Do you know what my biggest problem in school was? It wasn’t being in the lower social rank, it wasn’t the teachers, it wasn’t the fellow students, it wasn’t what we were reading – it was the fact I couldn’t concentrate on reading more than a couple of pages at a time! I don’t know why this is, but whenever I pick up a book I can only read 6 or 7 pages before I either have to do something else or my eyelids will close! It doesn’t matter what it is I’m reading, if it’s boring or exciting, same result! This was a huge problem back then, but for some reason I have no problem reading pages and pages of stuff on a computer screen. This has led to my not reading that many books. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve read more than maybe 5 books – willingly! And some pretentious people have looked down on me because of this little fact that I don’t read books.

So why am I boring you with this information? Because I want you to understand the story behind the recent mystery – why do I rock in Scrabble – IN ENGLISH?!! Seriously – when playing against my Scottish born mother, my sister who has lived over there for years and have a Scottish husband, my father who has travelled the world for years and also married an english speaking person, when faced with that opposition, how can I win?! I don’t get it, but I did it again – TWICE! And in that last round, when my sister and ‘brother’ realised I was leading they even did a team-move to beat me (he did a 42 point word that she challenged to he would get double points!), and failed (because “infirmed” wasn’t in the dictionary!)! There must be something wrong because I’m not that good in these kind of social games! With the exception of Trivial Pursuit, I suck at them! So with my reading problem and the handicap of never living in an english speaking country, how can I win in this game!? I don’t get it…

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