As I’m slowly rebuilding the blogposts I’ve come across alot of my old Bush-bashing posts of 2003-2004. And I guess it wouldn’t be right of me to not write something about them offing Bin Laden.

Obama says that it was justified and he had it coming and anyone who doesn’t agree should have their head examined. That’s a helluva diss of most of the western world who, for over a century, have abolished death penalty and never consider it legal to execute anyone. Let alone someone who’s not a citizen of that country. But US of A have no problems justifying killing a citizen of another country without trial or due process. Or are they playing the “self defense”-game? There’s a reason why we have that tribunal in Hague! And having the entire might of the american army and intelligence service and it still took them 10 years to track down one guy, and they are celebrating it?? It’s a matter of taste (or maybe national pride) if you think it’s ok to celebrate the death of a person but noone can call that manhunt a success by any means. Cause if you ever worked in the private sector you’d know that just wouldn’t work.

Having said that… does someone have cookies? Anyone?

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