Well happy birthday to the United States of America. About 220 years old and they’re running the world, bombing Afghanistan, makes the stockmarkets crash , arming their citizens to the teeth, demanding the palistinian leader to be replaced , killing their own citizens in the name of justice and demanding that their soldiers get immunity from the first ever international court for warcrimes. Way to go 🙂

One of my favorite tracks at the moments is the “Star of ’45” medley with alot of 60′ and 70’s songs all bunched up into one. And the lyrics for one of them, some anti-Vietnam war song I suppose, is very applicable to Bush – “you say you don’t believe in war, well what’s that gun your touting?”


Busy, busy, busy. So much going on now, most of it fun.

So I was called as an expert in sci-fi movies and later Star Trek during the sci-fi convent here. And a very interesting thing happened. During the first discussion, “100 years of sci-fi” the conclusion we all reached was that sci-fi movies were alot better in the old days because they went more for good story than eye-candy (space battles, effects and whatnot). Back when they were deep and explored mankind instead of exploring the bounderies of CGI. Kinda frightening how close that conclusion is to my recent bashing of the music industry :).

The general consensus was that it all started going to hell after “Alien” and “Star Wars”. But there is hope now that sci-fi is once again going deep and making you think – A.I and Minority Report are two recent examples. (although I didn’t really like A.I)

In the second debate we were suppose to have a little battle over which sci-fi universe (Star Trek, Babylon 5, Star Wars, Alien…) was the best one. I was the voice for Star Trek. And I believe I was the moral victor because my initial statement was “Since I’m a trekker I shouldn’t be here, because the point of Star Trek is learning to respect other people and their opinions so I can’t really tell anyone that they’re wrong since in the Star Trek spirit no opinion can be wrong”. Hehe, tell that to any Babylon 5 freak who always sends in his navy of Whitestars…


Do you know what we’ve never seen? James Bond having problems parking his car or getting a ticket! Seriously, I was driving out to a customer to install an internet router, and my biggest worry was where to park the car. That’s when it hit me that we’ve never seen James Bond have that kind of trouble. I’ve never seen him pay for parking or anything! And that proves just how much I think about the little practical things that become big problems if I hadn’t been one step ahead.


Last saturday we had a little party here at my parents house. They’re away for a week and I’m in charge, so naturally there’ll be a party! Anyway, it was going to be a normal BBQ with the usual crew (AC, her hubby Paul and my “brother” Jocke) but on this special occasion, two women I’ve known since I was five came – Lina and Helena. Lina I’ve seen and talked to a little now and then, but Helena have been living a little all over so I haven’t really talked to her for over 10 years (not counting the occasional “hello”s). And it was good catching up a little with her.

See, I live my life after my own set of “Rules of Conduct” to ensure that if I’d die, noone will have anything bad to say about me. And I can count the people who may have something bad to say about me on one hand. And now there is one less! Because the last time we “talked” it was during my teens when I had done some really stupid things, so I’ve always felt that when we lost contact it was on a bad note. But now I think I’m redeemed.

And on a very, very happy note – Helena’s boyfriend (yeap, all good ones are still taken) name is Timothy, but called Tim or… TIMMYYYY!… and I started laughing when I heard her say that and I had to explain that I’m a South Park-fan and that’s why TIMMYYY is pretty funny, and guess what she counters with? She was one of the dancers performing the “BLAME CANADA!” number during the 2000 Oscars! DUDE!


Did you see the MTV Movie Awards? Natalie was presenting an award so more or less had to see it. This is one of the few award shows I still have a little bit of respect for! Anyway, Seann William Scott won an award (for best kiss with Jason Biggs… don’t ask!), and in his acceptance speech he said something like “five years ago, I was working in a zoo, now look at me!”.

And that got me thinking – just how much in life is left to chance. Everything from having the good parents, the right genetic makeup/DNA, sibblings, teachers in school, job oppurtunities, meeting the right one and to not be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Just how much of that can you actually control yourself? Not a lot….


So it turns out it was coincidence after all, cause she’s getting married in the near future. Good for her! And I really mean that. And as far as the guy goes… I can’t tell you how many sunday mornings that guy has been responsible for waking me up 🙂


So yesterday was my birthday. And I didn’t really enjoy it because I found another “signs that you’re getting old” – hangovers! They’re getting worse and worse! I remember when hangovers only last a couple of hours and took a gallon of water to cure. No more, I was feeling terrible all day yesterday. Which wasn’t nice since we had a nice bbq planned with my family and stuff, I wasn’t too… happy 🙁 But always look on the bright side – saturday evening was hilarious.

