Feeling very, very old and worn

Yesterday we had a bachelor party for my old friend Henrik. We went to the same school for 12 years and in the same class for 6 and basically spent every weekend of my 15,16 and 17 years with him, Janne and Johan. We did a very successfully kidnapping when he thought he was going for a doctor’s appointment. We went to play some paintball (which hurt more than I remember), dinner at Fridays, then some relaxing spa and finishing off at a nightclub near his home so he could easily get home if we got _that_ loaded. It was around 12 hours of fun for everyone (I hope) while drinking loads amounts of beer. Really good stuff. The only problem was that nightclub stuff. I’ve never liked nightclubs really but at the very least I get drunk and some blackjack. We ended up at Garbo’s which is a place I used to sped alot of weekends at when I worked at MinDator back when I was 20-25. Back then it was fun. This time it was just sad. The meat market feeling was 10 times worse than I remember it. And I was just laying back and just not even bothering. Some of the guys, most of which were hitched, asked why I wasn’t up picking up some of the very nice chicks there (and some of them were hot enough to make me believe in god again), my response was 1) It’s gone to the point where I don’t even bother, too much work and 2) … would you really wanna drag a chick that dresses like that home to mother? I just can’t bother with it any more, and it’s alot of fun watching some guys try really hard and not noticing that “get me out here!” looks the girls give their friends 🙂
And then there was the music. It wasn’t too loud it was just… 80% of the music people danced to were music I used to enjoy and dance to when I was half my current age, it was just hotted up with a tempo beat. Just so completely wrong and it felt so recycled and when “Mr Vain” played it felt like all this kids should just leave and let the old schoolers rock the dance floor 🙂

But generally a VERY succesfull evening!! Pictures!!

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