This Is Too Good …

Warning : Gonna be deep now!

Do you remember a movie called “American Beauty”? I loved it when I saw it but there was one part of it I didn’t get. The weird kid Ricky who filmed the bags. After this weekend I totally get that character. And here’s why!

On our second date we were gonna see a movie (her choice… Jumper!) and she was gonna fix dinner at her place before the movie. I get there and she’s the nice hostess and everything but I’m picking up signals saying “I so regret inviting you but I’m too nice to call it off and hoping you’re gonna get the hint soon!” but I’ve been wrong before so I’m going with it. Awesome dinner by the way! We go to the movie and after the movie it was so different signals and we walked and talked and ended up at Regeringshuset and at the water there we kinda got to it, physically. Then slow walk back to her car, talking and we agreed to go back to our respective beds and sleep on it. As if that was gonna happen, I couldn’t sleep at all. So at 2 am I checked my mail and there was .. probably the most amazing e-mail anyone have ever written to me. It was so good it hurt a bit. I had to get up and walk it off cause it hit me right in the gut. After getting the nerve to even try to reply to that we agreed she’d come over to my place on sunday for an inspection. Fortunately it was decently clean and I passed that inspection and after talking a bit, playing a bit PS3 we tried seeing a movie. We failed. And as I was lying there with this awesome woman, kissing her, holding her and looked into her eyes that’s when it hit me… the quote from Ricky in American Beauty.. “Sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world I feel like I can’t take it, like my heart’s going to cave in.” That’s pretty much how I felt at the time. Then we had to go back to her place to take care of her cats but it really didn’t matter where we were, as long as it was us two.

And breaking the speed record here.. I already have a toothbrush at her place now!

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