Before 2008 I always considered cellphones as a “nice thing to have” and mostly used for texting. Then I bought a HTC Cruise, mostly for the GPS feature. I still have it in the car for that one purpose but that’s when I was introduced to how techie they can be cause it had a very primitive and slow browser and RSS reader so I could read news and stuff on my way to work.

Then in 2009 I went over to the light side and got an iPhone 3GS and since then I’ve used it alot – Facebooking, surfing, still reading RSS, doing some bank stuff and also audioplayer with Spotify.

Now it’s time for the next step. But which one to buy? It’s very much like updating your computer ’cause you know that next month there’s one better. I’ve got my sight set on the new Samsung Galaxy SII but they seem to be out of stock everywhere and before they get new ones in it’s time for HTC’s new Sensation. Not sure how it’ll end but either way, it’s gonna be my own present to myself!

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