I never seize to be amazed at how music can make you feel, and how music can make you remember certain events and times and sometime an exact moment with all the details.
Some examples : Uncle Crackers “Follow Me” remind me of novemer/december 2001 when I had just gotten my drivers license and everytime I borrowed my dads car that song was playing on the radio. Spin Doctors “2 Princes” reminds me of a mini-marathon school event that I never ran cause of my asthma and as I was sitting in the control booth enjoying a warm sunny summer day that song thumping. Simple Minds “Don’t You Forget About Me” of the night I met “case closed” and she had no clue about the song and I knew (and was drunk enough to sing!) every word, Linkin Parks “Somewhere I Belong” about that perfect moment back in May… I could go on with like 100 songs that has that affect.

It’s really weird and there’s probably been a good psychological study on it that I’d love to read. It also really helps me doing my daily 30 minute on the exercise bike seem like 10 minutes when thumping Rammstein. Unfortunately my neightbour didn’t agree with me…

Why am I talking about that? Because I just downloaded a gigabyte or so of remixed 80’s and 90’s songs and it just got me so happy listening to them 🙂

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