Learning Lessons

You know the old saying about the cobbler’s kid having no shoes? Well I again managed to prove that one.

At work we have one of the best redundancy/backup systems I’ve seen and we’re proud of it. But on the webserver running this website and more importantly NataliePortman.com I’ve totally ignored that part especially since my son was born. So two weeks ago we had someone hacking into the site and completely wiped the server for us. And unfortunately the last backup I had was back in march and april! So that’s why there’ll be several months missing here.

Yeah you can blame me for being really terrible at taking backups, but I really didn’t think anyone would hack the server and erase everything just for fun. I mean what’s up with that? :/

And this is the reason why there are hardly any entries for 2010.


And now I’ve finally worked my last shift at work for all year. No more work for me! Now it’s all about Sam!.. and Helena. And the house. And then me πŸ™‚ And it’s gonna be good!

One thing I’m hoping to do is redesign this place again, it’s been a while. And I’ve had to transfer the site back to our NP.com server. The photo-section will probably be offline for a while but should be ok in a few days.

Take care!

Busy Busy

Not sure I should be apologizing here for being so busy I haven’t had time to update it in weeks. So many things going on, from Warcraft to adapting to living with someone 24/7 to redesigning NataliePortman.com and ofcourse celebrating christmas. Again. And again. Cause me and Helena actually celebrated it thrice – once at her brothers place, once at my parents place and once at her parents place. Lots of good food and stuff that got me bloated. But I love it cause I still love christmas!! πŸ™‚ And ofcourse I still love Helena πŸ™‚

I Like Valentine’s Day

I like Valentine’s day, but not for the reason’s you’d think. I’m hopelessly single so this bs with one day per year being cute and cuddly and all that, whatever makes people happy I guess, but I like it ’cause it’s the birthday of NataliePortman.com! We’re up to 8 years now and even though I hardly do any work there anymore it’s still amazing how a non-profit fan driven website like that can still be up and running!! And even though I hate “big corporations” I gotta give credit to google for their AdSense programme, would never have afforded it otherwise!

And I made atleast one woman’s valentines alot happier, and making other people makes me happy πŸ™‚

Gangsta Natalie!

You know I love people who can make fun of themselves and see humor for what it is. Well, now I like Natalie Portman even more! She’s always had this nice, clean princessy Long Island Harvard graduate-thing about her. Then she did “Saturday Night Live” the other day and did this rap. Didn’t see that coming…

Funny images in my head

Got a funny image in my head ; Natalie Portman going to the unemployment agency and being asked “how much did your last job pay per month?”. “Well I got 5 million for Star Wars Episode II and that was a very long photo shoot, 5 months so say 1 million bucks per month” πŸ™‚ I don’t know what it’s like in other countries though but here you get a percentage of what you used to make and I’m the kind of guy who thinks these weird thoughts…

And the “new” version of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence” rocks!


Alot happening on the natalieportman.com side of my life (changin servers) but not alot else happening. Enjoying the summer and being in sweden and actually getting my life back together. This site may go down and up over the next few days because I’m changing stuff but that should only be temporary. Don’t worry – I’m a professional… “a professional what?”..

April Fools

Now I’m a bit closer to defining a good april fools joke. I did two yesterday. One that was slightly believable but I didn’t put that much energy into it and it worked pretty fine. But on NP.com we went all the way with a faked CNN page about Natalie Portman getting engaged to her boyfriend. And we really did go all the way but threw some humor into it (just look at the “Related story”). And this one was believable right up to the point when you just stop to think about it. And that’s when you’d noticed those small things like the address to the site being “cnn.dnsalias.org” and everything being a link to the same page. And that one worked – flawlessly! So now I know. And now I’m off on another Finland-cruise.


Puh, that was a busy week! Except all the work at work, and being on-call and actually called in, I’ve been totally busy writing a new revolutionary section on NataliePortman.com.. revolutionary for us anyway πŸ™‚

Which reminds me of that funny joke most of you didn’t get (“select * from users where clue>0”), this is the end result of what I’ve been doing:


Yeah, it may look easy but it took a week!

Anyway, onto something much nicer – last minute Christmas-shopping! I realised on Thursday that I still haven’t bought the presents for the grown-up part of our family so I had to find some time to do that. And since I’m working on Monday I planned it for Saturday. I expected half of stockholm to do the same, but thanks to the fact that I got in early I missed most of the crowds. And there was this one things that I thought was pretty funny.. an elderly man and his wife going around the hippest CD store with the list of things for their teenage grand-daughter and trying to pronounce “INXS” to the clerk.. something funny yet sweet about that whole scenario πŸ™‚

>Remember my rant about how James Bond never has trouble parking his cars? Well I found out this weekend that atleast Natalie Portman has trouble with that, as this picture shows πŸ™‚

SO ..

