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I guess I have to tell you how monday night went since so many people are wondering! But I’ll have to be nice since she, her family and her friends are watching me 🙂 And you know what? I’m totally fine with that cause I got those butterflies flying around… kinda makes me feel like a teenager again (good? bad? who knows!). We had set a time and place and I thought we’d sit down for a nice talk over warm coffee, but she wanted to go out walking. So we went out walking… and alot of it! Eventually wound up at my favorite cafe around the corner from where I work, then went out and walked some more. And ofcourse during all that walking we did alot of talking and giggling at stuff and people and… we just had a great time! That is until the train station when we were gonna say goodbye and I was faced with the always annoying question… do I hug her or go for the kiss? That’s usually a millisecond judgement call based on the moment. I’m not gonna tell you what I did, since it was the wrong choice. I don’t know why I always get it wrong, am I _that_ bad at reading women that I always end up hugging the ones that wants a kiss and kiss the ones that wanna settle for a hug? And why is it always up to the guys to decide that when we are always ready to go for the kiss?! Anyways, damage was mitigated (now there’s a word I never expected to use in a sentence) the day after when I sent her flowers with the note “Thank you for yesterday”. I thought that was a great idea, “never fails”. Except ofcourse if the woman in question is working with middleaged industrial workers who immediately assumed she had put out on the first date. That was funny as hell and she’s the cool chick that laughs that off!

So we’re seeing each other this Saturday again, dinner and a movie. Haven’t been on a movie-date since the first “Lord of the Rings” and the long time readers of this page will know how much I actually saw of that movie.

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