Right Back At me

And after yesterday’s little update I turned on the TV and saw a debate program and a documentary that showed that not even the scientists are in agreement over this whole greenhouse effect and as a matter of fact it’s totally wrong and most of them seemed to blame our beloved sun for the increased temperature. And sure it makes more sense to blame a gigantic fireball for things getting warmer rather than gasses that makes up barely a percent of out atmosphere.

But it really doesn’t take a scientist to know that millions of smoker lighting up 10 times a day is bound to result in a lot of heat, not to mentions thousands of jumbo jets flying thousands of miles. It may not be the carbon dioxide but I’m still fairly convinced it’s our own doing. ‘Cause blaming the sun sounds like giving up all hope and rolling over and play dead.

But enough negative talk – it’s Friday, it’s pay-day weekend, the weather kicks ass, we got the ice-hockey championship starting this week and I still have lots of movies and albums to listen to with my new set of speakers!

It’s Summer. In April?

This may be getting old but I can’t help but to be amazed at how fast this has gone! I mean in the past decades everyone has become aware that we’re slowly killing this planet, but just in the past few years it’s become pretty obvious to anyone how bad it is and now it’s really bad! I invite every person saying this talk about greenhouse-effect is overhyped to come to stockholm now! Sweden is joked to have polar bears on the streets and here we are in april and it’s summer! The sun is shining, it’s 20 degrees and everyone is enjoying an afterwork beer out in the sun. This is so f*cked up. And it may be one reason why my allergies is back so damn hard after 15 years. And it’s a good argument not to have kids today – would you want your kids to inherit what we screwed up ? 🙂

Or to quote Stanley in “The Rock” – “I mean it, honey, the world is being Fed-exed to hell in a hand cart. I really believe anyone even thinking of bringing a child into the world is coldly considering an act of cruelty.”

Small Little Update

I’ve been intending to make an update here but every time something else has come in between. But here I am… so what to type? My newly re-discovered allergies really don’t wanna go away! I can use all the tablets and cortisone-cream that the doctors can throw at me it just won’t go away. But I’m still hopeful in the “it’ll blow over”-kinda way. As a result of all this I felt a bit down and tried a bit of retail therapy and bought myself a new set of speakers. So now my little corner of the universe sounds a little bit better!! Other than that … same old same old…

All Good Things Really Do Come To An End

Got a bad reminder that all good things really do come to an end yesterday. I’ve been a Moby fan for years and when I saw there was a new DVD out with one of his concerts from his latest tour (“Hotel”) I bought it and yesterday I had a chance to see it. It was… good. Which is rather disappointing. Usually his live shows had alot of energy and the spirit of “people jumping up and down and dancing till 5 am” (quote from the man himself during his “Glastonbury” performance). This one didn’t. I don’t know if it was the audience or that it was a smaller arena that did it. But it probably was that he’d changed pretty much the entire band, only one from the “good old ‘Play’-days” was the drummer, Scotty. No “G-Strings” (the girls playing violins and stuff), no “RJ The DJ”, no Paulo running around thumping his drums, no Greta on bass or Diane doing vocals. It wasn’t as good as it used to be at all.

But what tha hell – it’s friday, it’s the first day of summer (according to me) and it’s “Star Trek” and Formula 1 weekend! As the song goes – “things are going great and they’re only getting better”.


Do you put much faith in horoscopes or anything describing you as a person through zodiacs? I haven’t. From a statistical point of view, if you throw in enough crap there something is bound to be accurate and it’s just been silly all along. But the other day as I was cleaning up a bit I came across one of these that was frighteningly accurate. Not only one or two things right, but everything in that very long text got it absolutely 100% dead on! And it really made my day. Unfortunately I can’t really get into details because the source reference was a “Gemini”-sheet from the Museum of Erotica in Copenhagen that I picked up a few years ago, so that would be way too much information.


You know one of the best things about me is my open mindedness, my way of not pre-judging anything and if I do not being a stubborn asshole refusing to admit I was wrong. I’ve never been a big fan of metal. I go as far as Metallica and Nightwish but that’s it. Well the other week I was out having more than a few beers with a few friends and ended up at Anchor, which is a bar mostly for head bangers. Which I’m certainly not. But on their TV screens they were playing the DVD of some Rammstein concert and it was a mighty impressive show. Didn’t hear that much since we were there to be social, not to listen to Rammstein. But being the open-minded person I am I ordered the DVD and yesterday I decided to annoy my neighbours by putting it on. And man do those guys rock! Say what you will about the music (and since I can’t understand the lyrics I can’t say much about that) but the show was totally kick-ass! And the fact it was mixed in DTS made it sound that much better. Favorite number would be “Los” when they start off with an acoustic guitar and slowly build up to the balls-out climax.

This Is Not A Joke

Yesterday I went home to one of my best friends to do… absolutely nothing! Just hanging out, playing some x-box, talking through some more or less unimportant stuff… Anyway, at like 1am I thought I’d better get my ass home since it’s a long drive and so off I went. It had gotten pretty chilly over the night and I was going a bit too fast through a twisty part of E18, but it’s got 2 lanes and no traffic so no problem criss-crossing between the lanes. That was until there was an aqueduct, a pretty good left blind turn and all of a sudden one lane was closed for construction and at that point I lost the grip at about 90 kph thanks to the chilly road. But you know what? Thanks to me being a complete slacking computer geek I made it with two inches to spare! Me being a slacker = me still driving with winter tires. Me being a computer geek = I’ve mastered the art of drifting thanks to Need for Speed. Ok, the obligatory skid testing to get a license in Sweden might have helped too. So after sliding through all of that and very nearly going off the road I calmly drove the rest of the way home to contemplate my brush with death and said “missed me!”.