It’s Been 10 Years!!

It’s been 10 years since me and my wife met. It’s been an unexpected ride that I’m incredibly happy I took a chance on!

Wind back the clock about 10 years and I was living very happily alone (but not lonely!) in my apartment in Visättra. My life was computer games (mostly WoW), movies, TV, F1 and my family in Nynäshamn. And the job at the lawfirm. Everything was great and I didn’t feel like I needed a girlfriend or live with some other person, I had way too many “special” habits to live with another person for long especially a girl. But I was still signed up to some dating sites and had the odd date or two. But then a mail dropped in through Parship from this chick who I just loved the way she wrote and expressed herself, she was funny, she was honest and open and the “straight to the point” kind of person I can really dig. So we set a date after work, hooked up and just walked around in Stockholm for a while, only stopping quickly to grab a coffee. Then I tried kissing her goodbye (DENIED!) and off she went. But I felt and knew this was something special so when I got home that night I ordered her flowers. Nice and romantic right? It was my way of saying “I don’t mind getting turned down for a kiss, I really dig you and I wanna meet again”. Little did I consider the fact that she works in “logistics”, which is a very male dominated area so when her male co-workers saw she got flowers the day after she’d been on a first date they jumped to conclusions! Anyway, a few days later she decided (without telling me!) to test how allergic I was to her cats by inviting me home to her place! Fortunately for me it wasn’t a big problem and after passing that test we went to see a terrible movie (“Jumper”) and made out a bit. And then we met a a few days a week but eventually I felt it was “do or die” and moved in with her after only 6 months. Yeah, I know, crazy but that’s how perfect this relationship felt. And 4 months after that we signed on for a house together. And 3 months after that we were pregnant. And the hits kept on coming!

It’s been a few lows here and there but as I see this has gone way better than I could have hoped for and I can just hope it keeps going that way because I’m having a blast!

Last weekend we had booked a room at the B&B at “Kastellet” at Vaxholm. That’s an old fortress on a very small island. It was used to fend off invaders in the archipelago but now it’s mostly a tourist site. But because of the extreme weather we had in Sweden last week there wasn’t anyone there during the weekend. At all! Not even the staff who had given us the code and put out the key for us for a room. So we had the entire place to ourselves! And it was absolutely amazing!!

So here’s hoping for another awesome 10,20, 30 or even 40 years!!


I’ve said this before but it can’t hurt a repeat – expectations are bad! There should be a class in high school called “lower your expectations” because in high school all you wanted was to be a grown up and look how that worked out. Another thing about managing expectations is very much related to the video above. Guys growing up expecting chicks to look like they do in the movies are so in for a disappointment, ’cause not even those chicks look like they do in the movies.

Upgraded Image Gallery

I’ve finally upgraded my image gallery and imported it into WordPress with a cool addon. Took me about 3 days of work to get it sorted and adding comments and stuff but it’s been fun going down that memory lane again.

Here are some of my favorite galleries:

As usual the password what the company I work at is know as in Sweden.

Father’s Day

This weekend it was time for Father’s Day. Since Sam is only 2 3/4 he has no clue what that means so it’s as usual up to us to fix things. Usually we don’t really make that big a deal, but this time my wife had decided that yes we were going to make a big deal. But on Saturday she made us dinner and set a very romantic mood but was very secretive about her plans for the evening. And at 7 pm we got into the car and drove off. I had no idea where but soon realised we were going to her mother’s place. Reason for that was to drop off Sam for the night so we could go out to the movies and basically have a date night. Yeah, that’s pretty ironic, her “father’s day” arrangement had Sam staying at his grandmother, how about that 🙂

After we’d dropped him off as we were driving to Kista we kinda looked at each other, remembering the last time we tried to go there to see a movie, and decided to just go home instead, stopping by Willys for some treats and then got comfortable in our home cinema and watched “Ted”. Then we went to bed and we woke up at 10 am! I have no idea how long ago it was that I woke up that late! I mean I may “get up” at 10 but not actually waking up! That’s exactly what the doctor ordered!

