For alot of reasons I’ve given up my dedicated IP address I’ve had pointing to my server home, most of all because it was costing us money better spent elsewhere (see post about “soffa”!). So I repoint my domainname here to Blogspot instead so everything except my image gallery is here instead. The image gallery is now at “” which is the dynamic IP address for my server at home.

But for people visiting this site there won’t be much change I hope.
Also took the time to update “My Travels” and “Mini Bio” page since they hadn’t been updated for a very long time.


Sam is pretty pissed nowadays. The most frustrating thing for him is he want’s something and he says it, he points to it and we, being the totally oblivious parents that we are, have no idea what he means. At the dinner table he can point at something and says “ia!” and we’re sitting there guessing at everything that’s on the kitchen table and after the 10th guess he gets upset and frustrated and then it goes downhill after that.

He understands what we’re saying most of the time, you can clearly see that. We just wish we could understand him better and what he wants. As it turns out he’s had an infection in his throat (tonsillitis) for weeks without us knowing that it was something medically wrong with him. In our defense we took him to the doctors before Christmas and they didn’t think it was anything serious, it was last Monday that they actually did tests and since then he’s been on penicillin and he’s getting better.

But he still gets upset when we don’t know what he’s talking about. Then again who wouldn’t…


When we moved into our house 2 1/2 years ago we spent a fortune on furniture and interior decorating. One of those things was a soffa from Ikea for about 10.000 Swedish crowns.Now, after our cats and son have done his part we’re totally in agreement that we need a new one and this one in leather. Hopefully the hair from the cats won’t build up like a massive core and everything our son spills will just clean right up.

So we spent last weekend looking around on the web and this weekend we spent going to all the furniture stores we could get to without Sam throwing a complete fit. It wasn’t easy but eventually we found a soffa in leather that felt good and was big enough for us to lie in comfortably. And it cost us about 20.000 Swedish crowns. !!! I know, right!

I just hope that in 3 years time we’re not back at this problem having to buy another soffa for 20.000 or more again!!


I haven’t really decided to go totally off the Facebook grid ’cause I still enjoyed getting information on what’s happening with friends and stuff. But I really do hate their Timeline thing.

So for now I’ve removed all of my friends (except my sis and wife) while I clean up my Timeline. And I may add everyone back later, not sure. But kudos to Facebook that has a feature for downloading all the info they have on you, I didn’t know they offered that. I downloaded it and it was over 30 megs. Let’s hope that includes alot of videos that I’ve “Liked” over the years or that is alot of information!!


Wanna know what I hate? People on trains / busses with backpacks!!

Somehow when strapping on a backpack just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it aint there! Hardly a day goes by that a guy (and this is almost only guys!) backs into me with his backpack or stands in the way of the door not thinking that his backpack is sticking out another 10 inches. And since you can’t give it a small nudge because the person carrying it can’t feel anything smaller than a good push!

And then it gets even worse when it’s jampacked! The other day one train never showed up so the next train was jampacked and ofcourse people had their backpacks and was standing in the way left and right. One was standing so badly that one person on each side wanted to get off the train and not seeing the other one they squeezed his backpack between them and more or less carried him off the train. It was fun to see but pretty scary for the person with the backpack!

So please, if you’re gonna go on a train or buss or something with alot of people and have a backpack – don’t have it on the back! Take it off and carry it in your hand where you can see it and stop it from being such a bloody obstacle!


It’s that time again. Time for some big player to decide how the rest of us should think and behave to better suit their business ideas. This time it’s Facebook deciding that we have to have the Timeline feature to display our Facebook profiles. I wouldn’t be alot against it if it wasn’t for the fact that they a) are forcing it upon us when we don’t want it and b) that alot of messages sent to my wall as private messages before summer 2009 are now tagged as “viewable for friends” which means I have to go through several year removing more or less private messages in my Timeline to remove alot of stuff that the people who sent them might not want.

But I’m taking the time to do it but still thinking if it’s not just time to delete my Facebook account. I just which there was some other nice way to tell everyone of my friends and family what’s happening and show pictures of my son and stuff. Can’t really ask people to check in my Imagevuex gallery everyday. And not every picture is posted there, most photos taken with my mobile is just for Facebook-fun…

Not sure what I’ll do…


I recently saw “In Time“. It’s labelled a “sci-fi action thriller” on IMDB. I’m no huge fan of Justin Timberlake, but Olivia Wilde was in it so I gave it a shot. A bit of a spoiler about the premise of the movie here so if you don’t want to know anything about the movie stop reading now.


