I just love contrasts and today I got the best one yet! The train I take to work in the morning starts 2 stations ahead of me so by the time it comes to my station it isn’t very well heated. And this was a pretty cold morning. So I get on the train and squeeze myself into a corner seat next to the radiator that was set to max burn. So on my left side I’m all warm and good and my hand is almost too hot, but on my right side it’s cold and my right hand is almost freezing. Interesting scenario 🙂

"Is there a doctor in the house!?"

Ok, that is a pretty bad comment but it’s such an obvious joke when you create a TV show about a doctor called House!?

My weekend was so slow (but not boring!) that I downloaded and watched the first season of “House M.D”. It’s pretty funny and at the same time worrying how much can go wrong with the human body! I mean if I wasn’t a hypocondriac before I saw the show I’m pretty sure I am now, can’t even sneeze without thinking about the preassure that it puts on my body!

And I’ve been doing alot of riding my exercise bike in the past months. So much that I think I broke it. And I have no idea where to hand in stuff like that for service. So I guess I’ll gain a few pounds again 🙁

Weekend Again!?

Wow, that week went by way too quickly. And nothing in particular happened. Not that I’m gonna bore you with anyway. As a matter of fact it’s been a really boring week. Usually that’s a symptom that you’ve got some kick ass weekend you’re looking forward to that the week just flies by, and that’s the weird thing, I was sure I’d made some plans for this weekend with someone but just can’t remember what it was?! Coming up empty which means it’s gonna be a slow weekend with Warcraft, catching up with Heroes and movies and hoping someone calls and say “hey, got a party brewing, come over” 🙂

Accidentally caught some live show with Avril Lavigne, you know that small pissed off 17 year old canadian that was big in 2001/2002? … she grew up really nicely. Not a big fan of her music unfortunately.

Learn to communicate!

This weekend we had a kick-off conference thing planned for the entire IT department at work, which is a total of 13 people. The last 2 events we’ve done haven’t been that successfull so my expecations weren’t high at all. And when we got there and there was a guy there that started talking that we were gonna learn to communicate better and that’d help us professionally as well as privately. My usual “yeah right, as if he knows my job, this ain’t gonna help me one bit”-persona kicked in but I am at least gonna hear him out. So I listened to him carefully and followed his arguments and stuff he said and… well, I don’t think he said much I didn’t already know and not alot that we couldn’t figure out for ourselves and most of it was “ofcourse”, but his way of presenting it and giving real life examples and adapting to exactly how it would help me every day thinking about those things and how to deal with people of different personalities and handling stuff like that, it was quite interesting. And it certainly will affect me professionally, no doubt about it. Personally?… probably not, but we’ll see. Overall a very good weekend. And I got to do a bit of cooking when we actually had to cook our own 4 course dinner which was pretty fun. Just too bad it sucks cooking dinner when you’re single 🙂

I tried avoiding the camera as well but one guy from our Gothenberg branch caught me and I’m pretty happy with the result! (yes, photoshopped slightly)

"All of lifes really important questions are answered in the movies!"

Actually don’t remember exactly where that quote is from, think it was some “Star Trek Deep Space Nine” episodes?

ANYWAY, let’s get a little bit less serious than yesterday. ‘Cause I’ve been catching up on some movies and wanna share some opinions:
Bourne Ultimatum : I likes this series of films. Alot. The first one was really good but the second one was a bit of a letdown with all the action but not much storywise. But this one made up for that. Highly recommended. And not alot of romance to spoil it either.
Resident Evil Extinction : Again, loved the first one but second one was just a bit too much flipped out for my liking and having two action chicks didn’t really work. But this one made up for that a bit. Not quite as good as the first but better than the 2nd.
28 Weeks Later : Sequel to 28 days later which I never really got what the point was. And same with this, didn’t really get the point. And except for that tilted helicopter scene just a big waste of time.
Knocked up : Surprisingly deep but not as funny as I hoped it would be. Still recommend it though. And good sex ed film for kids 🙂

No, "No" Is Not Always A "No"..

The biggest news here in sweden is a rape-trial that just finished with the “guilty!” verdict. I don’t know the exact details but I’m getting a bit frustrated… Everone and their cousins are hurrying to say “this a good verdict since the court have finally ruled that a no is really a no”.