Then we were off to pick up him and do the grocery shopping for the week and resume our normal lifes as homeowner and doing the last bits of tweaking in the garden before calling off the season.


Me and H (which is what I write when I don’t wanna write her full name, but I’m talking about my wife Helena, just for future reference) have really been plowing through lots of movies in the past few days!!

So small short reviews: “Killer Elite”, too long and too many twists to be even bother thinking about. “Real Steel”, I didn’t know it was such a kids movie when we started to watch it but combining the robots and Hugh Jackman taking off his shirt all the time and it’s clear that I wasn’t the target audience here. “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”, I didn’t expect much since the last “Planet of the Apes” was so very sucky but this one was actually pretty good. Only thing to complain about was James Franco which just haven’t got much acting depth to him. “Darkest Hour 3D” – yeah we actually went out to the movies to watch a 3D movie and boy did we regret that! The movie was “meh…” at best and for once the 3D didn’t help, it was actually a downside since both our eyes were sore afterwards. So no more 3D for us I think.

But the biggest surprise was “What’s Your Number”… Yeah I know, of all those previously mentioned action and/or sci-fi movies the movie we’ve watched that I’d rate the highest was a chic flic!! But it was actually quite good, funny and warm and modern. The huge downside to having that theme to a movie (which basically is “how many have you slept with?”) is it makes for really uncomfortable talk afterwards! Cause imagine it, you’re on a date with a beautiful woman and you take the bullet and go see a romantic film and the first thing she says afterwards is “so how many have you slept with?”, woooops! But me and H actually didn’t fall into that trap. Maybe because we really don’t care about what we did before …

Small Step For Mankind, Giant Leap For Me

This weekend I’m taking what is probably the greatest risk I’ve ever taken in my life! I’m giving up my apartment and really moving in with my girlfriend!!

The biggest gamble I’ve done so far was when I signed up for the project at the state department and travelling around the world. But in that case, had it not worked out I’d told my boss I don’t wanna do it and everyone would have been hugely dissappointed but that’d be it. Now, if it doesn’t work out I’ve lost the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me and I’ll have no place to live!!

Ofcourse I am totally comfortable and sure that we won’t split up, but there’s only so much I can control. I can’t control that she won’t wake up one morning and realise what a boring person I can be sometimes and that she’s the one with the balls in this relationship, I don’t know.

Here’s hoping I’ll never find out!!

Getting Used To Being In A Relationship

Everyone who’s know me long enough knows that I can’t keep a relationship going for more than a few months. But this is quite something, I can’t seem to go wrong in this one! No matter what I’ve done so far, even those times when my mouth keeps talking and my brain yells “shut up!” she just smiles and says she loves me. So now I’m trying to get comfortable in this relationship cause it’s gonna be a while I hope! ‘Cause yesterday was weird. For the first time in ages I was home alone and it felt great, I could finally catch up on this and that, great!, then she texts me and asks if she can come over. Initial feeling was “so much for that evening of looking after number 1” but when she actually got there it was like there was no other place I’d rather be, no other thing I’d rather do than to lie there in my couch watching the Eurovision song contest qualifying holding her. And this morning was really sucky when I had to get up to work and here I am and the only thing I can think of is that I have the most amazing woman ever waiting at home for me!… I don’t wanna work…

I Was Only Kidding, I Love Those Teacups!

As most people understood yesterday’s little post was an internal joke, I really don’t mind those teacups even if I have no idea how to play teaparty, I must’ve missed that bit of my childhood. But it feels pretty good that we have now reached the point where it’s no longer “me and you”, it’s “us”! I like that.

Big Step!

Yesterday I took a very big step. I sold my WOW account! My paladin that I’ve worked so hard on for almost a year – gone! It felt right since I don’t have the time to play it as much as I should and I wanna do everything to make this relationship work so I just quit. Still have my old characters though but I can’t do the big and time consuming raids with any of them so I won’t be stuck in front of the computer a whole evening.
And just to be clear – this was an independant act, she didn’t ask me to do it or anything, it was all me!