And do you remember that radio-chick I was talking about a year back? The babe that disappeared to finland but returned out of the blue on the radio the day before the most sacred days for me – Christmas? That was a nice surprise, but guess who was in charge of the night shift on the radio yesterday when I went to bed? Coinsidence that she comes on the radio on the two most important days for me? Hehehe 🙂


Cars. They are a very stupid invention! The only good thing about cars, as I see it, is that they give alot of people alot of work! Come on, think about it; think about the raw materials required to build one. Think of the actual construction and all waste it produces. Then the fuel, oil-rigs aren’t environment friendly either, and then the gases produced by the motors and all that that does to the greenhouse effect. Then think about all people & other living things killed or injured by cars every year. Don’t forget all the space and wonderful nature we’d have if it wasn’t for all the roads (the construction of roads isn’t environment friendly either!). And then when it has outlived its usefulness, it’s dumped to just corrode away. So why are we using cars so much? Same with smoking – people know it’s bad for them, they know their lungs are taking damage, they know their stinking up the place, themselves and their clothes. Still they do it.

People really are stupid


I’m one of those people who doesn’t care much for religion. I’m an agnostic. And the other day I found out why I don’t like religion: I got into a discussion with a guy from Israel about Natalie Portman’s religion. My first response was very nasty, almost rude. I realised that before sending it, so I deleted it and waited a few days to write a new reply to him, this one based on facts. But it worries me that I, a person who doesn’t care that much about it, got upset and almost lost my manners when talking about it.


So how many reacted to me saying it’s been six months? That’s right, I got to counting, it’s only been five months! Stupid me 🙂

Anyways, so I’ve really gotten used to driving now. I think it’s kinda fun, even sitting in queues in to Stockholm. But there are three huge drawbacks to driving compared to commuting. 1) Money! It’s so expensive driving here, most of all because of the gas! 2) I’ve eliminated the little exercise I used to get, which was walking to the trainstation! c) I hate to sound repetitive, but there’s not that many women to sit and admire. Sure, there’s a couple of them but that’s when you’re reminded that “HEY, you’re DRIVING!”.
(I’m purposly avoiding mentioning anything that happened in the F1 race in Austria)


So summer is here. With a bang! You know what that means, right? Sleepless nights for Kris (don’t know why I have a problem sleeping when it’s warm, I just do), but more importantly, the women are dressing less. I work in the central part of Stockholm this week so I decided to take a stroll around the blocks the other day (I was actually on a mission, more on that in another update) and lets just say I’m glad I wasn’t driving! Some say people who are overly checking out women are insecure about their sexuality… well, I’m not and it’s good to get a confirmation about that a little now and then, considering it’s been… shit, almost six months…

SW Ep. II premieres tomorrow (at midnight actually, 00:01), but I’ve already seen it but just have to go anyway. If not to compensate for the fact I saw the pirate version off the internet, then for the huge bangs duing the asteroid hunt sequence! I’ll be going to the 18.20 showing on thursday at FS Sergel, so if you’re there, please say “hi” 🙂


So I just saw “Spiderman”… I can summon that movie up in one word – ripoff! This movie steals stuff from Grease to Star Wars. But it’s stylish. And when Spiderman saved his damsel in distress I got one more “signs you’re getting old!” – “when those little girls you saw in movies a while back starts playing the babe in today’s movies”.

Let me ellaborate:
The two most talked-about movies right now is “Spiderman” and “Star Wars Episode II”. The first ones has a babe who needs to be saved by her hero. That babe is played by Kirsten Dunst. “Star Wars Episode II” also has a babe who needs to be saved by her hero. That girl is played by Natalie Portman.
FLASHBACK back to 1994, Kirsten Dunst won an MTV award for her part in “Interview with a Vampire” and Natalie was just awesome in “Léon”. So having seen these girls grow up through their movies and now all of a sudden their playing the babes? DUDE, I was seriously checking out Kirsten Dunst’s contribution to the “Best Wet T-shirt”-contest when this thought hit me. Not a pleasent one…


Is it OK or irresponsible not to answer your phone? I asked myself that question yesterday. Yesterday I had bought a new CD player, a toy for my car, a new 80 Gig harddrive and a new 19″ monitor and I was totally busy playing around with everything when my phone rings. And I just say to my self “nah, let it ring”. Is it OK to do that, or is it considered rude not to answer your phone? I don’t have any number display or anything so I have no idea who’s calling, so it’s not personal. It’s just that sometimes I feel like not answering.


Wanna hear something amazing? You’re gonna ! My friend is getting married this summer (that’s not the amazing part!). And on the invitation they specifically said “suit”. If you don’t know me well enough – I NEVER wear a suit. It just isn’t me. I can count the number of times I’ve had a suit (and had an influence in what I wear!) on one hand. But hell, it is his wedding so why not. And just to make sure my almost 6 year old suit doesn’t fit I tried it on the other day. And guess what? Yep, it still fits! How unbelievable is that! I’m the least healthy, sporting, active guy in the world, that combined with my food habits and I shouldn’t fit into something I bought 6 years ago! Then I got to thinking “how cheap is it to use a 6 year old suit”, and I’m torn. It’s in perfect condition so there’s really no need to buy a new one…

Btw, got a great new porno-title for you – “Titney Spheres”. ROTFL! (and believe me, I’m not making that up!)


