This weekend was a pretty good weekend for me. Not very unique in any way which can only mean one thing… that my life is pretty good right now!

We had guests over on saturday, a couple who are friends with Helena and by default me too. I like ’em, they’re pretty funny and share alot of our opinions about what it’s like to “moving along, living your life having a blast and BAM! you’re pregnant and your life changes drastically to become about this one little thing all day every day”. We had dinner, talked alot, tried to get the kids to bed (their
daughter is almost a year old so sam has 4 months on her) and then we woke them up by watching “Battle: Los Angeles”. I don’t know what to make about that movie… it was the least original film I’ve ever seen I think. It was kinda like the people who wrote it and produced it had played too much Modern Warfare and Crysis 2 (although Crysis 2 wasn’t even released when the movie was made, but still). Or if you’d prefer movie-analogy – mix Independance Day, Blackhawk Down and season 2 of
Stargate Universe and you have the entire movie right there.

Then on sunday we had a looooong breakfast on our lawn, just soaking in the sun and the good feeling of life at that moment! Then in the car for an hour to drive out to my parents to celebrate my dad’s birthday and we combined that with mothers day. I also helped dad along on the greenhouse they’re building which is identical to the one we’ve built for us and we helped our neighbours with. So I had a bit of advantage there 🙂 Also got to enjoy my mothers cooking one more time!

Then an hour home, get Sam to sleep and then it was time to watch the F1 race. Although Vettel won again it sure was good to see a Ferrari in the front for a while!!

Yeap, got nothing to complain about here!

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