cold water on it! God damn that hurt, right to the bone and it’s still freezing 4 hours later! And what was his conclussion? “Well, you do have a cavity so I’ll set an appointment with your dentist to fix it, but she won’t get back from holiday for a month!”. And then he charged me $30 for saying something I already knew so I must’ve been paying for the pain. SUCKER! But apparently walking around with a cavity right down to the nerve for a month isn’t a problem for some people.

Still not getting it

And now the politicians in the US wanna go have a comittee and do a study on the real world effects of kids gaming too much thanks to all the recent “Grand Theft Auto” stuff. Even a grandmother who bought the 17+ game for her 14 year old grandson is suing them for false advertisement amongst other things! It really makes me sad to hear all this. If it’s not rock’n’roll, TV, movies, internet it’s games. It can’t possibly be the parents, or rather parent’s perception of things like this. I could go on and on about it, but I think this open letter to Hillary Clinton (who’s spearheading this) says it all much better than I could!

What do they know?

And when the top music execs in LA got to make their top 10 list, this is what you get. Out of all those, Alicia Keys is the only one I like. Beyonce was ok but getting a bit dull by now. And I’m sorry, I just can’t like someone that changes his name to “Andre 3000”, it’s just not cool… So I guess this leaves me stuck on VH1 looking at “top 100 of the 80’s”-lists. They did a “Top 100 Women” list and for once I was able to nail the top 10. I got the order a bit wrong (never would’ve thought they’d put Aretha Franklin as high as #2!) but Madonna being # 1 was abit too easy. Makes more sense than putting Robbie as # 1 on their “100 men” list! That still feels so wrong.

Violence = good, sex = bad

American double-standards are in full swing again! If you haven’t been following the story of Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas, here’s a recap : The game is a very violent game in which you kill people with guns or bats or whatever, steal cars and you’re a general bad guy. It’s sold like butter so far even though it had a “Mature (17+)” rating. Now a couple of programmers not related to the manufacturers at all released a little addon to the game that unlocks a part of the game that was previously hidden. It was in there but locked by the creators of the game. It was a little erotic mini game that takes place when the original game just shows the exterior of the house with moaning in the background. And when that got a bit of media attention all hell broke lose in america and thanks to political preassure they have to re-rate the game to Adults Only, and the creators of the game will complete take this part away to try to lower the rating.

Now here’s my thought : A game which goal is to kill people and do all kinds of illegal stuff is rated “mature”, but as soon as there’s a little change (by a third party) that involves sex, that’s when they start to protest and label it “adults only”? I would’ve thought it was the other way around! Can’t those americans get over their conservative “we don’t talk about sex even though everyone is doing it”-attitude? “Mature” is 17+, and isn’t that the perfect time to play these erotic mini-games rather than go around cyber-town waving double 9mm Barettas? I’m starting to think that the violent incidents like Columbine more had with sexual frustration than it had with the Matrix or Marilyn Manson! But ofcourse that’s me and I grew up playing Liesure Suit Larry that my parents didn’t really know it was 🙂

Beam scotty up!

A sad day for trekkers & sci-fi : Scotty has been beamed up. See you up there lad!


I let that update stay up a liiiitle bit longer than average because it was a good post 🙂

Let’s talk classes! It’s been pumped up as an issue by one of our politicians dissing a reporter for saying she was from a worker class and as it turns out she wasn’t. Now my question is… are we still doing that? Putting people into classes? And who’s to say who belongs where? I mean, is there a certain limit as to how much you can earn before you get bumped up a notch? In this title obsessed world where the guy (or woman) sweeping the floor is a “sanitation engineer” you can’t really go by titles? And what am I? I’d like to think I’m worker class. I’ve made my own money since I was 15, did my time flipping burgers and my friends at work are the janitors. Sorry, custodians. But I have an engineering degree, work at a lawfirm and make a decent living? I thought this entire class-thing was outdated but the socialist seem kinda strict about it…

The Scoop

Ok, so here’s the story of our Silverstone Weekend ’05!