So I was invited to my friends place for a little BBQ and a small gettogether with some other friends of his. One of which was a single girl that he had tried to play match-maker for, and apparently one of her first questions about me had been “does he have a 6 pack?”, a question that made us both laugh considering the only 6 pack I’ve ever had has been limited to the fridge! I don’t know how serious she was about that but it kinda made me wonder about how much, or little, emphasis girls place in how guys look. I may be able to work up a 6 pack in say a year or so (if I give up the little life outside work I have and spend every free minute in the gym, maybe even require steroids), but it wouldn’t be me! I enjoy the good things (and eating is pretty high up on that list) in life too much to try and get one, not to mention try to keep it!

When it comes to this I also have a pretty good rule – don’t expect anything of anyone that you can’t deliver yourself.


So that was another great weekend over and done with! Decent weather, great F1 race, new car to drive everywhere and just all over nice to visit my parents again. Do I need to say my mother’s cooking rocks? (I thought it went without saying, but she thought I’d atleast mention it so I did)

But about the F1 race this weekend (Spain), I’m a bit undecided if I like Ferrari’s dominance or not? I’m a Ferrari fan so ofcourse I love it when they win, but seriously, Schumi dominated it so much (same with Imola) that it just wasn’t as fun watching as it used to be. Hope the other teams can do something to make it a little more exciting.


“Woke up this morning, and I got myself a car”. I’m afraid I had to take another little step towards being an… adult. I bought a car. A very well used one that I’ll breake in a couple of years, but I really needed it for my work! Although I did take great pride in being able to get myself anywhere at any time using local transportation, it didn’t work in the long run. And I probably won’t be able to afford actually owning it. We’ll see…


Today I got an e-mail that made me smile. It was yet another “take those pictures off NP.Com or we’ll sue”-letter 🙂 We put up the latest scans from the “Entertainment Weekly” magazine and it took a whole day for their PR Manager, Jason Averett, to mail us asking us to take them down. The thing that made me smile was how incredibly nice and polite he was about it! I’ve gotten used to these types of letters, and if I was running a magazine and had a site like us publishing everything, I’d be mad too! But this guy was just nice. That was fun 🙂 So now I like E. Weekly even more than I use to. (I used to like them alot because they have great cover-pictures)
So, guess what I saw in the TV scedule the other day? You won’t believe this… PART II of the porno version of Trixx! Isn’t that just hilarious! 🙂 I didn’t bother seeing it, I just thought it was funny that they had a part II 🙂


Jocke wanted me to post this:
“Kanske borde skriva på ding sida att du BAd mig fiksa skärm och komma till dig. Det gjorde jag. Jag bad dig fiksa konto på hans ftp inte fiksa mutant x. Sen bad jag bara om hans email och den fick jag men då tjatade du om att du måste fiksa allt. Jag kan ju inte direkt gissa hans email eller ? Filmen 13 ghost var 1 månad innan jag fick mitt adsl som jag bad dig tanka den filmen.”
Should I translate it for you? No. Two reasons : 1) His spelling is so fucked up I wouldn’t know how. And b) Why should I translate his defence? Another thing to add to the “lists of stuff he’s asking me to do”.


Seems I’ve lost another friend, but not in the dramatic way I lost Eden. My “brother” Jocke (I grew up without a brother, so he’s “the brother I never had”) mistook creative criticism for something else. The story is that for the past months I’ve peaked him about how lazy he is. Not lazy in a “don’t even wanna get out of bed”-way like me, but lazy as in “why bother learning new stuff when I can get someone else to do it”. Latest example would be Warcraft III. I got a cracked, ripped and beaten up hacker version that took some work to get working. He got the same stuff I had but he couldn’t be bothered setting it up himself, so he asked me to fix it for him. On a short term basis that principal works, getting someone else who’s already done it to do it for you is quicker and less painful. But what do you get out of it? You’re not any wiser or anything. So I’ve tried peaking him about the principal of Do It Yourself. If there’s one thing I got going for me professional-wise it’s my creativity and resourcefulness – if I hit a brick wall I do everything I can, time permitting, to solve it myself. During all the times I’ve had to solve problems I’ve learnt something new, maybe not relevant to that specific problem, but I always learn something. So I think it’s a really good thing to try and fix and solve problems yourself. But sometimes I do take a shortcut and ask someone if I’m not in the mood for surfing the web for problems I don’t really want to have. So after trying to tell him this he basically told me to fuck off. Should I have been a bit more tolerant when he asked me again to download new Mutant-X episodes for him, while looking for 13 Ghosts DVD-RIP for him and in the meantime playing Warcraft III (which I don’t even like) with him after I had driven over 80 km just to give him a ride beause he couldn’t be bothered to take the bus. Maybe…. (incidentally – this happened less than 5 days after I got his own ADSL internet connection working)

Anyway, bought myself a new DVD player yesterday, a Pioneer DVD-545. So now I can squeeze 4.7 GB (80 hours!) of MP3 onto a DVD-RW and let it rip. But somehow it didn’t make me feel the least bit better under the circumstances.