I hope you watch the Osbournes? Probably the best thing to come out of MTV for a very long time! I love people who don’t take themselves too seriously, who make a little fun of themselves, a little tongue-in-cheek humor. And The Osbournes are probably the apex of that kind of humor! Some things are just brilliant! They are on re-runs on european MTV now, and yesterday was the episode when Kelly has a birthday party and get’s a tatoo. Anyway, for being the kind of person Ozzy is, sometimes even he can say something amazing. Like when he totally objected to the music (which was awful) that they were playing at the party and they asked him if they should change… “no, what for, it’s not my party”. I liked that 🙂
Anyway, sitting here at work on our helpdesk, maxing the subwoofer with X-mas songs and everything, waiting to go home for the holidays (and I really mean “home”)… so until my next update…
And by the way – thanks for not asking what an un-hip geezer like myself was doing in a hip CD store…
(see, I can make fun of myself too!)

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