Dentist are sadists!

That does it! Now I’m convinced. I’m a believer. Dentists ARE sadists! I’ve had many dentists in my years. More than most people go through in a lifetime. And they’ve all been horrible to me and my teeth. Unconsiderate to how it feels lying there helpless as they are drilling away! About a month ago I had everything in my mouth fixed up and I had my wisdom tooth pulled. The nurse that time was very considerate and helped a little bit, but the doc wasn’t. He pulled it straight out. After that I got a terrible toothache in a tooth right next to it. I thought it’d go away, but nope. So last week I called in to get an appointment. “My” dentists wasn’t there but I got to see another dentist instead but he was booked for a week. And today I got there. I told him “I’m experienceing pain in the tooth in front of the wisdom tooth the other guy pulled and it feels like a cavity”. So what does this guy do? First he knocks (yeah, he did actually knock!) around to see if all the teeth are in place, then he pulls up a water sprayer thingamajig and sprays the entire area with ice cold water! Didn’t the f*cker here me or what? I was so close to punching him! I mean if I go into a doctors office and say I’ve had a headache for 6 months they say “it’ll pass” (I wish that was a hypothetical!), they won’t knock you in the head will they? But go to a dentist and say you think you have a cavity and he’ll spray cold water on it! God damn that hurt, right to the bone and it’s still freezing 4 hours later! And what was his conclussion? “Well, you do have a cavity so I’ll set an appointment with your dentist to fix it, but she won’t get back from holiday for a month!”. And then he charged me $30 for saying something I already knew so I must’ve been paying for the pain. SUCKER! But apparently walking around with a cavity right down to the nerve for a month isn’t a problem for some people.

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