The Kickoff That Failed

On thursday, friday and saturday we had something of a kickoff at work. Intended to get all the projects underway, get everyone onboard and motivated to kick ass and have fun at work.

It failed.

I came home with a terrible “I don’t really wanna work there anymore” feeling. I’ve always loved working there for alot of reasons but after all this I don’t. I’m hoping that feeling goes away or the people in charge starts taking my complaints and suggestions seriously ’cause I don’t wanna go job hunting again.

Small Step For Mankind, Giant Leap For Me

This weekend I’m taking what is probably the greatest risk I’ve ever taken in my life! I’m giving up my apartment and really moving in with my girlfriend!!

The biggest gamble I’ve done so far was when I signed up for the project at the state department and travelling around the world. But in that case, had it not worked out I’d told my boss I don’t wanna do it and everyone would have been hugely dissappointed but that’d be it. Now, if it doesn’t work out I’ve lost the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me and I’ll have no place to live!!

Ofcourse I am totally comfortable and sure that we won’t split up, but there’s only so much I can control. I can’t control that she won’t wake up one morning and realise what a boring person I can be sometimes and that she’s the one with the balls in this relationship, I don’t know.

Here’s hoping I’ll never find out!!

Oh, There Was A Point

I forgot, there was a small point to that road trip – testing my new HTC smart phone with builtin GPS! Although it was never a problem finding anything it was a good test run and it worked perfectly 🙂

Just wish they could make better batteries!!

Ullared… What’s The Point?

Ullared is a very very small town in south of sweden known for one thing – “Gekas”, a huge outlet with very cheap prices on alot of stuff. I never heard about it until my girlfriend asked if I wanted to tag along when her mother, brother & his wife were going. “I guess…”. I didn’t know why considering we live just next door to an outlet that makes that place look like an anthill. But off we we went! At the very least I’d get a good road trip!!
So on saturday morning at 2 am (!!) we got into a rented car and drove 5 hours there to find a queue of around 100m. At 7 am!! And so the opened, we did our shopping and it wasn’t that good prices, except on jeans (but I’m waiting to find out what quality you get for that amount!). We checked out at a bit after 10 after paying $300 for stuff we never needed (and the others paid even more) and had a quick burger at BK and then I saw the queue that was well over 500-600 meters! It was huge!! And for what?? It’d take hours for the people in the back to queue there, and it wasn’t that cheap!?!? And then we drove home.

And I still don’t know why? I like road trips but if I’m gonna spend 16 hours in a car (3 hours to her brothers place and 5 hour down, and then the return trip) it’d better be worth it! And this wasn’t. But it was a good laugh and if it’s one of those things you have to do as a swede, I can now check that box.

Recession. Again? Oh Really?

Seems like the past 2 weeks have been total terrible for the global economy ever since a bank fucked up in the states and everything comes crashing down because everyone seems to think everything is crashing down. I love the psychology behind stuff like that, how it seems everyone is just reacting on doomsday analysis.

And unfortunately this time it is affecting me since me and my girlfriend were starting to look at houses but it seems getting a loan will be the tricky part today so we’ll just put that on hold for a while. We shouldn’t be complaining in our little corner of the galaxy, we’re happy as long as we have each other 🙂