The premise is that in a not too distant future we will not have money. Instead the currency of choice is time. Everyone is born with one year that is activated at 25, meaning if you’re a lazy poor person you’ll die at when you turn 26. This in itself is an interesting idea and then you add how the “upper class” is using this system to control the lower class people and keep them in check. Simply raise the interest if you want to decrease the population in the slums etc. And then ofcourse there’s a “Timekeeper” to make sure the system isn’t tampered with.

All of this would have made for atleast 2 seasons of a good science fiction show. Instead they crammed it into a 2 hour movie and it just never got as deep as the idea deserves.

I don’t regret seeing it though…


There are two bills in the US congress that threaten the very core of the internet – FREEDOM!

First we have the very publicized “SOPA” which is a very broad reaching bill that will enable copyright holders like the movie studios to censure websites in the states if they in any way host copyrighted material, talk about how to illegally obtain copyrighted material or even link to anything that has copyrighted material. That bill is being redrafted since there was so much opposition to it but as Jimmy Wales said in his tweet – “it’s not off the table”. And then we have PIPA which isn’t that bad but would still make it possible to force sites like to go overseas and censure it for the people in the US.

I support them in spirit of what they are trying to do. I mean if I spent a fortune producing a movie only to see it on a torrentsite for download day after release I’d be pretty pissed off to. But they are still so broad and cover so many things that they would change how the internet works since people that run websites would need to go through them almost non-stop to make sure there are no copyright infringements anywhere. How much would YouTube have to work to keep it clean? And Facebook? And google search (cause let’s face it, google is a great searchtool to find torrents.. if you’re into that).

Everytime a dictatorship like oh I don’t know … say China blocks the internet for their citizens the west are quick to condemn it, saying “what gives them the right to control what their citizens can see on the internet”. Well this will give the US government that power. And it won’t be political but $$$.

So on wednesday some sites like Reddit and Wikipedia will be offline. As will There isn’t that much that we, as non US citizens can do, but this we can do!!


I very rarely stay home sick from work. Usually some cortison-based lotion, pill or spray helps with most things that go wrong with me. Last year when I had the shingles I still went to work, had to pop some Iprens towards the end but went to work regardless. But last week I got hit by a really nasty cold and woke up very early thursday morning and not only a soar throat – a really aching throat. Some Vicks and painkillers, an hour sleep and I then gave up on the idea of going to work. Took the son to kindergarten and went back to bed. And it was goooooooood! I stayed home on friday as well because I wasn’t fully operational and maybe even contagious (have you seen Contagion yet? 🙂 ) and got a lot of gaming done and just enjoying 8 hours off from work, wife and son.. well as much as you can while sneezing and wiping your nose all the time!

But now my 2 sickdays for the year are over and done with. I hope. ‘Cause I think over the past 10 years that should be my annual average.


Me and H (which is what I write when I don’t wanna write her full name, but I’m talking about my wife Helena, just for future reference) have really been plowing through lots of movies in the past few days!!

So small short reviews: “Killer Elite”, too long and too many twists to be even bother thinking about. “Real Steel”, I didn’t know it was such a kids movie when we started to watch it but combining the robots and Hugh Jackman taking off his shirt all the time and it’s clear that I wasn’t the target audience here. “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”, I didn’t expect much since the last “Planet of the Apes” was so very sucky but this one was actually pretty good. Only thing to complain about was James Franco which just haven’t got much acting depth to him. “Darkest Hour 3D” – yeah we actually went out to the movies to watch a 3D movie and boy did we regret that! The movie was “meh…” at best and for once the 3D didn’t help, it was actually a downside since both our eyes were sore afterwards. So no more 3D for us I think.

But the biggest surprise was “What’s Your Number”… Yeah I know, of all those previously mentioned action and/or sci-fi movies the movie we’ve watched that I’d rate the highest was a chic flic!! But it was actually quite good, funny and warm and modern. The huge downside to having that theme to a movie (which basically is “how many have you slept with?”) is it makes for really uncomfortable talk afterwards! Cause imagine it, you’re on a date with a beautiful woman and you take the bullet and go see a romantic film and the first thing she says afterwards is “so how many have you slept with?”, woooops! But me and H actually didn’t fall into that trap. Maybe because we really don’t care about what we did before …


I moved my blog here because it made it easier to update – I could simply send an e-mail to the blog and it’d be posted right away. Yet I didn’t make a “happy new year” post.

The reason is because we (as in me and my wife) were totally stressed out during new years eve because we had a 3 course dinner to serve to 8 people and making sure they are happy (or atleast content). It kinda made me miss the good old days of being single in my apartment – not having to worry about nothing 🙂 (I kid ofcourse) Fortunately the guests took care of Sam for us more or less but it’s still enough to make me forget about those little things.

But I still had a good new years eve and yesterday we were just slacking, watching TV and not doing much at all. Which kinda annoyed the hell out of our son that bores easily 🙂