So What Does "My Own Age" Mean?

Did anyone else react to that? It looked good when I wrote it but when I read it again it really didn’t make sense, cause really, what is “my own age”?… I dunno why but I still have trouble seeing myself as a grownup sometimes. Only two weeks ago I ate a “semla” for breakfast which is to any normal adult absurd, but I did it just cause I could and I wanted to…

Found a good comic that described that so very well – 🙂

Move Along, Nothing To See

I’ll admit I’ve been a self-righteous SOB in the past 2 weeks and realised that I’d actually downright lied right in the face to a woman the other day (which is so rare I actually have to point it out!) so I’m not too happy how this all turned out. So… closed. Moving on. Time to try to date someone my own age I guess 🙂

Also saw “Valley of Elah” the other day. Sorry but… boring 🙁 See Tommy Lee Jones that depressed for that long is … well depressing!

Company Beats Location

Yesterday I went out with a few former colleagues that I’d lost touch with over time. One of many conclusions of the evening was that in the right company it doesn’t really matter where you are. Cause we ended up at some very snobbish and posh place I’d never been to. But atleast they served beer. Kinda. They had 4 kinds. Then it was all drinks and whisky and stuff. And the crowd was just rediculous. But we found a comfy place to sit at and just started chatting away what’s beeing happening to everyone in the past years. Naturally the two guys I’ve not talked to in years had got married with children, good for them, but as always, a reminder to me 🙂
But it was really fun and a good break to the normal tuesday routine!

Awesome Start Of The Week

I woke up this morning at around 10 and turn on the laptop in bed and the first thing I get is a MSN saying “what tha f*ck are you doing in expressen!?” (one of the biggest newspaper in sweden)… so here’s the story…

A few weeks ago a friend sent over a link to a singlesblog in Expressen, one of their journalists talking about being single and dating and stuff. The reason I got the link was cause we had one thing in common – we had both been dumped because of our openness on our blogs. So a few e-mails back and forth and then it was Valentine’s day. She doesn’t like it, no single person does (ok, maybe me), but at around lunch I decided to do one of the now infamous “Crazy-stoffs” and bought some flowers and got into a cab and delivered it myself. She was way way happy about it 🙂

So in return she listed me as the “single of the week” today 🙂 I don’t know if that’s cool or not but I thought it was hilarious!! I absolutely don’t expect a response (especially considering her audience being male) but it was just a hilarious thing and it really made my week so thanks 🙂

I Like Valentine’s Day

I like Valentine’s day, but not for the reason’s you’d think. I’m hopelessly single so this bs with one day per year being cute and cuddly and all that, whatever makes people happy I guess, but I like it ’cause it’s the birthday of! We’re up to 8 years now and even though I hardly do any work there anymore it’s still amazing how a non-profit fan driven website like that can still be up and running!! And even though I hate “big corporations” I gotta give credit to google for their AdSense programme, would never have afforded it otherwise!

And I made atleast one woman’s valentines alot happier, and making other people makes me happy 🙂

All The Small Things

Here I am at work with the worst case of what we in sweden call “i-lands problem”, a small little problem that’s so irrelevant and would in any third world country be laughed at for having… where to lunch! That’s the topic for about a 30 minute conversation here… we just couldn’t come up with a good place to eat lunch. Now that’s a pretty good indicator at how much issues I have atm.

Kris And Greg House, Sitting In A Tree …

The more I date and the more I watch “House” the more I’m certain I’m totally gonna end up so totally like him! Bitter, sarcastic hopelessly single man running around commenting on human behaviour. Guess it could be worse 🙂

I either date women who are too good for me or women who… well, I think “I could do better” which is a bunch of shallow bullshit, I know, I can’t help it. And I know most women think the same thing when they look at my pictures. It’s the way it is, no matter how nice and polite some people wanna be. I know it’s shallow .. but I am honest above all. And on the other side are all these women I would really go well with that are either already taken or I just don’t wanna risk the friendship ’cause of my hormones

Meanwhile, having fun as hell. And won scrabble again 🙂

The Brave One

Saw “The Brave One” yesterday. That’s a movie I have heard nothing about at all. I would probably not have seen it at all had it not been for the company I was in that wanted to see it because of Jodie Foster. I’m not that big of a fan of hers, only movies she’s bee in tha I love is “Taxi Driver” and “Contact”. And here she plays a happy every day normal New Yorker that goes through a dramatic thing and goes a bit bananas. I loved it! I don’t know if was her acting, her monologues, the story, I don’t know but I loved this movie! Definitely a must buy when it comes out on blueray!!