After yesterday’s update you may be thinking “how can you be a single, sexually active guy in the most babified city in the world, and not get atleast one HIV test!? If not for your sake than atleast for your partner’s!”. And you’d be right too, and I’m usually the first person to tell people how irresponsible it is not to use a condom. But that’s just it – I do! And always have. I’ve even taken a raincheck once due to lack of one. With the one exception of the first time (I was not totally sober, it wasn’t planned, she was calling the shots and I didn’t have one nearby). But that’s all it takes right, just one time? And that’s when I started getting worried until I all of a sudden realised – I did get a blood analysis a couple of months after that trip to Kenya. So I’m not worried anymore. What’s my point? – always use a condom and always have one nearby! And if you have really good friends/family, they’ll give you one on your 25th birthday… ok, you had to be there to appreciate the joke…

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