The Internet Is A Scary Place

The other day I got to talking with one of our senior partners at the lawfirm about some case he was working on and what a big mess it was with this company that had been bought up and merged with some other company and split it by the EU and stuff, it was a big mess. So I told him to “just google it, you’d be surprised” but he didn’t really believe me so he asked if I could do it. So I got 3 things to look up on the internet, information about 2 different companies and try to find if they had anything to do with each other and the third was to find info about some guy that was involved. After about 3 hours of searching around I had complete background info of both companies and how they were related (which unfortunately for them they were!) and a pretty good biography of that dude, including his wife’s age and maiden name.
It’s scary what you can achieve with all the public search engines and archives on the internet. And it also got me to think just how much information someone could put together about me an dmy family only using this website… let’s hope noone ever has a reason to do that!

I Love Christmas!

Seems I had so much fun I kinda forgot this place and wishing everyone a merry christmas!

But I hope you had a jolly good weekend and holiday, I sure did. Nothing spectacular. As always I spend it “at home” with my parents and my sister and her kids coming over and my “brother” joakim as well. Had a very very relaxing christmas, plenty of fun and way too much food. I gained like 3 kilos in the past 2 weeks, thank you very much for that. But I guess that’s the standard for this holiday, isn’t it? Then I had my friends over here for some movie watching and catching up on what’s happening and tonight I’m going to my old friend Henrik’s place, you know the guy that got married. He got a PS3 we need to break in with alot of gaming and stuff with the old crew from high school, that’ll be a blast I hope. Then I got no plans for the coming weekend what so ever and since I’m >30 now I’ll need it to recover 🙂

Here’s hoping you’re having as much fun as I am!!

My Friends Are Happy, I’m Happy, Everybody Is Happy!

This sunday I realised something quite lovely. After catching up with alot of old friends at the wedding and chatting with other friends on MSN and stuff, I came to the conclusion … everyone of my friends and everyone around me is in a pretty happy place at the moment. Ok, maybe not my sis, but she’s doing a good job of faking it.

But my old friends from school are all happy, married, kids and all that shabang. My bestest buddy Mats is happy his chick got a job up here in stockholm so they can finally live together. Another friend went through a minor depression but she’s all better and cheerful. Everyone is just happy. And you know me, when my friends are happy I’m happy. If even one of them is miserable it’s enough to make me lose sleep over it thinking “what can I do”. Seriously, happened last week for example. But that was then, this is now so everybody is happy in time for Christmas!!… or they just know I lose sleep when they aren’t so they just don’t tell me nothing 🙁

Canterbury Tales Redux

So here is the story of me going home after the wedding:

The party was at a place called Ängby Slott which is west-north-west part of stockholm which is an area I’ve been in twice in my entire life. But being the practical “thinking of everything” person I am I had checked “how to get home” and as always taxi rules but subway was an option. When they threw us out I tried getting a cab and failed, no cabs available in the vicinity, so tha hell with it, lets walk to the subway. First problem was I didn’t know what was north or south, no references at all. So I tossed a coin and went this way. And that turned out to be correct! Unfortunately the train was 20 minutes away so I sat down to wait. Normally in these circumstances I am very quiet and keep to myself and don’t bother anyone. Tonight was gonna be different!

At first there was this elderly lady that sat down next to me. The entire hall was empty, she had like 40 seats to chose from but she sat down next to me cause I “seemed like a nice man”, and then she got to talking how the youth of today was so rude and disrespectful that if she sat alone somewhere some kids would see her as easy target. So we sat there, trashing todays youth, talking about stuff and how lovely weddings are, pretty nice chat. Even though I was pretty wasted.

And then onto the subway at Åkeshov going all the way down to Hagsätra which is 26 stations!! At Brommaplan a young couple boarded that was in a very heated discussion about Lars Brandeby vs. Micke Persbrandt as best actor and I joined in on that conversation. I have no idea why but I joined in and before they left on Odenplan we’d all agreed Micke won. On the central station a woman with a … distinguishable hat sat down next to me and on the nexts seats a bunch of these teenboppers sat down, very loud obnoxious disrespectful kids and one of them thought it was a good idea to always spit on the floor, which you really don’t do on the subway. But I minded my own business. But the woman next to me politely asked him to stop and he started up with “you really think I care what some ugly chick with a stupid hat say!? Shut up, as if I care!” and on his second round of that speech I got up and grabbed him as hard as I could and shoved up against the wall and got right up in his face and did the worst bad boy one-liner impression I could. The guy got shitscared and was desperately looking for someone to help him but everyone was as annoyed with him as I was. So after standing like that for 2 minutes he was almost ready to cry and I let him go and he jumped off at the next station and I went back to my seat and pretended it was raining, wondering if that was a good thing I did or not. I have no idea what the woman next to me thought cause I never really saw her that well and she went off a few stations after.

Then at Globen the next funny bunch came in – 5 20 something kids that had been out partying for the 5th day in a row and we ended up with a new product – “post-party bag” containing everything you need after any party. It was everything from plastic puke bag to flashlight and even a compass (see earlier that evening). It was a hilarious discussion where my years of experience came in handy and we even named the product but I have no idea what, but it was fun! Then I ended up in Hagsätra and walked a mile or so to the busstop and waited for the buss and that’s when I did it again. Yeap, I yanked up my phone to start texting my friends! Everything from inappropriate perverted jokes with the groom to “don’t you dare get married!” jokes with my bestest buddy. And then buss home, walked another mile to my apartment, sent off the last few messages and hit the bed with a big fat smile on my face!

