Dentists. Love ‘Em Or Hate ‘Em

I can’t decide if I love or hate dentists. I mean there’s gotta be something wrong with a person waking up every morning, going to work and spend their day in strangers mouths with all the disgusting things in there. I can’t possibly imagine anyone enjoying that. But I am really grateful someone is doing that job! Then there is this whole “I learned something new today thing” – I still learn new stuff about computers and software every day, but there are only that many things that can go wrong with teeth and only so many things they can do to fix it! … The old argument of how expensive it is isn’t really holding anymore though, last time I charged for fixing a computer (2 years ago) the going rate was $120 per hour, and I wasn’t that academically educated and if I f*cked up worst case was that person had to buy a new computer. A dentist goes to school for years and their worst case results in surgery and permanent injuries and she only charged me … $120 for 40 minutes of her time.

But still, gotta be something wrong with a person for enjoying a work like that…

>I woke up today feeling pretty happy about things. I got my wheels changed on my car so I can drive this winter, I got “Sunshine” on Blueray, I saw plenty of nice women on my way to work and work has gone on pretty well. I was pretty happy. Then someone that remembered my little update a few weeks ago about “no is not always a no, sometimes it means ‘try harder'” and that rape-trial that was going on. Anyway, she pointed me to a new website produced by “Operation Kvinnofrid” that was designed to talk about this kind of thing. The site is called “” and at first I really liked it. And I was just looking for the “and this is for you girls – don’t say no when you don’t really mean it” part. And there was nothing! The entire site just has one messages – rapists are just guys not knowing where the line is drawn. There is this whole section about mutual respect and all that. The thing is if I lived by what that website is promoting (and come to think of it, I think I do…) I wouldn’t be getting any sex ever at all. I got pretty pissed at it cause noway at all does it even suggest that girls saying no while meaning try harder is even an issue or that it even exists. So very biased. Oh well, atleast I got my cookies!

Too lazy

After the past months of having busy weekends I had one with absolutely no plans what so ever. Not even buying groceries or leaving the apartment. Although I eventually did both. And bought myself a new exercise bike to break.

But most of all I steamrolled through a ton of episodes of “House”. I love that show. I love that character, have so much in common with that guy it’s scary. From the sarcastic humor at everyones expense to the bittery view of mankind as a whole, I totally love that character. And then I changed channel to TV4 Comedy and saw Hugh Laurie in the good old Black Adder episodes, what a laugh 🙂
And tomorrow it’s back to work again but I really did have a kick ass lazy weekend not doing shit.

Feeling very, very old and worn

Yesterday we had a bachelor party for my old friend Henrik. We went to the same school for 12 years and in the same class for 6 and basically spent every weekend of my 15,16 and 17 years with him, Janne and Johan. We did a very successfully kidnapping when he thought he was going for a doctor’s appointment. We went to play some paintball (which hurt more than I remember), dinner at Fridays, then some relaxing spa and finishing off at a nightclub near his home so he could easily get home if we got _that_ loaded. It was around 12 hours of fun for everyone (I hope) while drinking loads amounts of beer. Really good stuff. The only problem was that nightclub stuff. I’ve never liked nightclubs really but at the very least I get drunk and some blackjack. We ended up at Garbo’s which is a place I used to sped alot of weekends at when I worked at MinDator back when I was 20-25. Back then it was fun. This time it was just sad. The meat market feeling was 10 times worse than I remember it. And I was just laying back and just not even bothering. Some of the guys, most of which were hitched, asked why I wasn’t up picking up some of the very nice chicks there (and some of them were hot enough to make me believe in god again), my response was 1) It’s gone to the point where I don’t even bother, too much work and 2) … would you really wanna drag a chick that dresses like that home to mother? I just can’t bother with it any more, and it’s alot of fun watching some guys try really hard and not noticing that “get me out here!” looks the girls give their friends 🙂
And then there was the music. It wasn’t too loud it was just… 80% of the music people danced to were music I used to enjoy and dance to when I was half my current age, it was just hotted up with a tempo beat. Just so completely wrong and it felt so recycled and when “Mr Vain” played it felt like all this kids should just leave and let the old schoolers rock the dance floor 🙂

But generally a VERY succesfull evening!! Pictures!!

Still A Sucker For Tradition

A while back I made an update that I’m a sucker for tradition. And today I’m proving that yet again – if I were to call anyone up and say “happy birthday” out of the blue they would be completely shocked and wonder what tha hell was wrong with me. I just don’t do it. I either forget it or it’s not a big deal or that person don’t wanna be reminded of it, or I do think about it but before I actually make it happen something else comes up.
Well today is my sister’s 24th birthday (ok, not really 24th but let’s play ‘pretend’!) and I totally know it, I’ve had plenty of time to call her, hell I’ve even talked to her this morning, but it’s just not me. It’s almost a tradition by now. Which is a weird tradition to NOT do something. But weird is good…

Being the bad guy

One of the reasons I’ve gotted used to when being dumped is that I’m too nice, too harmless. I dunno why chicks don’t dig that, but they don’t.

But yesterday I had to use it when calling it off with a girl I’d dated. I’d gotten to know her through one of the more serious websites and it was all good, we got along great. So we went out and she was one of the nicest women I’ve ever gone out with and I really wanted to like her. But after a week and not feeling anything more than “she’s nice” I had to call it because going on for longer I’d just be kidding myself and getting her hopes up while wasting both our time. But it really sucked having to split when I knew what a nice woman she was and that she would’ve been 10 times better for me than some of the women I’ve actually fallen for.

… go go Vulcans!!

Took the last and final step in the long dance with “Chapter Closed” and removed her as friend on Facebook. I thought we’d be cool but everytime I saw her name flash by I got more and more negative vibes and in the end there was just two options – talk it out with her or remove her so I wouldn’t see her name flash by. And she made it clear she don’t wanna talk it out…

But I’m happy cause I’ve got a date tomorrow 🙂

I’m Losing It

Weird weekend that was! On thursday I had a date (went pretty good), on friday I decided to try out jogging now that my bike is broken then got busy Warcrafting and then the new computer game Hellgate hit the stores. On saturday I squezed myself into a pair of 34″ waist jeans… two things about that that just makes me think I’m going nuts – first of all jeans. I haven’t worn jeans since the 80’s basically. So why now? Well quite a few women have said “now that you’ve lost all that weight, when are we gonna see you in jeans?” so I had to do it only to shut them up. And they were 34″ waist!! Back in may I was wearing 42″ !! That’s 8 inches gone in 4 months! (not counting the last month since I haven’t lost anything in the past weeks)!!
Then we hit the sci-fi convention that was in town over the weekend, followed that up by catching “1408” (slightly disappointing movie) and finished the weekend with even more Warcrafting and jogging. Man that was a busy weekend. And this week I didn’t have much planned at all. Now I got go-carting on thursday, dinner with friends on friday, probably date-dinner on saturday and home to my parents for father’s day on sunday. And I’m not even trying to keep busy, I just am!