So What’s Going On In The Big World

Is there anything big going on in the big world outside? I’ve been all focused and “snowed in” in this romance I got going here, it’s all good and going from great to better, and it feels like I’ve totally lost track of what’s going on in the world. Usually I’m on top of that 🙁

Anyway, right now we’re in the “getting to know each other’s friends and family” phase. And this weekend is the oh so important “meet my parents” which is bound to be a kick ass great thing, but I’m nervous since it’s so much at stake here ’cause I don’t know what kinda relationship we’d have if things don’t go too well? … time will tell… in the mean time I’m doing my best learning how to cook. Mastered peppar steaks, fish and tomorrow – time for pasta 🙂

Most Awesome Weekend Ever

Ok so that weekend was the most awesome weekend in a long, long time!

On friday me and my girlfriend (I love typing that) went out on a pretty good couple’s dinner with my best friend Mats and his chick to Texas Longhorn. Just wanted to see how well they mixed since that’s pretty important to me, and it worked out just fine. And great steaks!!
On Saturday it was all Star Trek all day long and ended with the latest Battlestar Galactica episode from the states. That’s alot of sci fi for anyone!
On sunday me and my girlfriend (still love typing that) went to O’Learys to watch the Formula 1 race with my sister and her oldest son. Wanted to see how they mixed as well. No problem what so ever. Good times! Then home to her place and just chill out for the rest of the day (after I installed a wireless router for her so I could slack in the couch!). And then I woke up in her arms today and it was just a beautiful day.

Kick ass!!!

Only bad thing all weekend was my brother who once again proved what a big slacker he really is. He’d promised to be there at O’Learys, both to my sister and to me less than 12 hours before we were suppose to meet, yet he felt it was more important to catch up on some sleep. Pretty damn disappointing.

This Is Not An April Fools Joke

Things are going well. I had one of my most uber “this is life as it should be!” moments on sunday as I was sitting in Hagaparken, Helena in my arms, sun in my face and the lingering chocolate taste, it was just all too good to be true. But it was true… I’m still positive somewhere, sometime when I least expect it someone will jump out and say “Smile! ‘Cause you’re on candid camera!”. But until then, I’ll play along 🙂

And last friday I managed to cook us a pretty damn good dinner, and waffles too… I’m starting to know my way around my kitchen that I’ve had for 9 years without using.

Things are going great 🙂

Awesome! Just Awesome!

I’ve spend 2 whole days with my girlfriend now which I was kinda nervous about. Not only because it was up to me to cook the dinner on thursday and then chose movies and restaurant for friday (oh the preassure) but because it’s a totally different thing from “just coming over to her place and enjoy the evening, fall asleep spooning and waking up and going to work” and actually spend an entire day together! But it worked out great. I was hoping for fireworks but had to settle for “great”, which is still… well, great! This is going so well 🙂

And an F1 race today that Ferrari would’ve owned had a certain driver not been so zealous… but still a good race 🙂 Soon off to spend the afternoon with my family over a nice lunch. Things are good 🙂


Yesterday I did a pretty good post here. Atleast for me. But… well, it’s all about respecting the fact that it’s not really only about me. I have no problem exposing myself and give details to my friends and family and everyone else who finds their way here. But that’s me. I’m different. Not everyone is like that. So it’s all about respecting that. Sorry 🙂

I Love Her!!


This Is Too Good …

Warning : Gonna be deep now!

Do you remember a movie called “American Beauty”? I loved it when I saw it but there was one part of it I didn’t get. The weird kid Ricky who filmed the bags. After this weekend I totally get that character. And here’s why!

