On friday me and Helena decided to have a small BBQ with our small grill. What we didn’t really think about was that our son Sam have on multiple occasions used that BBQ as a tool to stand up. And for a few seconds I took my eyes off him and watching 2 1/2 Men on the TV and when my eyes went back to him he was just reaching for it. I yelled at him and ran as fast as I could but it was too late. He got burnt! At first we didn’t think it was that bad but when the swelling really kicked in we knew we had to see a doctor. So in to the ER where they bandaged it up in a nice neat package and we got an appointment Tuesday morning to see the burn-specialist that’ll take a better look, but they weren’t the least bit worried about it, they said he’d be fine. Unfortunately until then he’ll have a stump at the end of the left arm, as he’d lost his hand in an accident. It looks worse than it is, or so they say.

So those few seconds were all it took. After spending the winter looking after him like a hawk so he wouldn’t get burn on our indoor fireplace only to relax for a few seconds.

And you’d think he might have learnt something? Not, on Saturday morning he was all over that BBQ again (which ofcourse wasn’t lit)!

The Life of a Parent

Sometimes being a parent sucks. Right now it’s trying to comfort our little boy who caught some bug at kindergarten and is now down with a cold. It’s so difficult when he’s to young to understand or to be reasoned with, trying to tell him he just has a cold and it’ll pass in a day or two, all he knows is he doesn’t feel good and he doesn’t like it.

But it’s kinda expected now that he’s in kindergarten. I got a little bit of a cold but not as bad as Helena that was totally out on monday. And ofcourse we didn’t help by exhausting ourselves on saturday..

The Life of a Homeowner

Been busy as always the past week – working and taking care of stuff at home. Now that it’s getting warm and sunny outside all of a sudden we have to take care of the house. And the big project this year is to fix a greenhouse for the love of my life. We’ve only done the prepwork for it and it’s already tiresome to even think about! We spent all saturday transporting stuff to or from our house, exhausting. Guess that’s the life of a homeowner 🙁

Kickass Weekend

Hope your Easter weekend was as good as mine!? Playing alot of computer games as always, but I also went out to my parents place to enjoy my mothers awesome cooking and a good old round of Trivial Pursuit (that I won, but granted, my father wasn’t playing) and it also happened to be a Formula 1 weekend but that race could’ve been alot better. Then off to a friend to try to fix her computer problems and just lame about. All in all an awesome weekend!

I also saw “300”. I had no idea about that movie until someone showed me a trailer a few weeks ago and the first thing I said was “that has to be seen on the big screen!” and on Friday I actually went to the cinema again to see it. Back in my teens I was a big fan of Greek mythology and stuff like that, and although this battle doesn’t really qualify as mythology I still remember reading about it. The movie was overall great, and I was right – it had to be seen in the cinema. As always with movies like this they get a few of the things wrong or left out (like the second part of the oracle’s prophecy) but overall a good movie. But one thing that really, really annoyed me all throughout the movie was all the muscles, pex and six-packs wherever you looked. Right away it annoyed me and it kept on annoying me. But I’m still gonna buy the DVD because it was still a great flick.

Ooops, I Kinda Forgot

Ok I’m now the officially worst blogger since I haven’t written anything here in over 2 months now!

But after I’ve gotten back to work it’s all beeen pretty hectic in my life actually, both at home and at work. But I’m gonna have to chance that and make this a daily thing to get on here and make an update or two.

So what’s happening at work right now? Well I’m in the middle of upgrading our Adobe Connect from 7.5 to 8 which is not happening so looking at a fresh install instead, and that means having to do battle with SSLs again. And then we have SharePoint 2010 migration and on top of that we’re rolling out Windows 7 with new office and document management which is huge here.

At home my wonderful fiancé Helena is taking care of Sam and he’s just now begun kindergarten and so far it seems to be ok. Hopefully it’s not only because Helena is still there with him but we’ll see tomorrow when he has to deal with 5 hours there without her. Other than that it’s same old same old – trying to spend time with the love of my life while trying to get time to play some computer games, watching the latest episodes of House/Chuck/Big Bang Theory/SG:U and then there’s F1.

I am anything but bored 🙂