This year I turned 30. And when that’s happened to my sisters we’ve always done something special so we had to do something special this year too. And the one thing we all wanted to do was attend a Formula 1 Grand Prix. And since Amy lives in Scotland with her family and all it was decided that we were gonna attend the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Amy’s husband Paul also loved F1 so he wanted to go and so did my brother Joakim. 5 people all in all. We ordered the tickets around Christmas, no problem. The problem was accomodations! Naturally all hotels and everything in a 10 mile radius was overbooked! Fortunately for us we found a family living in Blakesley that rented out a few rooms for this special occasion and they had 3 rooms available. My parents paid for that part and said “that’s all your birthday presents for this year all taken care of at once”. Sweet deal for all. And this year hasn’t really been the greatest for our family so we were all looking forward to getting away and just have fun for a whole weekend. And it was good!

It all started on thursday when Jocke and AC came over to my apartment to spend the night. It was the easiest solution since we had to go up early to get to the airport. Unfortunately we didn’t get much sleep since we watched a few movies, sat around and talked and just hung out. I got 3 hours of sleep, AC less than that and Jocke didn’t get any. But we got up early and headed to the airport. Smallest airport I’ve ever seen (not counting the one in “Wings”). After checking in we sat outside and a crew from the swedish TV showed up wanting to interview people about how the bombing on thursday has affected them. They interviewed AC but since we left the country we never got to see if they showed it or not. Two hours later we touched down at Luton and was greated by Amy and Paul. The weather was EXACTLY as I expected. Cold, grey and drizzling. We decided to skip the London part and just do the shopping up in Northampton instead so we got ready to go on a bus for over an hour up there. That is if the bus had arrived but after 30 minutes and no bus me and Paul decided it was time for taxi. £65 later and we were in Northampton. I did my shopping (which consisted of a new memory card for my camera) and then we sat down at the local pub for some beer and food. The ladies continued shopping and we continued consuming beer. After that we went over to Towcester and … had some more beer and food but by now we started feeling the sleep deprivation. So taxi out to Blakesley and me and Jocke went to bed right away while the others went to the pub.

After about 11 hours of sleep we were good as new and ready to head out to the track! The arrangement was that Christine, the wife of the family we were staying at, would give us a ride to and from the track for some compensation. Said and done, but we still had to walk for a mile or so to the actual track. We got there during the saturday practice session so we caught a few glimpses of the cars. Then we walked for another mile to the Hangar Straight grandstands and took our seats to see the qualifying. By now the Porsche race was on but that was just foreplay! The Blue Eagles had an airshow with some helicopters and then it was time for the real qualifying. And even though they’ve tried to make it more interesting and audience friendly it was still a very predictable event. After that we made our way back to Copse to just sit around with beer, burgers and watching the GP2 race. Then it was back to Blakesley and that’s when one of the few bad things happened – when she was coming to pick us up she hit a parking post that did a good job of scratching her car. Not a big thing but it’s still gonna set them back a little bit which we all felt bad about. Not that it was our fault or anything. Then we hit the local pub in Blakesley and then back to Towcester for some food and stuff. Unfortunately the pubs there were so busy they couldn’t fix the food part so we got a few take-out pizzas and sat down at the pub with the beers and just talked the night away. Then back to the pub in Blakesley for the closing-up party that lasted ’till 2 am!

Then on sunday it was time for the main event! We still had to walk all the way over there and made it just in time to see the drivers going around the track waving to the audience. Then time for Red Arrows to do their thing (which they do very well!) and now it really started to feel like a special event! Unfortunately for us the race turned out to be a pretty dull race, not many overtakings, crashes or anything and the Ferrari’s came 6th and 7th, but none of it matter because it was the thought that counted!
After the race we picked up our stuff in Blakesley and went back to Northampton where it turned out to be really difficult finding a pub open past 11. One that isn’t a gay bar that is (I’m not juding!). And the ones we did find didn’t even know what Jägermeister was. So we got bored at 11.30 and took a taxi back to Luton airport. The planes lifted off at about 7am so you can imagine how bored we were at 3am! And then without getting any sleep me and Jocke boarded the plane going back to sweden while AC followed Amy and Paul up to Aberdeen. Landed at about 10am and buss into Stockolm and train back to my apartment and that should have been it. But no, I’m still suffering from the second bad thing this weekend – the sun burns! Noone expected it to be THAT much sun and I’m right now in a not-so-pretty pink state. But that’ll pass but the memories of one of the greatest weekends of my life will remain with me forever!

