Kick Ass Weekend?

Got everything I need for a kick ass weekend now! It’s friday and the 25th which means pay-day in sweden!

Gonna start tonight with fixing some tacos and TLCing my fiance, see two chick-flix then off to bed (wink wink). Then tomorrow we’re off to visit some friends of Helena’s who just had a baby a few weeks ago so we’re bound to get some tips and tricks there. Then we’re going to my parents for a nice Saturday dinner with the family and the extremely predictable reactions to the ultrasound scans. Then on Sunday gonna do some house cleaning, mow the lawn and then enjoy a nice Formula 1 race from Singapore while enjoying a cold one. Don’t pump up my expectations but this weekend is gonna rock 🙂

Let’s Make It Official

I think I set some kind of speedrecord! In less than 18 months I went from being hopelessly single to being engaged, having built a house and now expecting a son in late february!!

That’s right – we’re pregnant 🙂

Last august or something we had the “kids or no kids” discussion, with me being pro and she being against. She wasn’t against having a child, she was just very, very much agsinst actually giving birth! But we both kind agreed that “if it happens it’ll happen” but we were both pretty much in agreement that if it didn’t happen we wouldn’t really lose any sleep over it.

But after about 5 or so months without protection we both were silently realising that it wasn’t gonna happen and we were fine with that. We know plenty of couples that have trouble getting pregnant or staying pregnant so we just assumed we weren’t compatible, I had bad swimmers or something. But we never talked about doing anything about it like see a doctor or something.
Then one day, just a few days after they started putting our house together I realised she wasn’t acting like she should “this time of the month” and joked she might be pregnant. One visit to the bathroom later and yeap, we were pregnant!
We had absolutely no idea what to do. We called our respective families and everything like that. That was in June. We did the ultrasound last Friday and everything is totally ok as far as anyone can tell!! So we’re making it official…

I’m gonna be a dad!!… JIKES!!!!!

Still Alive

Yeah, I’m still alive and I just realised how long it’s been since I wrote things here. But that’s how busy I’ve been. Or we’ve been! For the past weeks we’ve been going to Ikea every other day and hardware stores and all that crap to get the house in order and we are slowly getting there. But every time we say “Done!” something else pop ups. And we spend weekends visiting friends or family. Add to that a busy schedule at work and you realise why I’ve been slacking here.

Anyway, the house is almost “Done!” as is “could pass as a normal house where people live” rather than the mess it’s been in the past few weeks. Really gotta give it up to Helena that’s keeping things tidy around chaotic little me 🙂

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