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Let’s talk classes! It’s been pumped up as an issue by one of our politicians dissing a reporter for saying she was from a worker class and as it turns out she wasn’t. Now my question is… are we still doing that? Putting people into classes? And who’s to say who belongs where? I mean, is there a certain limit as to how much you can earn before you get bumped up a notch? In this title obsessed world where the guy (or woman) sweeping the floor is a “sanitation engineer” you can’t really go by titles? And what am I? I’d like to think I’m worker class. I’ve made my own money since I was 15, did my time flipping burgers and my friends at work are the janitors. Sorry, custodians. But I have an engineering degree, work at a lawfirm and make a decent living? I thought this entire class-thing was outdated but the socialist seem kinda strict about it…

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