Just a quick not before I’m out of here (as I’m watching the fireworks in Sydney) – Happy new year! And all things considering, it can’t get much worse than 2002 can it?


Ok, I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting this place over the holidays. I’ve been away for a couple of days during Christmas, and then I’ve just been totally relaxing while not doing much at all. Actually I’ve been watching alot of movies over the past week. Like the hilarious “Fat Greek Wedding” and today I finally saw the latest Bond flic (which I really enjoyed) but I’ll wait until Wednesday to see the new Lord of The Rings quite simply because I saw the first one on the 1st of January.

And tomorrow I’ll be going to my sis and her hubby for a new years party so if I don’t get to update tomorrow here’s wishing you a happy new year!!!


I hope you watch the Osbournes? Probably the best thing to come out of MTV for a very long time! I love people who don’t take themselves too seriously, who make a little fun of themselves, a little tongue-in-cheek humor. And The Osbournes are probably the apex of that kind of humor! Some things are just brilliant! They are on re-runs on european MTV now, and yesterday was the episode when Kelly has a birthday party and get’s a tatoo. Anyway, for being the kind of person Ozzy is, sometimes even he can say something amazing. Like when he totally objected to the music (which was awful) that they were playing at the party and they asked him if they should change… “no, what for, it’s not my party”. I liked that 🙂
Anyway, sitting here at work on our helpdesk, maxing the subwoofer with X-mas songs and everything, waiting to go home for the holidays (and I really mean “home”)… so until my next update…
And by the way – thanks for not asking what an un-hip geezer like myself was doing in a hip CD store…
(see, I can make fun of myself too!)


Puh, that was a busy week! Except all the work at work, and being on-call and actually called in, I’ve been totally busy writing a new revolutionary section on NataliePortman.com.. revolutionary for us anyway 🙂

Which reminds me of that funny joke most of you didn’t get (“select * from users where clue>0”), this is the end result of what I’ve been doing:


Yeah, it may look easy but it took a week!

Anyway, onto something much nicer – last minute Christmas-shopping! I realised on Thursday that I still haven’t bought the presents for the grown-up part of our family so I had to find some time to do that. And since I’m working on Monday I planned it for Saturday. I expected half of stockholm to do the same, but thanks to the fact that I got in early I missed most of the crowds. And there was this one things that I thought was pretty funny.. an elderly man and his wife going around the hippest CD store with the list of things for their teenage grand-daughter and trying to pronounce “INXS” to the clerk.. something funny yet sweet about that whole scenario 🙂


Do you know what my biggest problem in school was? It wasn’t being in the lower social rank, it wasn’t the teachers, it wasn’t the fellow students, it wasn’t what we were reading – it was the fact I couldn’t concentrate on reading more than a couple of pages at a time! I don’t know why this is, but whenever I pick up a book I can only read 6 or 7 pages before I either have to do something else or my eyelids will close! It doesn’t matter what it is I’m reading, if it’s boring or exciting, same result! This was a huge problem back then, but for some reason I have no problem reading pages and pages of stuff on a computer screen. This has led to my not reading that many books. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve read more than maybe 5 books – willingly! And some pretentious people have looked down on me because of this little fact that I don’t read books.

So why am I boring you with this information? Because I want you to understand the story behind the recent mystery – why do I rock in Scrabble – IN ENGLISH?!! Seriously – when playing against my Scottish born mother, my sister who has lived over there for years and have a Scottish husband, my father who has travelled the world for years and also married an english speaking person, when faced with that opposition, how can I win?! I don’t get it, but I did it again – TWICE! And in that last round, when my sister and ‘brother’ realised I was leading they even did a team-move to beat me (he did a 42 point word that she challenged to he would get double points!), and failed (because “infirmed” wasn’t in the dictionary!)! There must be something wrong because I’m not that good in these kind of social games! With the exception of Trivial Pursuit, I suck at them! So with my reading problem and the handicap of never living in an english speaking country, how can I win in this game!? I don’t get it…


After yesterday’s update you may be thinking “how can you be a single, sexually active guy in the most babified city in the world, and not get atleast one HIV test!? If not for your sake than atleast for your partner’s!”. And you’d be right too, and I’m usually the first person to tell people how irresponsible it is not to use a condom. But that’s just it – I do! And always have. I’ve even taken a raincheck once due to lack of one. With the one exception of the first time (I was not totally sober, it wasn’t planned, she was calling the shots and I didn’t have one nearby). But that’s all it takes right, just one time? And that’s when I started getting worried until I all of a sudden realised – I did get a blood analysis a couple of months after that trip to Kenya. So I’m not worried anymore. What’s my point? – always use a condom and always have one nearby! And if you have really good friends/family, they’ll give you one on your 25th birthday… ok, you had to be there to appreciate the joke…


In this dark time of my life (the sun sets between 3 and 4 now!) when I’m totally broke I still found a way to contribute to charity – I’ve finally become a blood donor! Well, technically I haven’t actually donated any blood yet, they just took samples to make sure I’m not dying of something that could affect my blood. And so it hit me – I haven’t had a medical checkup for years, must be about 15 years ago or something! So I’m kinda nervous if they’re gonna find something.

So give it up for my boss at work who dragged me to the blood donor place! But I still say you should be able to donate blood at Huddinge Hospital…


I’m getting really scared of the God of Joy right now! The last thing I need right now is more expenses! And that’s the only thing I seem to be getting! Most recently my desk that broke down in three pieces as I was changing around things in my living room. What I really can’t understand is everyone who says “more money, more problems”!? How is that possible!? I don’t see how getting more money can give you more problems! Perhaps different problems like “geez, where am I gonna spend all my money today” or “do you mean I actually have to drive myself today”! So let’s end this little update with something I’m pretty good at – a quote:

I believe the struggle for financial freedom is unfair
I believe the only ones who disagree are millionaires.
– Savage Garden, “Affirmation”


Remember that God of Joy I was so upset with last week? Well, I must have done something worse than just owe him/her money, must have slept with his/her wife/husband or something really bad to piss him/her off (notice how very PC I am!). Just as I was getting my economy back together after the past two months ups’n’downs, including repairing my car for $270, and I was just starting to plan my X-mas budget when B A M! down comes a bill from Shell wanting $950 from me for parking fees – from June and July! Hello, it’s December now!!! I am really, really sorry God of Joy, for whatever it is I may have done to piss you off, please! Let me enjoy X-mas atleast!!!!


Every once in a great while my brain does something right and I come up with a funny idea that even I can be proud over. And today was one of those occasions – ImOnlyKidding.com. Believe it or not, but that domain wasn’t take. But it is now, so in a couple of days typing “imonlykidding” will land you on this site. It’ll take a couple of days for the DNS entry to replicate to the DNS roots due to the distributed architecture of the IP protocol. Don’t you just love computer lingo!? 🙂