On our second date we were gonna see a movie (her choice… Jumper!) and she was gonna fix dinner at her place before the movie. I get there and she’s the nice hostess and everything but I’m picking up signals saying “I so regret inviting you but I’m too nice to call it off and hoping you’re gonna get the hint soon!” but I’ve been wrong before so I’m going with it. Awesome dinner by the way! We go to the movie and after the movie it was so different signals and we walked and talked and ended up at Regeringshuset and at the water there we kinda got to it, physically. Then slow walk back to her car, talking and we agreed to go back to our respective beds and sleep on it. As if that was gonna happen, I couldn’t sleep at all. So at 2 am I checked my mail and there was .. probably the most amazing e-mail anyone have ever written to me. It was so good it hurt a bit. I had to get up and walk it off cause it hit me right in the gut. After getting the nerve to even try to reply to that we agreed she’d come over to my place on sunday for an inspection. Fortunately it was decently clean and I passed that inspection and after talking a bit, playing a bit PS3 we tried seeing a movie. We failed. And as I was lying there with this awesome woman, kissing her, holding her and looked into her eyes that’s when it hit me… the quote from Ricky in American Beauty.. “Sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world I feel like I can’t take it, like my heart’s going to cave in.” That’s pretty much how I felt at the time. Then we had to go back to her place to take care of her cats but it really didn’t matter where we were, as long as it was us two.

And breaking the speed record here.. I already have a toothbrush at her place now!

Weird Is Good

I guess I have to tell you how monday night went since so many people are wondering! But I’ll have to be nice since she, her family and her friends are watching me 🙂 And you know what? I’m totally fine with that cause I got those butterflies flying around… kinda makes me feel like a teenager again (good? bad? who knows!). We had set a time and place and I thought we’d sit down for a nice talk over warm coffee, but she wanted to go out walking. So we went out walking… and alot of it! Eventually wound up at my favorite cafe around the corner from where I work, then went out and walked some more. And ofcourse during all that walking we did alot of talking and giggling at stuff and people and… we just had a great time! That is until the train station when we were gonna say goodbye and I was faced with the always annoying question… do I hug her or go for the kiss? That’s usually a millisecond judgement call based on the moment. I’m not gonna tell you what I did, since it was the wrong choice. I don’t know why I always get it wrong, am I _that_ bad at reading women that I always end up hugging the ones that wants a kiss and kiss the ones that wanna settle for a hug? And why is it always up to the guys to decide that when we are always ready to go for the kiss?! Anyways, damage was mitigated (now there’s a word I never expected to use in a sentence) the day after when I sent her flowers with the note “Thank you for yesterday”. I thought that was a great idea, “never fails”. Except ofcourse if the woman in question is working with middleaged industrial workers who immediately assumed she had put out on the first date. That was funny as hell and she’s the cool chick that laughs that off!

So we’re seeing each other this Saturday again, dinner and a movie. Haven’t been on a movie-date since the first “Lord of the Rings” and the long time readers of this page will know how much I actually saw of that movie.

Things are going great, and they’re only getting better!

So how are things on your end? Personally I haven’t felt this good (mentally or physically) for a long long time! Except for my ear still ringing a bit I really have no problems at all! As a matter of fact… I got this weird mail from this woman on an internet site on tuesday and by the third mail we were getting very personal and now I just got off the phone with her after talking for about 90 minutes! Now everyone who knows me and knows what I’m like on the phone (short and to the point) gotta be amazed how I can keep a 90 minute conversation, but it wasn’t a problem. This is good! And we’re going out on monday 😉

Move Along, Nothing To See

I’ll admit I’ve been a self-righteous SOB in the past 2 weeks and realised that I’d actually downright lied right in the face to a woman the other day (which is so rare I actually have to point it out!) so I’m not too happy how this all turned out. So… closed. Moving on. Time to try to date someone my own age I guess 🙂

Also saw “Valley of Elah” the other day. Sorry but… boring 🙁 See Tommy Lee Jones that depressed for that long is … well depressing!

Company Beats Location

Yesterday I went out with a few former colleagues that I’d lost touch with over time. One of many conclusions of the evening was that in the right company it doesn’t really matter where you are. Cause we ended up at some very snobbish and posh place I’d never been to. But atleast they served beer. Kinda. They had 4 kinds. Then it was all drinks and whisky and stuff. And the crowd was just rediculous. But we found a comfy place to sit at and just started chatting away what’s beeing happening to everyone in the past years. Naturally the two guys I’ve not talked to in years had got married with children, good for them, but as always, a reminder to me 🙂
But it was really fun and a good break to the normal tuesday routine!