Reconnecting With Old Friends

Back in 2000-2001 I had a friend called Markus. We lived a few kilometer from each other, we both liked “Star Trek”, movies, computer games and the occasional beer (or in his case, bottle of wine). I liked him. But after Eden died and after Markus got married and I did my world tour we kinda lost touch for a long time and what little I heard from him was from my sister who ran into him now and again.

But now we decided that it had definitely been too long so me and my fiance went over to their house for a BBQ, some beers and alot of conversation. And it was good! It was awesome actually. Marcus and his wife now had 2 kids (she was pregnant with the first one last time I saw her!) and he had done so many home improvement I couldn’t believe it was the same Markus! And we had a great time just talking and discussing things about life and stuff. It was great reconnecting and we’re definitely gonna do it more often 🙂

Some New Photos

I’ve added some new pictures in my 2009 album here, although you should log in as “guest” to see them all.

Most importantly I have some pictures from the baptism me and Helena went to a week or so ago. It was for her brothers newborn, Emilia. As always it was a great day and I had a blast! And so did Helena once she got over the anxiety of “what does a godmother do!?”

Then there are some new pictures in our album for our new house. (you really should bookmark cause I’ve grow tired of mentioning every update to it)

It’s The Small Things… That Drive Me Insane!

Yesterday I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep when all of a sudden I realise… no matter how I do it, I will not be able to watch cable TV on my projector the way we have it planned now! And no matter how I replanned it, unless I dished out some $300 for another receiver and payed $10 per month extra for the card, there really is no way to solve that situation! And it drove me insane! Seriously, I couldn’t solved it! I had the chance to design my cables in that room the way I wanted it but there’s no way of getting the cable TV in there. Sure I can get the TV but no sound, unless I have extra cables along the wall that will look like crap!… so I guess we’re gonna have to pay that extra money so I can sleep again… until I realise the next problem, whatever that may be.

>Went by our new home yesterday to see if there was any progress with the house. And to our surprise there was! The foundation is now in place!! Very surprising how fast that happened actually! We’ve gone from “should we do it” to having a foundation set in stone for us in less than 8 weeks. It’s a bit scary cause thinking back about 14 months (february 2008) I was living in my little rented 2 room apartment and totally happy with that and didn’t see any need to change. Now we’re building a house!!

Check out the photo gallery here (or on facebook!)

Also added photos and some captions to the photos from Söderköping. Again I remind you to login as “guest” and password is the company I work for.

Lack of Anything To Say Really

Don’t have much to say here really.
Our house project is moving along nicely. Should be ready to move in around july 15th if all goes well.

Me and Helena are going about our daily lives hoping that the rest of our lives are as good as the past year have been. ‘Cause it has been freaking awesome!

F1 is going down the drain for Ferrari and now it seems like they may not be with the sport for 2010, great fun that’ll be!

Other than that… moving along, nothing to see…

Quick little update

This’ll be a quick little update before I head out the door to join my friends and watch the pilot of “Caprica”.

Me and Helena went down to Söderköping again. The ice-cream place had just opened and it was a swedish holiday (valborg) so we figured “what tha heck” and rented a cheap room at a nice hotel so we could stay for two days and have even more ice-cream and maybe see more of this calm, old little town. It was abso-freaking-awesome! 🙂
You can find pictures here and as usual, log in as “guest” to see all pictures.

And today I went out to check up how the work on the house was going. Or maybe I should say the foundation cause that’s what they are working on now. Pictures are here. You might wanna make that into a Favorite since I’ll be updating it alot over the next two months! 🙂

And the summer is finally coming to stockholm so it’s even better going out for a ride today!

Have fun! I will!