You know one of the best things about me is my open mindedness, my way of not pre-judging anything and if I do not being a stubborn asshole refusing to admit I was wrong. I’ve never been a big fan of metal. I go as far as Metallica and Nightwish but that’s it. Well the other week I was out having more than a few beers with a few friends and ended up at Anchor, which is a bar mostly for head bangers. Which I’m certainly not. But on their TV screens they were playing the DVD of some Rammstein concert and it was a mighty impressive show. Didn’t hear that much since we were there to be social, not to listen to Rammstein. But being the open-minded person I am I ordered the DVD and yesterday I decided to annoy my neighbours by putting it on. And man do those guys rock! Say what you will about the music (and since I can’t understand the lyrics I can’t say much about that) but the show was totally kick-ass! And the fact it was mixed in DTS made it sound that much better. Favorite number would be “Los” when they start off with an acoustic guitar and slowly build up to the balls-out climax.

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