I’m sorry to burst bubbles but what kinda fucked up dating world did they live in, if any !?

I’ve lived the single’s life and somewhat active dating life for about a decade and no, it really isn’t. After having played all those mind games and walked the mindfields, trying to play mindreader and all those hoops that chicks today make you go through the one thing I’ve learnt is “no” is most of the time really a “try harder”. I was raised with the utmost respect for women so I’ve always accepted a no as a no which is why it totally backfires with all the girls that says something but really means something else.

Ofcourse there’s a big difference between dating and saying no when it comes to the actual sex part but it’s kinda the old story of the boy who cried wolf – after turning so many no’s into yes’ I can see how someone might not take that last no as a real no.
Ofcourse rape is always wrong and noone should ever say anyone deserves it and ofcourse in this case it was pretty clear the bastards were guilty and ofcourse I will always respect a no and I will never say it’s ok for any guy to have sex with a chick that’s not into it that’s not what this post is about – I get so fed up with everyone being politically correct by saying a no is always a no. Cause it ain’t. And I didn’t make the rules and I’m not even playing those games anymore.

Let me tell you about the latest mine that blew up in my face. This was on saturday when sweden was playing a qualifying match against Lichtenstein for the soccer European Championship. It was our fourth date and we went to Heron City to catch a movie and afterwards she wanted to go eat something and I named every restaurant in the vicinity and got to “O’Learys” and she said “let’s go there! they have good food there, and you can watch the soccer game”. Now I’m not that crazy about sports but I do like to see the game if sweden is playing. And this game was a slam dunk victory, Lichtenstein isn’t that good. So I would never have suggest going there cause I wanted to see the soccer game nor would I have cried had I missed it. But she wanted to go there. But ofcourse that was a trap. I should ofcourse have called a limo to take us to an italian restaurant with candlelight and all that. Which is ofcourse what I would have done had she given any clue that she liked that kind of romantic stuff… *sigh* .. next date I’m gonna make it clear that she had better be straightforward with stuff like that.

Now I’m done and gonna expect a call from my very upset mother yelling at me for saying that rape is ok… which I didn’t really say…


I never seize to be amazed at how music can make you feel, and how music can make you remember certain events and times and sometime an exact moment with all the details.
Some examples : Uncle Crackers “Follow Me” remind me of novemer/december 2001 when I had just gotten my drivers license and everytime I borrowed my dads car that song was playing on the radio. Spin Doctors “2 Princes” reminds me of a mini-marathon school event that I never ran cause of my asthma and as I was sitting in the control booth enjoying a warm sunny summer day that song thumping. Simple Minds “Don’t You Forget About Me” of the night I met “case closed” and she had no clue about the song and I knew (and was drunk enough to sing!) every word, Linkin Parks “Somewhere I Belong” about that perfect moment back in May… I could go on with like 100 songs that has that affect.

It’s really weird and there’s probably been a good psychological study on it that I’d love to read. It also really helps me doing my daily 30 minute on the exercise bike seem like 10 minutes when thumping Rammstein. Unfortunately my neightbour didn’t agree with me…

Why am I talking about that? Because I just downloaded a gigabyte or so of remixed 80’s and 90’s songs and it just got me so happy listening to them 🙂

"You’re undecided now, so what are you gonna do?"

Now a friend of mine wants me to go to the Nightwish concert in December here in Stockholm and I’m a bit undecided. Their latest CD is… weird. It’s a mix of so very many things I don’t know what to make of it… some of it sounds very much like the Metallica vs. San Fransisco orchestra concert and some of it like old viking music. But I haven’t gone to a concert in a long time. And I still can’t say no to women. So I guess I’m going…

Alot to say – but how and where

There’s alot going on but I really don’t know how much I can say without having to face the music “in real life”. That “chapter closed” is still closed, we’re simply just not talking anymore which makes me kinda sad how something so good can end so badly. But I did manage to get another date through the web-dateing site, but she had found this place even before we first met so I’m not gonna go into details, don’t wanna ruin another one. And I “dinged” 93 kilos the other day (“dinged” is a very technical World of Warcraft term for achieving a goal), but unfortunately I’ve really slacked the past few days so gotta be careful with that. Other than that – life walking along nicely with my biggest concerns being if I should buy a new 8 gig Clix MP3 player or wait for the 16 gig Apple iTouch.