I had an awesome weekend! We didn’t have any major plans, we only had some neighbours coming by on Sunday afternoon but other than that it was all me and H and Sam! And Formula 1! And movies. It was great, and we had planned to BBQ on Sunday evening to close it on a high note!

Unfortunately on Sunday at around 6 I started feeling a bit queasy. So no BBQing and I went to bed at 8 pm hoping to get some sleep. But at around 10 my body decided that we weren’t gonna have any of that and I ended up crawling on the bathroom floor after having everything I’d ever eaten that weekend shoot out of my body like a bat out of hell. The first time was pretty bad but the second and third one just got worse and worse and before the night was over I’d visited the toilet atleast 6 times and it really wasn’t pretty. It got so bad I lied in bed shaking like if I had Parkinsons! And man was I delirious! Through all of this though was my Helena comforting me and holding me, making sure I had something to drink all the time and painkillers.

Today I’ve only had to pay two visits to the bathroom but right now I’m starting to feel ok again. And that’s probably because the nicest neighbour in the world brought over some coca cola! That’ll settle any bad stomach!

I’m just happy it was me and not Sam or Helena!

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