Violence = good, sex = bad

American double-standards are in full swing again! If you haven’t been following the story of Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas, here’s a recap : The game is a very violent game in which you kill people with guns or bats or whatever, steal cars and you’re a general bad guy. It’s sold like butter so far even though it had a “Mature (17+)” rating. Now a couple of programmers not related to the manufacturers at all released a little addon to the game that unlocks a part of the game that was previously hidden. It was in there but locked by the creators of the game. It was a little erotic mini game that takes place when the original game just shows the exterior of the house with moaning in the background. And when that got a bit of media attention all hell broke lose in america and thanks to political preassure they have to re-rate the game to Adults Only, and the creators of the game will complete take this part away to try to lower the rating.

Now here’s my thought : A game which goal is to kill people and do all kinds of illegal stuff is rated “mature”, but as soon as there’s a little change (by a third party) that involves sex, that’s when they start to protest and label it “adults only”? I would’ve thought it was the other way around! Can’t those americans get over their conservative “we don’t talk about sex even though everyone is doing it”-attitude? “Mature” is 17+, and isn’t that the perfect time to play these erotic mini-games rather than go around cyber-town waving double 9mm Barettas? I’m starting to think that the violent incidents like Columbine more had with sexual frustration than it had with the Matrix or Marilyn Manson! But ofcourse that’s me and I grew up playing Liesure Suit Larry that my parents didn’t really know it was 🙂

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