I Don’t Feel Any Different

Sorry to say but I don’t feel any different today than I did when I woke up on saturday! And I’m pretty sure Helene agrees. Although she was shocked that I actually asked her it’s still a bit of “was that all?” feeling. Hopefully it’ll change when we get our rings, should be friday.

And as always I won’t be doing an update tomorrow for the same reason as last year, and the year before that. But we do have a really good april fools joke planned for NataliePortman.com πŸ™‚

Things Are Going … Slowly…

The sales rep at the company contracted to build our house is trying to rush things so we can move in in early august. Unfortunately some stuff are slowing it down. I hate old mail system, takes 2 days just to send a letter… but if everything goes ok we’re in for a rushed ride.

We’re about to go up to check the building lot again and the surroundings. And if everything goes according to plan, there should be an interesting update here later today …

Update: Yeap, it did. Now we’re engaged πŸ™‚

We’re Actually Doing This

Now we got the papers sorted. Not signed but they are right here. Just for the lot to build on we’re paying 850.000 swedish crowns. That’s more than I have ever paid for anything in my entire life. Not to mention the 2 million that comes afterwards for the house and everything in it!!

But I hope it’ll be awesome! Once we get the practical details (like “where the f*ck are we gonna get the 10% deposit for the building lot?!”) and we got the house, then everything will be worth it. But the road will be long and bumpy and I will have second thoughts a gazillion times…

Thankfully my Helena is a rock πŸ™‚

End of Battlestar Galactica

And so on saturday I sat down among fellow sci-fi geeks to enjoy a good send-off party the Battlestar Galactica. I hate watching the last episode of a series I enjoy but in this case I was completely ok with it!
I loved the show from the very first scene (cause I did particularly like 6 and the odd CGI space sequences) and it had some ups and downs and alot of “yeah, as if that could happen!” plots, and it did get a bit nutsy sometimes but I always liked watching it and watching how the characters grew and what they go through. Because the show wasn’t about bad robots, the science, the space battles, the CGI, it was about the characters. And I was totally ok how they left things for the characters. I was fine with not knowing really what she was and why she wasn’t dead, and with her dying and with everything. Considering most of the show was extremely dark it was a very bright ending. And the song “all along the watchtower” now has a special place in my heart πŸ™‚

Nicely done Ron!

I Guess They Heard Us :)

Looks like that decision about changing the F1 scoring system is gonna be pushed a year, if it ever does make it. So for once I guess they heard us cause not many people thought it was a good idea… one week now πŸ™‚

So Many Options… I Hate It

Quite often you’ll hear me saying that “variety is the spice of life”, cause I do really like to have the option of doing things one way or the other. But since I met Helena, one thing has become clear – I excel at coming up with different options and ways to do something, but I suck at deciding which is best! Just a simple thing like driving from my parents home to Barkarby, there’s atleast 7 different ways to do it and I can’t decide which is the best! It’s getting pretty frustrating.

And now this entire house thing. I’ve drawn up 100 different ways we can do but can’t decide which is the best. When it affected me, no problem, I’ll go this way and suffer the consequences. But now that it also affects Helena I’m struggling. Which is really unattractive. But right now we’ve narrowed it down to 3 different options and a “due date” on April 1st on which way to go. Unfortunately, one way to go may be “keep on looking”…

Formula 1!

Soon time for the next F1 season! Next sunday we go again in Australia. The thing that’s making it more exciting now is how poorly McLaren are doing in the test season and how the new, pretty independant, Brawn GP are kicking everyones asses across the paddock. Pretty cool stuff if that keeps up come race-time!

What’s not so cool is the new “rules” that the FIA hammered the other day! According to the new rules the driver with the most wins, regardless of points, wins the championship! So it’s quite possible Lewis Hamilton may take home the win even he just wins 6-7 races and don’t even race or get to the checkered flag in the rest! And it’s a good idea but not so good for us supporters of a team who has managed to field two championship contenders three years in a row now! If you’re a supporter of say McLaren or Renault, who have a great first driver but a second driver that fades away, then it’s great. ‘Cause then Hamilton won’t really ever be competing against Heikki in a serious fight for the win and if it were to happen, Heikki would move over for the teamssake. Just like Barrichello moved over for the teamssake back in Austria to let Schumacher take the win for the most points! That was done openly and according to the rules at that time and completely fair, and this new rule pretty much guarantees that someone will have to do that again, let their teammate pass to take the win cause it’s all about wins now!!

Only good thing about this idea that I can see is that we won’t see Schumacher/Hamilton like behavious in the last couple of races for the seasons where they are going around only scoring as many points as they really need and nothing more. Cause it wasn’t by accident Hamilton won by just one point last year. ironically though, with these rules Massa would’ve been champion…

Lost The First Bidding For The First House We Really Wanted

We thought we were ready for bidding on a house but apparently we weren’t. An arrogant real estate agent, some things we knew were wrong with the house but thought “ok, for this price we can fix it” and when the price went above 2.25 million we called it off. We really wanted that house cause it was as perfect as a house can get for us!

But the real estate agent was really sucky, ignored our questions, was promised private showing but that never happened and can’t shake the feeling that we were bidding against something fictional.

Anyway, the search goes on… but we swedes really need to take after the customer care I receive everytime I deal with asians or even americans!

Can It Be? Am I Growing Up?

So now I know different foundations to houses. I know about isolation, mortgages, wall-building, roofs, leaks, heating your house and all those other completely irrelevant small things that I one year ago didn’t give a crap about!

One year ago I was living completely happy in my 2 room apartment in VisΓ€ttra, without a thought in my head about moving anywhere. I’d lived there for 9 years, 9 good years and didn’t see any real reason to move, it’s just a huge hassle. I couldn’t care less about concrete foundations or not.

And here I am. After just one year, one awesome year, I have moved to the complete opposite side of the city, gotten pretty comfortable but now we’re bidding 2.2 million swedish crowns on a house. I have no idea how to maintain a house, all the stuff you need to do with regular intervalls. I’m counting on losing ALOT! of sleep over mortgage rates and leaky roof than I ever did about things I used to lose sleep over…

Damn… I think I just may be growing up now…


Happy Birthday To Us!

If you’ve done your math you might now what today is?…

No? Well no surprise really. But it is one year ago today that me and the love of my life, Helena, met for the first time on a weird walkathon date in Stockholm, the date that ended with me making the wrong “kiss or hug?”-choice. But even with that little hick-up we ended up falling in love, and me moving in with her and now even looking at buying a house! Things are awesome between us!! One hickup or two but pretty much awesome!

I just love her! I love how she can talk in that cute little girlish way, how can be so adult and cold with the banking people, how she drives like a maniac, how she laughs at people messing up, love making love with her and love how she makes me feel! It’s awesome!!!

To celebrate it we’re going out to our favorite restaurant tonight and this weekend we’re going away to some mansion and staying the night without a care in the world!!

Life is good!!