What’s so provocative?

About a month ago I read an article about some new swedish song some chick had recorded and put up on the net and it had spread like a wildfire because it was such a cool song. From what I understood at the time it was basically a song about a chick out partying and picking up a guy for a one night stand and dumping him in the morning. I’m a pretty liberal guy who appreciates women that can take initiative like that so I just thought all those people dissing it and getting upset were just too prude and conservative.

Until I heard it myself the other day. To sum up the lyrics – a girl at 4 am realises it’s time to hook up, grabs the first guy she sees, says “you’ll do”, drags him home, tells him to fuck her using all 3 holes and pound on her until she’s blue and yellow like the swedish flag and then waking up next morning and saying “who tha hell are you? Noway I’d have sex with a guy like you, no matter how drunk I was, get that fuck out here”. And as if that wasn’t irritating enough, she couldn’t sing worth a damn, there was no music at all and she wasn’t even nice too look at. Sorry, but if you make a song like that you have to be able to take the criticism. But there she was sitting in the “good morning sweden!” couch wondering “what’s so provocative about this song”?! … “I dunno bitch, maybe you should sing it to all girls who’ve been beaten yellow and blue by guys who think they wanted it! Or maybe to all the guys charged with rape because the woman was that wasted but said ‘go for it’. Or maybe to your own daughter!”…. yeah, it got me upset. People who do stuff only to provoke people and then saying “what’s so provocative?” annoys me.

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