So my mother thinks I should stop using “So” to start these updates. But you know, it’s like everyone has a word or expression they use abnormally much. Like a F1 commentator uses “precisely” on average 1.21 times per lap, and Juan Pablo Montoya uses “you know”, and Schumacher “to be honest” and Natalie Portman “like” and so on. So I use “so”, so sue me πŸ™‚

And Will Smith and Wycleaf Jean are in town. And boy do we know it, it’s been hyped to the max in the media. Are they really so bored they have to write what these two guys had for breakfast? It’s like a couple of weeks ago when the biggest headline was that princess Madeleine was finally old enough to buy her own alcohol. I can really see that happening, Madeleine buying her own alcohol. Exactly how would that go? In case you didn’t know, we have government control on alcohol so we have a special chain of stores that only sells alcohol, noone else is allowed to. You can’t stop at a 7-11 and buy anything stronger than 3.5%. And these places tends to get very overcrowded, especially around the holidays. So yeah, I can really see Madeleine waiting in line to buy her alcohol. And then being asked about her age and ID card to prove it. As if …
(now all the smart readers are thinking “how can you bash the media for talking about it when you’re just as bad”. Well, I don’t get the hundreds of thousands of hits everyday or sell a million issues! They should have something better to cover than that!)


I’m one of those people who doesn’t care much for religion. I’m an agnostic. And the other day I found out why I don’t like religion: I got into a discussion with a guy from Israel about Natalie Portman’s religion. My first response was very nasty, almost rude. I realised that before sending it, so I deleted it and waited a few days to write a new reply to him, this one based on facts. But it worries me that I, a person who doesn’t care that much about it, got upset and almost lost my manners when talking about it.

Star Wars Episode II

I’ve finally seen Star Wars Ep. II, and here are my thoughts: (this may contain small spoilers, but I think everything in here has already been spoiled)
So I finally “saw” it. I couldn’t wait till thursday so I had to see the “internet” version of it. Pretty crappy sound and picture, but still good enough to form an opinion. Already from the first scene with Natalie you can clearly see that Amidala has matured alot since her “I don’t approve”-pouting in TPM, although she does fall back to that childish behaviour once or twice (like the infamous rolling-in-the-grass scene). Other than that, Natalie does what she’s suppose to, but doesn’t excel. The only time she exerts any emotion is in her speech, borderlining whispers, just before the arena scene.
Anakin is just so easy do dislike right up, except for a line or two he’s just in the way! If that was intended or not… I don’t know. The chemistry between Obi Wan and Anakin is a bit better than the one between Qui Gonn and Obi Wan but still falls short of being credible as a Master – Apprentice one, and the first scene between them and Amidala is just… so scripted. Even their first argument is lacking of emotions, just people reading off a script. But I do like the fact that Anakin uses a word like “overkill” πŸ™‚
The surprising highlight of this movie is Jango and Boba Fett, they rock, just downright mean! Then Sam Jackson who makes his best entrance in a while. The CGI – Yoda is more or less totally CGI and it’s frightingly obvious. Even if you disregard the fact that real actors eyes aren’t actually on the character, you can clearly see Yoda is CGI. Not to mention the sequence when Anakin is riding some animal, soooo badly animated. But while they were pretty bad at animating living things, they were pretty darn good doing the space-chasing scene, that was just visually stunnning (even in this version!). And the surface battles and the end was pretty awesome, much better than in TPM which was pathetic by comparison. And speaking of fights – the lightsaber fight in this one may not be up to TPM standard, but you can sense alot more emotions and motivations in it than the one in TPM. (and I think the CGI animators at ILM have been playing a bit too much Diablo II with “Whirlwind” ability…)
The script… Although it is suffering from the kind of fast-paced scripting as TPM did (cutting from scene to scene without any closure anywhere), it works a little better considering it is following what’s happening in three places at once. And the humor is back, atleast a little. Even I couldn’t help but to laugh at Anakins reply to Obi Wan’s “What took you so long?”. But then there are those just very stupid comments like “in that case, be _extra_ careful” when they’re chasing an assassin and “Jedi-business, go back to your drinks” to name but a few. And there are some typical US things in here as well – like the american football game on the bigscreen TV, and Amidala only being allowed to serve two terms because the constitution says so, those kinda things bothered me – a non-US citizen.
Then there are a few nice ironic scenes, like when Anakin is introduced to Owen and Beru Lars! But there are also small things that doesn’t make sense. For example, Jar Jar says he hasn’t seen Padme this happy for a long time, and this is suppose to be just after the first assassination attempt which kills her double? And Amidala telling the soldier they got to get to that hangar, but she was knocked out and unconscious so what did she know about a hangar.. The love story… it didn’t quite convince me actually. Everything seemed wrong, but then there was that scene just before the arena fight that made it seem good, but oh no, they ruined it in the actual arena scene with Amidala giving him a little kiss, that took it down a few notches.
All in all – a BIG step forward compared to Ep. I, but not the “WOW!” experience I was hoping for. I’ll give it a “@@@@” out of five.
On a little side note : Have you seen “Galaxy’s Quest”? one of my favorite scenes in that movie is when Tim and Sigourney are running throught the ship and encounter the “choppers”, big metal crushers that serves no purpose, and Sigourney freaks out – “there’s no logical reason for them to be here! This episode was badly written”. Well there is a scene here that’s exactly like that, just without the sarcasm.
And in case you’re wondering, I don’t have a bad conscious about seeing the pirate version, I already have my tickets for thursday’s premiere… perhaps I’ll get the “wow” experience then…


