We used to have two cars in our household which is really practical but not really financially sound and since the oldest one wasn’t gonna go through the yearly car inspection we decided to try to sell it. On Saturday we put in an ad in Blocket asking a modest 1.000 SEK, which is really nothing for a car that can still do 130 kph without breaking a sweat. Sure there was some things to do but we thought for a mechanic that either had parts or knew where to get them they’d buy it, fix it up and sell it for ten times that.

As it turns out it really wasn’t that simple! We had around 8 people calling about the car, 5 of which said “I’ll come by to have a look at it” and 1 “if you can drive it to me I’ll buy it without having seen it”. Only two people actually came to look at it. It’s so frustrating people saying they wanna buy it and they’re coming around ’cause we’re nice honest people and tried to hold it for the first callers that said they’d show up and never did. So after that it was first come first serve.

Eventually we got it sold however but not even that without a huge problem! Since it was Helena’s car I kinda made it her business to handle it which I now regret. Because when she finally did sell it (while I was at work) she did it without getting the proper paperwork done! She’s the nice honest and somewhat naive person that trusted the buyers that they would sign and send in the proper paperwork. Now I’m different in these kind of things. I assume the counterpart is hellbent on screwing me, and not in the nice way. I assume they have ulterior motives. So what I’m seeing here is that because the paperwork isn’t in order, all parking tickets and stuff like that will be on Helena since she is still legally the owner of that car. And she can’t counter by reporting it stolen since they have paperwork that she signed it over to them!! And the fact that their cellphone number was a cash-card, i.e no registered owner, doesn’t make me feel better.

Of course I’m hoping for the best and I don’t think it will be that bad. But .. why’s it gotta be so complicated??
And not to be too racist here but guess how many of the people that called where swedes (and you know what I mean without having to define it!)? Only 1. And unfortunately it wasn’t the one that bought the car.

All we wanted was to get rid of the car and get something for it.

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