Cats and dogs living together!? It’ll be anarchy!!

$10 if you know where that quote comes from 🙂

I don’t like a little bit of chaos. I get too worked up and think too much and it’s just wrong. Like if the train is 10 minutes late I’ll get worried about making it into to work and that thing I had to do first thing in the morning. But fortunately, when the shit really hits the fan I have a really good ability to just lay back and enjoy the chaos and anarchy. And today was one of those times! I got to the trainstation at my usual time, 7:15. And it was a madhouse, no trains going nowhere. So I go to the taxi stop right next to it and there are like hundred people waiting for taxis there, everyone worried about their little thing. So I get into my car instead and start driving and it’s total chaos on the roads too. Tunnels closed, alot of construction works, accidents, really everything shitty happened this morning. And there I was, sitting in the middle of it all and all I could think about was.. “I forgot to shave this morning”…

>Some people may remember I made a promise a few months ago to try to get my overweight ass down to 95 kilos from “whatever it is now” before end of my vacation. It turned out “whatever it was” was 107, so that was 12 kilos. I started mid-june and now my vacation is over with and… I just missed it… 95.5 this morning. But I’m pretty happy with that, especially considering I almost hit 120 on July 1st 2006. It’s not like I’m obsessed with it or it’s a huge problem for me but it felt pretty good. Gonna try 90 for next summer.

So how did I do it? Any special diet plan or technique, any atkins or something? … nope, plain physics. One of the most basic rules in physics is energy that can’t be created or destroyed, only converted from one form or another. So basically, if I eat 1.000 kalories in a day and don’t convert that somehow I’ll go up. So I just tipped it over – big time. Ate way too little and excercised way too much. Not the most healthy way I guess but the only way I can do it since I can’t change my life to start eating healthy food and stuff and make excercise a daily thing, it just won’t work. So I’ll just be content condensing it and doing it for a few weeks at a time.

But today… pizza hut buffet !!

It’s All Comming Back To Me Now

It took a friend reminding me of a topic of conversation on saturday night to realise what it was that had that affect on me that I couldn’t explain. It seems we got to talking about computer gaming, one of the few things here in life where I rule, and _she_ (you all know her by now) expressed some opinions that … well, let’s just say that had a guy said it may have gotten physical. I dunno if I am way, way too analynical about stuff, but I can spend hours wondering about one little conversation, the phrasing or even one word. But yesterday as I was going over what was said and done on saturday evening… I think I don’t like her at all anymore. Which is cool considering that for the past few months I haven’t known what to feel..

Oh, pizza!!

What A Strange Weekend That Was

I spent friday driving around stockholm again and chilling in my apartment with my brother and watching a few movies and playing some Playstation. A very relaxed and nerdy way to spend a friday but it was enjoyable nontheless. On saturday we went down to Nynäshamn to bowl with my sister and her kid and oddly enough on the very last series we all finished within 1 point of eachother, that’s how tight it was. Then it was off to a housewarming party at a friends place on the north-western side of stockholm, an area I’m pretty much never around. And it was a good party, not that wild and afaik nothing to be embarrassed over. (Update: apparently I had gotten a bit too physical at one point that got pretty embarrassing)
But something sure did happen and I don’t know what. I met _her_ again at the party but I pretty much knew nothing would happen this time around and it was probably all for the best but we did talk alot and I don’t know exactly about what but it must’ve been deep cause it got me depressed as hell the day after and I don’t know why?… that woman is no good for me basically. Anyway, trying to get home from that place was surprisingly easy even without a taxi but I ended up walking. 5 kilometers. At 3 am… that’s the state I was in that it seemed like a good idea at the time…

Then on sunday I crawled out of my bed at around 12-ish, walked all the way to the soffa and crashed there for 6 hours enjoying some crap movies and a pretty uneventful Formula 1 race and finished the weekend playing some WoW.

A very strange weekend for me indeed and I’m still very confused what really happened that got me depressed?…

Oh, ice cream!!

I Saw The Sign

As if that “you’re losing your hair!” comment wasn’t enough to make me feel old I got one more sign that you’re getting old – “when you get the lyrics to the ‘Cheers’ theme”.

Boldly Going Baldl

One of the few things I like about kids is that they lack this filter that grownup have that makes us unable to just say the cold simple truth about things. And this week one of my nieces showed that by spontaneously stating “you’re losing your hair!”. That was a funny moment 🙂

I’ve known that fact for the past year or so that it’s gettig a bit barren up there but thought that I was exaggerating a bit but when she laid it out like I guess I’m not! And it’s with mixed feelings really. The positives is ofc that I won’t have anymore bad hair days, I won’t have to get that many haircuts, I’ll save money on hair products, I’ll cut off another 3-4 minutes in my morning routine to sleep a little bit longer and I hope to do it Patrick Stewart / Bruce Willis / Michael Chiklis style. And the only one negative thing I can come up with is… it’s another reason for chicks to pick the other guy than me. And I’m sorry for sounding so shallow but that’s the single’s life for you…

Ode To Platonic Friendship

About 10 years ago I met this woman when we were going to see the latest Star Trek movie “First Contact”. She was all kinds of weird and interesting but also married with children so being friends would have to do. Little did I know that 10 years later we’d still be very close friends having supported each other through very rough times and I’ve talked to her about things I haven’t talked to anyone else about. And last weekend she again proved what a great friend she is! She knows I’m a huge Battlestar Galactica fan and she somehow managed to get a hold of the Playboy issue featuring Tricia Helfer! Now how many women would do that for a guy!?