So I just saw “Spiderman”… I can summon that movie up in one word – ripoff! This movie steals stuff from Grease to Star Wars. But it’s stylish. And when Spiderman saved his damsel in distress I got one more “signs you’re getting old!” – “when those little girls you saw in movies a while back starts playing the babe in today’s movies”.

Let me ellaborate:
The two most talked-about movies right now is “Spiderman” and “Star Wars Episode II”. The first ones has a babe who needs to be saved by her hero. That babe is played by Kirsten Dunst. “Star Wars Episode II” also has a babe who needs to be saved by her hero. That girl is played by Natalie Portman.
FLASHBACK back to 1994, Kirsten Dunst won an MTV award for her part in “Interview with a Vampire” and Natalie was just awesome in “LΓ©on”. So having seen these girls grow up through their movies and now all of a sudden their playing the babes? DUDE, I was seriously checking out Kirsten Dunst’s contribution to the “Best Wet T-shirt”-contest when this thought hit me. Not a pleasent one…


Another boring day at work, so I though I’d update his page a little. I’ve added a nice subtle background image to some pages, normal white background didn’t look that good.
I’ve also redone the menu so you can more easily find my Bio– and Thoughts-pages.
And by the way – HAPPY NEW YEAR! I know my friend Dazza over at NataliePortman.Com is going to anyway, he just hooked up with a Dane-babe and they really seem to have something going there. Way to go Darren!


Get ready for another deep quote from the Auschwitz book:
“Stienlauf sees me and greets me, then asks me why I’m not cleaning myself. Why should I? Would it make me feel better about myself? Would I please someone else? Would I live a day, an hour longer if I did? No, I’d only live shorter, because washing is labour, it’s a drain of energy and warmth. [..] [He said] “Because this entire camp is a machine meant to turn us into animals, which is why we can’t turn into animals. One can survive this, and that is why we must want to survive – to be able to witness and give our testimony; and to live it’s important to maintain the backbone of civilisation. We’re slaves, without legal rights, exposed to insults and an almost certain death, but we have a chance and we must defend it at all costs, because it’s the only one we got – the option of not consenting. Therefor, it is crucial we must wash our faces, without soap and in the dirty water.””
Sorry for the rough translation, best I could do. I’ve now updated my Natalie Portman fan-page with reviews to include all her movies (even some speculation about the SW movies). I’ve still some work to do with the Flash anims, don’t know when I’ll be inspired enough to do them. And tonight is the night of the MTV’s European Music Awards show here in Stockholm. I’m not disappointed I won’t be there – as far as I know there’s only one reason to see it – MOBY !


Still not much happening in my life. Does anyone have a more interesting life for sale?
Anyway, in lack of better things to do I redid my Natalie Portman page. AGAIN. I know, I know, it’s the third time but this time it’s better and nicer. I think so anyway.
Well, guess it’s back to Primo Levi again… (depressing but still interesting!)


Over at NataliePortman.Com we were discussing a song that used some samples from my favorite flic, “Leon”. And now I’ve finally got the MP3 of Eric Serra’s “Hey Little Angel“! My favorite actress in a song from one of my favorite musicians on the soundtrack to my favorite movie. How can I not LOVE IT?!


I don’t know if I’m that booring, but not much has happened in my life. The most exciting thing that’s happened in recent days was when me and my sister, AC, went out in Stockholm for a movie (“Hollow Man”, I’ll give it a 4) and then to O’Learys sportsbar to see the Indianapolis Formula 1 race live. Quite an experience, it really beats sitting home alone watching F1. The mood was great, the food was great, the service was good, the race was excellent and the crowd was superb (and mostly Ferrari :)).

On a personal note, I’m now officially a staff-member of NataliePortman.com . Yeah baby! I’m in charge of the image gallery. Sounds easy right? You trying indexing, categorizing etc. over 2000 images.


The old Natalie Portman dedication wasn’t good enough. So I did a new one πŸ™‚ This time the entire homepage is included in the Flash animation with a menu, and of course a song. This time it’s one of the most beautiful songs ever – “Det Vackraste” by Cecilia Vennersten. It’s in swedish but the music and her voice tells the story, not the lyrics. Anyway, check it out here.