Agreeing with Bush?

A very weird thing happened today. Read one of Bush’s speeches ahead of the G8 summit (and if you tuned in to the “Live 8” show you know all about it) and I actually agreed with him on one point. Something that hasn’t been adressed alot is all the corruption down there in Africa. That’s something that has to be dealt with too, ’cause if you send 1 million bucks how much will actually help the people? That was the great thing with “Live Aid” 20 years ago, they bought their own logistical equipment (even a boat!) to make sure all the help they sent went to the people. Everytime I’ve been to Africa (all 3 times) I’ve always heard about how terrible corruption is. First time, in Kenya, I didn’t believe it that much, thought it was just the tourguide exaggerating. Then in Nigeria I saw it everytime I wanted a cab. And in Congo I wouldn’t have gotten the medical treatment I needed if the assistant from the embassy hadn’t taken the bag of cash with her. And they also told me the story of all the people they had to bribe to get Anna Lindh the trip on the river that runs through Kinshasa that she spontaneously wanted to do. So without “taking care” of that I can understand why they don’t wanna send more aid.

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