All Good Things Really Do Come To An End

Got a bad reminder that all good things really do come to an end yesterday. I’ve been a Moby fan for years and when I saw there was a new DVD out with one of his concerts from his latest tour (“Hotel”) I bought it and yesterday I had a chance to see it. It was… good. Which is rather disappointing. Usually his live shows had alot of energy and the spirit of “people jumping up and down and dancing till 5 am” (quote from the man himself during his “Glastonbury” performance). This one didn’t. I don’t know if it was the audience or that it was a smaller arena that did it. But it probably was that he’d changed pretty much the entire band, only one from the “good old ‘Play’-days” was the drummer, Scotty. No “G-Strings” (the girls playing violins and stuff), no “RJ The DJ”, no Paulo running around thumping his drums, no Greta on bass or Diane doing vocals. It wasn’t as good as it used to be at all.

But what tha hell – it’s friday, it’s the first day of summer (according to me) and it’s “Star Trek” and Formula 1 weekend! As the song goes – “things are going great and they’re only getting better”.

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