Live 8?

I dunno why but I had no idea about “Live 8” that was coming up on saturday! I must’ve missed all press attention they never got here in sweden. But as I was flipping through the channels I came up on VH1 that had someone reporting from there saying “it’s a party down here, now back to our music”! It turns out I had to tune into our Channel 1 and survive with the INCREDIBLY annoying commentators ruining half the enjoyment!

As far as the concert(s) are concerned, they really did rock but it didn’t feel as .. big .. as the original 20 years ago. Maybe it’s my “when I was a kid”-mentality. Madonna rocked as always, “Pet Shop Boys” got thousands of russians singing “go west” and Will Smith getting Philadelphia singing the intro to Fresh Prince, funny stuff. But then I saw an interview with Blair being asked some tough questions by the MTV audience and wow, there are some really big and depressing problems out there to deal with! And having a concert like this isn’t really gonna change THAT much, is it?

So now I’m waiting for the DVD 🙂

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