Thanks everyone for making it such a great weekend! Thanks mom and dad for paying for the accomodations and taking care of Amy and Paul’s kids over the weekend! Thanks to Amy for even finding accomodations and Paul for making it down there (was touch and go there with the fog) and AC for being the crazy girl she is and Jocke for taking all the crap I give him and the family that rented us the rooms and all the bartenders (even the one in Towcester ’cause she couldn’t add)!

So now I’ve got to go back to work. Doesn’t matter, I could’ve taken 5 weeks vacation and it still wouldn’t have meassured up to this weekend.

Someone Had Fun!

Back after a kick ass weekend at Silverstone! More info coming later…

Being Selfish

Will you excuse me while I become a self-centered SOB for a few seconds? The day before I’m flying over to London to enjoy a weekend with my sisters, my bro Jocke and my sisters hubby Paul culminating in the F1 race on sunday afternoon, this has to happen? Something set of a series of explosions in London. It’s too early to confirm anything ofcourse, but just the thought of “great timing” hits me right away. Followed ofcourse by “oh my god, how bad was it?” and eventually “hope they don’t close the city down”. We were planning on taking a little sidetrip into central London, but I guess we’re gonna stay clear of that now!

Agreeing with Bush?

A very weird thing happened today. Read one of Bush’s speeches ahead of the G8 summit (and if you tuned in to the “Live 8” show you know all about it) and I actually agreed with him on one point. Something that hasn’t been adressed alot is all the corruption down there in Africa. That’s something that has to be dealt with too, ’cause if you send 1 million bucks how much will actually help the people? That was the great thing with “Live Aid” 20 years ago, they bought their own logistical equipment (even a boat!) to make sure all the help they sent went to the people. Everytime I’ve been to Africa (all 3 times) I’ve always heard about how terrible corruption is. First time, in Kenya, I didn’t believe it that much, thought it was just the tourguide exaggerating. Then in Nigeria I saw it everytime I wanted a cab. And in Congo I wouldn’t have gotten the medical treatment I needed if the assistant from the embassy hadn’t taken the bag of cash with her. And they also told me the story of all the people they had to bribe to get Anna Lindh the trip on the river that runs through Kinshasa that she spontaneously wanted to do. So without “taking care” of that I can understand why they don’t wanna send more aid.

Live 8?

I dunno why but I had no idea about “Live 8” that was coming up on saturday! I must’ve missed all press attention they never got here in sweden. But as I was flipping through the channels I came up on VH1 that had someone reporting from there saying “it’s a party down here, now back to our music”! It turns out I had to tune into our Channel 1 and survive with the INCREDIBLY annoying commentators ruining half the enjoyment!

As far as the concert(s) are concerned, they really did rock but it didn’t feel as .. big .. as the original 20 years ago. Maybe it’s my “when I was a kid”-mentality. Madonna rocked as always, “Pet Shop Boys” got thousands of russians singing “go west” and Will Smith getting Philadelphia singing the intro to Fresh Prince, funny stuff. But then I saw an interview with Blair being asked some tough questions by the MTV audience and wow, there are some really big and depressing problems out there to deal with! And having a concert like this isn’t really gonna change THAT much, is it?

So now I’m waiting for the DVD 🙂


As I was doing some shopping the other day I found the “Anastacia” DVD for a cheap 10 bucks. Why not, always thought her music was ok. Got home and put it on.. and ouch, that music in Dolby Digital on a bit too high volume, NICE! And the BOOMs in Boom made all my glasses in my kitchen move. 🙂 Now I’m left wondering what other music out there sounds this awesome in a digital mix…