What’s so provocative?

About a month ago I read an article about some new swedish song some chick had recorded and put up on the net and it had spread like a wildfire because it was such a cool song. From what I understood at the time it was basically a song about a chick out partying and picking up a guy for a one night stand and dumping him in the morning. I’m a pretty liberal guy who appreciates women that can take initiative like that so I just thought all those people dissing it and getting upset were just too prude and conservative.

Until I heard it myself the other day. To sum up the lyrics – a girl at 4 am realises it’s time to hook up, grabs the first guy she sees, says “you’ll do”, drags him home, tells him to fuck her using all 3 holes and pound on her until she’s blue and yellow like the swedish flag and then waking up next morning and saying “who tha hell are you? Noway I’d have sex with a guy like you, no matter how drunk I was, get that fuck out here”. And as if that wasn’t irritating enough, she couldn’t sing worth a damn, there was no music at all and she wasn’t even nice too look at. Sorry, but if you make a song like that you have to be able to take the criticism. But there she was sitting in the “good morning sweden!” couch wondering “what’s so provocative about this song”?! … “I dunno bitch, maybe you should sing it to all girls who’ve been beaten yellow and blue by guys who think they wanted it! Or maybe to all the guys charged with rape because the woman was that wasted but said ‘go for it’. Or maybe to your own daughter!”…. yeah, it got me upset. People who do stuff only to provoke people and then saying “what’s so provocative?” annoys me.

Did I Forget You Again?

Busy few days. I’ve been to a course in Sharepoint which is gonna be big. Well, big in the computer world anyway. Other than that I’m … actually almost afraid to write stuff here since my new… is girlfriend too soon to say?… anyway, she’s reading this place so I’m careful right now.

Another thing is that a friend of mine lost her cousin during the weekend and I’ve done my best to support her and it got me thinking back 5 years to when I lost my best friend all of a sudden. Very depressing indeed but a good reminder that no matter how much we try to control our lives there’s nothing we can do when life serves these curveballs.

"No, seriously…"

That date on saturday, that was very spontaneous, went pretty ok. What I liked about her was her humor so when we were having dinner and talking I think we sat the record of how many times the phrase “no, seriously…” have been used in one hour. ‘Cause both of us were very sarcastic, ironic and making fun of ourselves that we just had to make sure when we were serious and not. I hope we’ll get a better read on each other next time or this could get complicated and end with misunderstandings. Which wouldn’t be the first time.

Other than that, life proceding as normal.

Cyber meatmarket

All of my friends and collegues who know I’m a good guy that deserves to find that “special someone” is telling me that I should really be into these online matchmaking places. So about 6 months ago I signed up on two of them and it’s terrible. I’m sitting there going through the list thinking “too old”, “too young”, “too booring”, “too far away”, there’s always something I whine about. How pathetic am I?! But the other day there was a girl there that caught my attention with a hilarious intro and we’re going out tonight. Best test to see if I’m over “you know who” I guess.

The most boring thing I know

As I said a few weeks ago my doctor gave me pills and stuff for a 10 day long “get rid of all allergies” sprint. One of the things I was suppose to do was have a bath with this purple potassium shit (or “kalium” if you wanna be accurate). I usually don’t take baths in my bathtub and I was reminded why. It’s so very frustratingly boring. I know in my head I have atleast 10 different things I should be doing so lying there completely useless not doing anything. I even tried having my laptop there, no luck. It’s still the most boring thing I know.

Finding Something To Look Forward To

So now I’ve been to italy and I’ve been to the UK, and now I honestly need to find something else to look forward to. There’s midsummer’s eve comming up but I’ve never been a big fan of that so we’ll see, but I need something more. At work everything is just ticking along nicely and my personal life isn’t ticking along at all at the moment. I got some vacation time coming up in august and nothing to do.

I guess I’ll just surf around the web finding hilarious clips like this one with some pro stealing Bush’s wristwatch, awesome 🙂

It’s A Beautiful Day

Woke up at 9.30, got my ass out on my balcony and got an hour of hot sun, got on the train into stockholm, sat down on Norrmalmstorg with shades on, a cool lemon ice tea in my hand and playing Moby’s “Lift Me Up” and that’s when it hit me… this is life 🙂

And yesterday I was introduced to Facebook.com, a grown up version of Lunarstorm, for people to set up a network of friends, family, send message, share pictures and keep everyone updated what’s going on. Basically what I’m doing here but here it’s just me. Go over there and register and send a friends request to Kristoffer Ström!

I’m A Slacker

 This weekend was a huge slacking weekend for me. Nothing to do on friday at all, on sunday I helped my sis moved to a new house, then out to my parents to enjoy the years first BBQ and as usual ate way way too much and thanks to the heat I couldn’t work up energy to do anything more. Then today I did nothing really important all day today, some WoW, catching up on “Heros” (awesome tv show!) and ending with a GREAT Formula 1 race from Canada. Ok it wasn’t great for Kubica but from a spectators POV it was a great. Kinda made up for the one from Monaco.

And this week I’m working late all week which in summertime means 13-20 which is just slacking! Gonna make sure to enjoy plenty of ice creams in Kungsan!

Not Him Too

Today Påvel Ramel died. That makes me sad but in a weird way makes me smile. Because he was one of the really good guys. He was a true entertainer. He always laughed, always had fun and made some classic songs and even started an award foundation for people with elite language skills (an award I obviously won’t ever win). He was fun. He will be missed. I’ve never been able to order at a japanese restaurant without laughing because of him.

Back In Action

Ok, I’m back to sweden and one of the first things I’m doing is trying to transfer this site to a new server. Here’s hoping that goes as well as I planned.

We had a blast in London! Walked around half the town, went out to Biggin Hill for the airshow, did even more walking and enjoyed some pub food and some texas food and alot of beer. All in all a kick ass weekend! Will write a day-by-day entry later when I have more time.

All I Ever Wanted, All I Ever Needed

Speaking of song lyrics I just heard one that totally describes my relationship to that girl – Depeche Modes ‘Enjoy the silence’. All I ever wanted all I ever needed is here in my arms. Words are very unecessary, they can only do harm. As long as we were just lying in her soffa holding each other it was heaven and I wanted to stop time. Then we started talking and it screwed it all up. Anyway I’m off to london now, I’m in the car to the airport and writing this on my blackberry. Hi-tech for the win! Will update when I get back. And by then I’m 32! Have fun.