And how long did that all take me? Well we were thrown out at 01:30. And that last text message went out at 03:56. That’s 2 hours 26 minutes for what would otherwise have been a max 30 minute taxi ride. But in all fairness I would never have had those four very funny experiences had I gone in a cab hom so I am very happy I didn’t. Who knew the subway could be that fun? Who knew I could be that conversational!!

Update: I remembered the name as I was walking around in the christmas shopping chaos – “Party Pose”… which kinda only works in swedish (intoxicated at 4 am, “Pose” and “Påse” do sound alike!)… man that was fun at the time.

Oh What A Night

Ok that was a blast! I really didn’t expect to have _that_ much fun, for some reason, but it was!!
The ceremony was beautiful, usual slip of the tongue (mostly by the priest!), then off in a buss with a driver that took a wrong turn so we had to walk for a little while but nobody seemed to mind. The dinner was good even though it never got that chatty. One funny little thing they had done was a little pamphlet with various information in it and they had listed all the guests with a small little note that was intended to stir up some conversation or atleast open it up. Unfortunately on me they had written “hates NPC:s, Razer ftw!!” and when people asked I had to explain just how white and nerdy I am!! I had no idea we were suppose to hold a speach, apparently “childhood friends” are suppose to do that? So between the four of us we came up with… nothing really, and I fucked up my little bit of nothing, but atleast we got another toast out of it. Then tables away and the dancefloor was open and I was up there… thrice I think, one of those times ended up with me on the floor… you had to be there. And then one of the more interesting rides home. But I’ll update about that tomorrow cause it’s gonna be long!

Some great memories from that day : Johan doing the imperial march from Star Wars as the bride entered, Jannes uncontrollable yawns during the ceremony, the buss getting stuck, the Andersson family’s version of “Världens Bästa Bamse” (give mp3!), the peppar steak, the cake, the two people with the cameras that were everywhere (one of them even joined the dancefloor!), all the 80’s music, Jocke and Johans two dances.. or whatever that was, my new two personal heroes – Jonas and Lars and the ride home.
And only one “are you dating anyone yet?” and three “who are you here with? What, you’re single? But you”re 32!”. Wouldn’t be a wedding without them!

All in all – kick ass wedding!!

Off To A Wedding

I’m off to a wedding now. I thought they would’ve called off the bluff now, but this conspiracy to try to get me suited up and stuff goes on. But whatever makes them happy 🙂
I haven’t been to many weddings unfortunately. There was this one with my huge family turned out a bit dull as I remember it, was this one for my sis’ best friends that was pretty funny. Then there was the one with Marcus & Linda that was a very good wedding and party afterwards but thanks to other circumstances I couldn’t fully enjoy it and left early. Today I have no such problems at all! I’m totally expecting to sit there defending how “being singel is fun!” while everyone else pitties me, then drink the pain away and end up asking why noone loves me. Nah….

Damnit, I Hate It When I’m Right

Yeap, I was right. “Nines only goes with Nines and Fours goes with Fours. Sometimes there’s the mathematical anomaly, usually when there’s money involved…”. Not an exact quote of House but you get the point. Official reason was “no chemistry”, I dunno if 100 minutes of laughing a bit over a beer or two is reason enough to totally call it off, but atleast she gave me a chance, credit for that.
Ofcourse it is a bit hypocritical of me to say stuff like that, ’cause obviously I’m just as shallow when I make that assessment that a woman is out of my league, or even below it, but I’m pretty damn sure everyone is just as bad. But the only time this hasn’t even been an issue was with “case closed” that I just thought was a beautiful person no matter what, and look what that got me! … the search goes on …

Oh, cookies!

Feeling Inferior

Yesterday I went out on a date with a woman that really made me feel… inferior! We’d talked a bit online and I’d seen a few photos of her so I’d set my expectations at a certain level. But they really didn’t do her justice. So on the physical plane I was the big underdog, but usually that’s ok since I most of the time feel atleast like an equal when looking beyond that, but no luck there either. So I was nervously trying to get through the 1 1/2 hour of getting to know each other talk over 2 beers trying not to screw up too badly and I think I did ok. Although I think I may have left her with the impression I was a irresponsible, gambling alcoholic computer nerd… ok, that last part is probably true…
But I’m hoping she saw that I was just nervous and will gimme the chance to make it up to her with another date. Just unlike me to get that way.


Yeap, I did end up going to the Nightwish concert since I just can’t say no. Started off with a few beers, went over there late enough for the opening act to be done with we hoped… but it wasn’t so we took 2 more beers and so the show started. And what a show! Awesome! The band rocked for 2 hours like it was nothing and I loved it! Unfortunately the arena was the worst place I’ve ever been to a concert at (which doesn’t say much) but still a kick ass evening! Now I just hope the beeping in my right ear goes away unlike the beeping in my left ear after the Moby concert – but even if it doesn’t, totally worth it!